Windows 7 Game Manager

Mention Win7 game Manager, you can integrate a number of games into a window and can fully display the details of each game, so it is very convenient for us to choose their favorite game to play. In the ointment, however, the Windows7 game manager

Install Apache and virtual directory configuration in Windows environment

This article provides a very brief overview of how to install apache2.2.x and configure virtual directories under the Windows platform. As a reference for quick installation. The best documentation for the detailed setup is the official

How does the Windows System Runtime/game runtime component complement?

seculauncher:failed to start application. [Watts], Windows runtime and Game runtime is not complete, running programs or games are prone to various error prompts. The Windows runtime consists primarily of Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime,microsoft

How to set the Windows default command line window size and buffer size

How to set the Windows default command line window size and buffer size Windows command Line CMD Window system default size (80*40) for the current screen configuration is not up to the times, we always have to change it larger, and the size of the

How do I freeze splitter windows in Excel2007?

To split a worksheet into a window, you can divide the data from the the split window is frozen again, we have a great help in reference to the data, when we drag the scroll bar to view, the frozen part of the change will be frozen, no matter how

Windows System Tips

This tutorial introduces some of the less-known tips in windows that will make it easier for you to use your computer, and take a look here. 1, audio and video files in XP can not be deleted In many cases, there is a problem with the preview

Windows 7 run commands at a glance

1, cleanmgr: Open the Disk Cleanup tool 2, Compmgmt.msc: Computer Management 3, Conf: Start the System Configuration Utility 4, Charmap: Start character mapping table 5. Calc: Start Calculator 6. Chkdsk.exe:Chkdsk Disk Check 7, Cmd.exe:CMD

Windows 7 and XP dual system installation Method rollup

With the release of the official version of Windows 7 (Win7), many friends are very concerned about installing Win7 and XP dual systems, especially for the dual-system problem of installing XP under Win7. This article will introduce three kinds of

How to upgrade the Windows 7 Home base version to the flagship version

How do I upgrade from the Windows 7 Home Starter or Advanced edition to the Windows 7 flagship? Can you upgrade directly? Such a problem, a pile of novice friends are more concerned about the domestic user to see the actual combat, we can understand,

Resolving Win7 system frequently appears in the "Windows Explorer is rebooting" method

Win7 system is still the most widely used, the most common computer system, although the WIN8, WIN10 system has emerged a variety of rich functions, but everyone's familiarity with the Win7 system, as well as the Win7 system itself powerful, still

How Windows 7 installs Solr+tomcat

Tomcat under SOLR installation configuration Because SOLR is based on Java development, SOLR is well deployed in both Windows and Linux, but because SOLR provides some shell scripts for testing and managing and maintaining convenience, it is

Shut down IPV6 tunnel under Windows 7

The IPv6 tunnel is a IPV6 message encapsulated in the IPV4 message, allowing IPV6 packets to communicate through the IPV4 network. For equipment adopting tunnel technology, the source and destination address of the IPV6 datagram is encapsulated into

How does the Win7 system modify the Windows version number?

How does Windows 7 modify the Win 7 version name? When we usually use the computer, because we need to often see the system version number, then the specific version number how to query it? Share the following four query methods, and a modification

Get system permission settings under Windows system

By default, we cannot log on to the Windows desktop environment directly as the system account on the logon dialog box. In fact, the system account has long been "entrenched" in the systems. Think of it also, even responsible for user authentication

How do I set up Windows 7 ADSL network connection?

The basic method of network configuration for Windows 7 is limited to space, and does not elaborate on the most common ADSL network connection settings and dial-up settings. This article is devoted to (add a lot of pictures to try to be more

Introduction to modifying the default usage procedures for Windows

A "default program" is a program that Windows uses automatically when you open a particular type of file, such as a song, movie, photo, or Web page. For example, you may have more than one photo editing program installed on your computer. You can

Disk Cleanup Tips in Windows

Now, the desktop hard disk provides TB of storage capacity is almost the price of pocket money, the computer also generally with hundreds of thousands of GB of capacity. However, many of us today feel the pinch of space. We are building increasingly

Windows XP systems move and copy files and folders in a variety of ways and procedures

Move is to move a selected file or folder to a specified location, while replication refers to creating a copy of the selected file or folder. The following system's small series describes how to move and copy files or folders. 1. Using the task

How Windows starts the menu

The Boot.ini (hidden file) in the C-packing directory can be used to control the boot menu to display color using the ANSI control code. You can design a colorful Windows startup menu for yourself based on the following short code. This also helps

Use CMD to open service commands under Windows

CMD Run command Start → run →cmd→ type the following command: Gpedit.msc-----Group Policy SNDREC32-------Recorder Nslookup-------IP Address Detector explorer-------Open Explorer Logoff---------logoff command tsshutdn-------60-second Countdown

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