Reinstall prompt after Windows service Uninstall "The specified service has been marked for deletion"

Background: Make a project a Windows service, when debugging, you need to uninstall and install the service, but you are prompted with the following error: "The specified service has been marked for deletion," Enter the service management interface,

Modify file access control rights under Windows command line

With the popularity of Windows Xp/server 2003, more and more users are beginning to choose the NTFS file system, the benefits of NTFS is naturally greatly enhanced the security of the system, under the "Security" tab, we can set the appropriate

How to boot a Windows system with an ISO-mirrored file

For those who do not have the floppy drive installed, most will choose the virtual floppy drive, but unfortunately the virtual floppy disk capacity is too small, so there are some limitations on the function. Isoemu is an interesting software that

Windows \ IIS installation configuration Diagram tutorial


Windows Server, Windows Advanced Server, and Windows Professional default installations all have IIS, or you can install IIS after Windows 2000 is installed. IIS is a Microsoft production of a Web, FTP, SMTP server, a set of integrated software,

Windows client and server-side shared file access issues

1. Delete network password, use other account login The network password refers to the account and password that the system stores when accessing the shared file. In general, access to the local area network to share files, the first time you need

Implement a continuous update and high precision time supply for Windows

This article assumes that you are familiar with the C + + and Win32 APIs Profile The time stamp (Timestamp) obtained from Windows NT has a maximum accuracy of 10 to 15 milliseconds depending on the hardware you are using. However, sometimes when

Windows interface Programming (2) semitransparent forms

The previous "Windows interface programming first bitmap background and bit drawing brush" introduces the background of the dialog box by Wm_ctlcolordlg message and the use of the bit drawing brush. This article describes how to dynamically adjust

Windows hook function detailed

In this lesson, we'll learn how to use Windows hook functions. The Windows hook function is so powerful that you can detect other processes and change the behavior of other processes.Theory:The Windows hook function can be considered one of the main

Examples of disassembly programs under Windows

After compiling the link, the program written under Windows can be debugged by debugging tools such as Debug, as well as the results of disassembly, which makes it easy to understand how the assembler instruction translates into "machine

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (62) Communication: Socket TCP, Socket UDP

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Communication Socket-tcp Demo Socket-Implements a custom HTTP server SOCKET-UDP Demo Example 1, Demo socket TCP Application (this example is to do both server and client)

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (61) Communication: HTTP, OAuth

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Communication HttpClient Overview HTTP GET string HTTP GET Stream HTTP POST string HTTP POST Stream OAuth 2.0 Authenticated clients Example Service side for demonstrating HTTP traffic

Introduction to the Kinect for Windows SDK Development (vi) skeleton tracking based on

Kinect produces a limited range of depth data, and the use of Kinect to create truly interactive, interesting and memorable applications requires data other than depth data. This is what bone-tracking technology is all about, and bone-tracking

How to save hard disk space on Windows 7 systems

After installing the Windows7 system, even if no applications are installed, C disk occupancy has reached more than 10G. In fact, there are some things we do not need, if we can take some of the things we do not need to remove from the hard drive

Create temp Temporary personal configuration folder when Windows 7 logs on

If Windows 7 logs on, create a temporary personal configuration folder named Temp in the C:\user directory. This is because the connection between the account and the original personal profile is corrupted, and the system automatically backs up the

Briefly describes the touch calibration settings for Windows 8

Windows8 greatly optimized the use of touch screen, so that users with touch screen to enjoy more user-accustomed to the operation. This article describes how the resistance screen can be calibrated under WINDOWS8. For many students, the use of

Wonderful windows 7 cool desktop Personalized Theme Pack random collocation

With the progress of the times, people are beginning to think more about how to enjoy life better. Then use the form of photos to record life, set the photo into a computer wallpaper, every morning to turn on the computer to see their happy smile

How to handle Windows 0x800706be errors

Case scene This example is a phenomenon that occurs after a collective reboot after a multiple overlay update Figure 1 at the time of the failure of the scene, from the Servermanager of an abnormal error Unable to discover the state of the

Microsoft has written Windows 8.1 Installation guide for IT department

Microsoft has written Windows 8.1 Installation guide for IT department Given the embarrassing market share of the current Windows 8 system, Microsoft has been deploying new marketing strategies to push the flagship system forward. With the

Automatic VPN connection creation under Windows 7

After Windows XP VPN is automatically created and configured to connect, we also need to make an introduction to VPN Autoconfiguration under Windows 7, since many organizations are actually already starting to use a large volume of Windows 7. And

Windows Server 2008 R2/windows 7 management 22 ADCs new features detailed and installation

This article on the basis of the previous development, with the web, and even the subsequent exchange and OCS and other Microsoft products, we may need a certificate of cooperation to work, this article will be the environment first and then the

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