Right of collection (ii)----Windows Service server right of access to the MSSQL, Getpass rights, the right to hash, lpk right to withdraw

(i), MSSQL rightsPrerequisites: Get the account password of the user SA with the highest privileges to the MSSQL databaseMSSQL Default port: 1433MSSQL highest privilege User: SAOnce the sa password is obtained, it is connected directly through the

mySQL5.5 Install and Uninstall--Windows

MySQL can go to the official website to download the corresponding version for installation, the version used here is "Mysql-5.5.40-win64.msi";Installation1. Double-click "Mysql-5.5.40-win64.msi" to enter the installation page.There will be a

All files under the directory (Windows, Hyper-detail)

Note: This article discusses how to use the Windows API to traverse all files in the directory. In addition to the Windows API, there is a windows/linux common way to use .Win32_find_data structureThe WIN32_FIND_DATA structure is required to

Deploy an agent on Windows

Https://www.visualstudio.com/zh-cn/docs/build/actions/agents/v2-windowsLast update:6/27/2017In this article Learn about Agents Check Prerequisites Prepare Permissions Decide which user you ' ll use Confirm the user has

Windows 7 with SP1 Simplified Chinese flagship edition

Windows 7 with SP1 Simplified Chinese flagship edition(Official MSDN original)Basic requirements for installing Windows 7 for hardware configuration:? 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor? 1 GB of memory (based on 32-bit) or 2 GB of memory (64-bit based)

Windows 2008 64-bit in the specified DSN, the architecture between the driver and the application does not match


Using an Access database in a native 32-bit environment is normal.Prompt when publishing to server: in the specified DSN, the architecture between the driver and the application does not matchServer is a 64-bit environment. Windows 2008, 64-bit

One-click compilation of various versions of PROTOBUF on Windows

Tools Required: CMake for Windows and git for WindowsPrinciple: Protobuf is a Google Open source project, its source code on GitHub can be downloaded to, and the source is used CMake to build, so we can download the source to local, and then use

zabbix-3.2.6 SNMP mode to monitor windows

One, adding SNMP in WindowsAdd public and accept server IP addresses to the service.Ii. Installing the NET-SNMP software in the Zabbix-server server1. Modify the configuration file[Email protected] tools]# vi/etc/snmp/snmpd.conf# Third, create a

Install Jekyll on Windows

Directory (?) [+] Install Ruby Installing DevKit Installing Jekyll Installing Pygments Install Python Installing Easy Install Installing Pygments Start Jekyll Fault diagnosis Reprint:

Use Wireshark to debug HTTP/2 traffic for Chrome browser under Windows

1. Download the corresponding Wireshark installation package on the Wireshark website (https://www.wireshark.org/#download) for installation2. Add System environment variable settings (computer-right---Properties-Advanced system

Windows Nano Server Deployment

One, deploy in virtual machines Nano Serverwill download the good Windows Server 2016 installation ISO decompression, you can see there is a nanoserver directory, this directory is used to customize the nano image of the required files. 650)

Deep Learning Framework Keras platform Construction (keywords: windows, non-GPU, offline installation)

Nowadays, AI is getting more and more attention, and this is largely attributed to the rapid development of deep learning. The successful cross-border between AI and different industries has a profound impact on traditional industries.Recently, I

Windows R2 Building NTP server method and analysis

NtpServer Configuration Methods Windows run Open "regedit" to edit the registry; Find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\Parameters", [Type] set value modified to "NTP"; Find

Windows Server 2016 installation and configuration ADFS 4.0

Windows Server 2016 installation and configuration ADFS 4.0ADFS (Active Directory Federation services), which is a federation service for active directories. ADFS extends the Active Directory to the Internet. To understand this, you can consider how

Windows modifies PowerShell (Command Prompt) default Chinese encoding method

Purpose: Because other coding is often used when programming, but using the CHCP command can only modify the current Chinese encoding modeCHCP commandChcpchcp 65001Modify Registry ModeWin+rRegeditLocate registry location:

Creating an installation package for a Windows application you write yourself

1 How to create an installation package after a Windows program has been writtenThis can be published directly in VS, you can make an MSI installation package and EXE installation package.2 What the Windows Application installation package doesRPM

Introduction to Windows individual folders

Introduction to Windows FilesSummarize├windows│├-system32 (Storage System files and hardware drivers for Windows)││├-config (User configuration information and password information)│││└-systemprofile (System configuration information for recovering

Windows Platform UI Automation test

Original address: http://www.51testing.com/html/16/n-170116.htmlPreviously, I had written a technique related to UI Automation testing , talked about a few features of an automated test tool, and mentioned some of the techniques on which the Windows

Zabbix------3-----Monitoring Windows Server

The methods of monitoring are:SnmpWindowns version of AgentDownload the source package to Windows above650) this.width=650; "Src=" https://s2.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/8F/09/wKioL1jSEkCDTM4KAAL-bbakzgU044.png-wh_500x0-wm_ 3-wmp_4-s_2779516195.png "title="

How Windows customizes USB drive letter, folder icon, folder background

Custom USB drive letter, folder icon, folder backgroundNote for Vista and Win7 users do not support the replacement of folder icons and folder backgrounds 1. Custom Drive letter:Create a new file Autorun.inf in the root of

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