Disk Cleanup Tips in Windows

Now, the desktop hard disk provides TB of storage capacity is almost the price of pocket money, the computer also generally with hundreds of thousands of GB of capacity. However, many of us today feel the pinch of space. We are building increasingly

Windows XP systems move and copy files and folders in a variety of ways and procedures

Move is to move a selected file or folder to a specified location, while replication refers to creating a copy of the selected file or folder. The following system's small series describes how to move and copy files or folders. 1. Using the task

Windows XP system Security Tips

1, restore the damaged WinXP system files If Windows XP system files are damaged by viruses or other causes, we can recover the corrupted files from the Windows XP installation disk. How to: Search for corrupted files in Windows XP installation

How to safely and permanently delete file data under Windows system

Here is a command-line tool that you can permanently and completely delete data files on your hard disk: SDelete No matter what else, download to the computer important, download, compression, get Sdelete.exe file. The first run will prompt

The six taboos of Windows XP

One, bogey virtual optical drive Most virtual optical drives are now unstable in XP, easy to cause XP panic, because the virtual optical drive is different from the general software: it through a special mechanism, in the "Device Manager" cheated

Behind Windows XP Stop patches: The top ten security vulnerabilities

Microsoft has announced that it will stop supporting Windows XP operating systems from April 8, 2014, and that Windows XP will officially retire from the historical arena as the oldest operating system in Microsoft's history. At the same time,

How does Windows XP boot blue screen resolve?

Blue screen Recently my Windows XP system often accidentally blue screen, originally wanted to reload the system, but because of the need to reload the software too much, so determined to find out the specific reasons for the blue screen, after a

Windows Svn+apache to build SVN server

Windows Svn+apache to build SVN server Using software: Apache_2.0.55-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi Setup-subversion-1.5.3.msi Tortoisesvn- First, install the Apache server Install Apache_2.0.55-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi,

How Windows programs achieve accurate timing

1. Not high precision Windows98 is probably 55ms,windows NT is probably 10ms. 2. Wm_timer message may not be processed in time Wm_timer messages, like other messages, are stored in a normal message queue. If the program processing other messages,

Pre-installed Windows system uses compressed volume partitions only half of what to do

Failure Phenomenon: Windows pre-installed machine, installed in other third-party software, or after the system update, and then use compressed volume partition, can only compress almost half of the space out, and then compress there is no

Imm32.dll is not a valid Windows image

Q: My computer can not open Task Manager, when I right-click the taskbar to open Task Manager, the application DLL C:windowssystem32imm32.dll to the invalid Windows image, click "OK" to cancel after several times, I do not know why, Please help me

Analysis of three Windows systems and five advantages of "two systems"

First, the three major Windows system history and its version connotation; Second, the three major Windows systems become the "mainstream" of the objective basis; Third, the current three major Windows systems of the latest, the highest version;

Remove hidden physical network cards from Windows and virtual NIC after network virtualization failed

first, identify all types of network equipment and network Connections Because network virtualization adds a lot of virtual network devices (including virtual NICs) to the physical machine, the situation becomes complex, so first we need to

Five Windows password settings and hack

In the process of using the computer, it is unavoidable to deal with all kinds of passwords, the following nine kinds of passwords may be the most used by everyone: BIOS password, installation password, user password, power management password,

Editor of parameters for a batch file (BAT) under Windows

The batch parameter extension variable (%0 to%9). When a batch parameter is used in a batch file, the%0 will be replaced by the batch file name, and%1 to%9 will be replaced by the corresponding parameter typed at the command line. You can use an

Windows prompts for access denied when deleting files

With Windows's small partners must have encountered such a situation, delete files when the prompt file access is denied require the rights provided by XXX to make changes to this file. For the average person, the first thing to do is the right

History of Windows windowing operating system

Microsoft released Windows on November 20, 1985. The original Windows was simply a graphical interface for MS-DOS systems to facilitate user understanding. Windows was originally called the "Interface Manager" (Interface Manage), but Microsoft

Windows System Sid Modification method

first, the meaning of Sid The SID is all called the security identity, which is the network safety label. It is used to uniquely identify information such as computer accounts, user groups, and user accounts. He is determined by the computer name,

Windows doc control commands

Winver---------Check the Windows version Wmimgmt.msc----Open Windows Management Architecture (WMI) Wupdmgr--------Windows Update wscript--------Windows Script Host Settings Write----------WordPad WINMSD---------System Information Wiaacmgr------

How does Mac set default startup Windows?

How does Mac set the default boot from Windows system? I believe many Mac users have installed OS X and Windows dual systems, although MAC systems are very useful, but sometimes some specific software needs Windows system to run, then how do we set

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