Windows 2003 server Prevent Trojan security settings _ security Settings

Delete the following registry primary key: Wscript.Shell Shell.Application Shell.application.1 Wscript.Network regsvr32/u wshom.ocx carriage return, regsvr32/u wshext.dll carriage return Windows 2003 hard Drive

CMD version of Windows Vista SP1 RC1 Latest Beta _ Common tools

The future Forum's XI-write cmd script has been proven to be able to download Vista SP1 RC1 (V668) through WindowsUpdate, run the script as an administrator, and then run Windows Update Check for updates. This script is not the same as the one in 658

Windows Nginx Installation Tutorials and simple practices _nginx

Overview Installation and use Installation Compiling Nginx from source codeWindows InstallationUse Nginx Configuration Combat HTTP Reverse proxy configurationLoad Balancing ConfigurationThe site has multiple webapp configurationsHTTPS Reverse

Windows Route Routing Table command finishing _ routers, switches

Windows Route Routing Table command Displays and modifies entries in the local IP routing table. Grammar Route [F] [P] [Command [Destination] [mask Netmask] [Gateway] [metric metric]] [if Interface]] Parameters -F Clears all routes that are not

Windows Server 2008 R2 load Balancing installation configuration Getting Started _win server

A brief introduction of load Balancing Load balancing is also called load sharing, it refers to load balancing means that by dynamically adjusting the load of the system, the load is distributed to multiple operation nodes to reduce the effect of

_php Basics for installation and configuration of PHP5 and Apache under Windows

Here take PHP5 as an example of how to install and configure Apache and PHP5 under Windows. Download installation program Apache can download from PHP can be downloaded from the

Windows Vista SP1 DVD version provides download of the attached serial number _ Common tools

Installation: Engraved disk or in XP and other systems with virtual CD-ROM installation, can also be directly from the hard disk installation. 1, the installation speed is much faster than the upgrade, and takes up less disk space than the upgrade

Hacker cheats: Windows permissions settings _ Security related

With the wide application of the mobile network Forum and the discovery of the vulnerability on the Internet, as well as the more and more use of SQL injection attacks, Webshell makes the firewall useless, and a Web server that only makes 80 ports

How to: Make Thread-safe calls to Windows Forms Controls _c# tutorial

Example Accessing Windows forms controls is inherently not thread-safe. If two or more threads manipulate the state of a control, it may force the control into an inconsistent state. Other thread-related bugs may also occur, including contention

Windows under BAT batch script use Telnet to bulk detect remote ports Small kee _dos/bat

After years of not writing batch processing, the first case of the new company is to write a bat script, batch update collection agent configuration file, which involves remote IP port detection.This thought would be as simple as Linux to judge:

Windows uses BAT batch to implement Daemon script sharing _dos/bat

This article is transferred from the network, because cannot find the original author, therefore cannot know the origin. If you are lucky enough to see the original author, please contact me plus. Reproduced here first. The last few days overtime

Windows 2008 R2 iis7.5+php5.2 Environment configuration (fastcgi settings) _win Server

Prepare an article 1, related software download address: Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) Download Address: Http:// PHP5.2

Installation and configuration methods for Nginx + PHP5 under Windows _nginx

Install PHP5 First, download the latest PHP 5.3 Windows version from, extract it to C:\php5, and rename the php.ini-recommended in the zip package to PHP.ini, and then turn on modifying several options: Copy

Windows 2003 Server Permissions detailed configuration scenario 1th/9 Page _ Server

1, the server security settings--Hard drive rights chapterHere to focus on the required permissions, that is, the final folder or hard disk required permissions, you can defend against all kinds of Trojan intrusion, the right to attack,

Methods for creating Windows services with. NET 1th/2 page _c# Tutorial

Translator Explanation: I study C # through the translation, the article involves the Visual Studio.NET related operation, I all according to the Chinese version displays the information to handle, may let everybody not have the

DOS to view hard disk and memory/cpu information via WMIC command (Windows takes commands to view hardware information) _dos/bat

How to view hardware information in Windows system with commands, how DOS commands to view hard disk and memory/cpu information? The most direct is: Start → run →cmd open a command prompt, under which you can enter systeminfo execution to see almost

What is Websitepanel (based on Windows Virtual Host management System) _ Server Other

Websitepanel is a virtual host management system in a more easy-to-use windows system. He can manage multiple servers at the same time, and has a concise, stable unified management interface. Through this interface, we can manage all the FTP

Introduction to Basic installation and configuration methods for Nginx servers under Windows system _nginx

Download Address: Http:// downloading directly to your hard drive, mine is D:\nginxStart Nginx CD D: cd nginx-1.2.4 start Nginx View Task Task Manager There will be a nginx process.In the browser

Windows Powershell Switch Statement _powershell

The following example converts IF-ELSEIF-ELSE into a switch statement Copy Code code as follows: # Use If-elseif-else If ($value-eq 1) { "Beijing" } Elseif ($value-eq 2) { "Shanghai" } Elseif ($value-eq 3) {

Windows PowerShell Properties: Describes what the object is _powershell

Attributes can describe an object, and the object's properties can be automatically converted to text by PowerShell and exported to the console. So you can view any object in this way, such as $host: Copy Code code as follows: PS

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