Install SQL2005 SP4 Patch error: Unable to install Windows Installer MSP File

After we install the SQL2005 database, we need to install the SP4 patch with an error: The workaround for the Windows Installer MSP file cannot be installed1. Start-Control Panel-Add or Remove Programs, uninstall the Microsoft SQL Server Installer

Quickly deploy a Hyper-V virtual machine for Windows Nano Server

In addition to the Server Core and GUI versions in Microsoft's new release of Windows Server 2016, a new version of Windows Nano server that is tailored to the cloud, similar to Server Core, is added, but more than the server The core is lightweight

One-click compilation of various versions of PROTOBUF on Windows

Tools Required: CMake for Windows and git for WindowsPrinciple: Protobuf is a Google Open source project, its source code on GitHub can be downloaded to, and the source is used CMake to build, so we can download the source to local, and then use

Windows Server 2012 does not have a Remote Desktop license server that can provide a license for a remote session to be interrupted

Remote access is not possible today when you log in to a server inside your company.Pop-up error message: No Remote Desktop license server can provide license, remote session is interruptedAfter searching the web, the server 2012 Telnet only

Memory structure in Windows process (many APIs, and VC is the smartest)

Before reading this article, if you don't even know what the stack is, read the basics behind the article first.People who have been exposed to programming know that high-level languages can access data in memory through variable names. So how are

Windows SDK failed with return code 5100 installed

 Windows SDK failed with return code 5100 installation SymptomsInstall the Microsoft Windows SDK Windows 7 and. NET Framework 4 (Windows 7 SDK), and you may see the Installation Failed dialog box, which may contain the following information:Install

Windows system security mode nine application tips

Believe that there is a part of the users of the Windows operating system security mode application is also relatively vague, the following we will tell you about the Windows Security mode application skills.Security Model BasicsSecurity mode is a

Git for windows+tortoisegit client use

First, install the Git clientAll installations are by default!1. Installation Support software: Https:// All:Choose the third item using the UNIX command: Run git and

Install Exchange CU3 on Windows Server 2016

1.Download Ex2016 CU3:Exchange CU3:Notable fixes and improvements are: Added: Support for Windows Server. Kb3154387:the DFS Health set is listed as "unhealthy" under an Exchange Server environment. Kb316916:data loss may occur

Windows Preinstallation Environment

Https:// Pre-installation environmentWindows Preinstallation Environment (also known as Windows PE and WinPE) is a lightweight version of Windows used for

Windows Network fault detection utility gadget!

First, Ping:1. Ping1) ping (localhost)2) Ping the native network card IP3) Ping the Gateway4) Ping Destination IP2. Common parameter options for ping commandsPing ip-tPing the IP address continuously until it is interrupted by the user

Windows Temp User, etc.

1 login system, switch to the C drive, there is a folder of users, there are various user profiles, to find the previous normal login account corresponding folder administrator (in this case, our normal use of the account is administrator), Modify

Windows Nginx configuration SSL for HTTPS access (includes certificate generation)

Windows Nginx configuration SSL for HTTPS access (includes certificate generation)The first step is to explain why HTTPS is implemented.HTTP full name Hypertext Transfer Protocol, in which the client obtains hypertext content on the server.

Windows, Unix, Mac line breaks for different operating systems-parse carriage return \ r and newline characters \ n

Reprint Link:, the concept:line feed ' \ n ' and carriage return ' \ R '(1) NewLine character is another line---'\ n' 10 newline (newline)(2) The carriage return is back to the beginning of

How to use Elasticsearch under Windows Curl+cygwin+head Plugin

command methods for Windows to use Elasticsearch One, CURL (not recommended)Download the Curl installation package, unzip to the specified directory, and run the extracted exe file at the command line.Second, Cygwin (recommended)Install the Windows

Introduction to the Windows security model

Some resources in the operating system can not be accessed directly by user code, such as thread processes, files, etc., these resources must be entered into the RING0 layer by the system-level code from the RING3 layer, and return some identity for

Change the default log and draft save path for Windows Live writer

Purpose: move the log with the save Windows Live writer to the Drafts folder my Weblog posts to the E:\Blog\ path With the Mklink command, create a shortcut to the My Weblog posts folder under the E:\Blog\ path to the C:\Users\XiaoMaliu\Documents\

Git for windows+tortoisegit client use

First, install the GIT clientAll installations are by default!1. Installation Support software: Https:// All:Choose the third item using the UNIX command: Run git and

WSS Storage Server (Windows Storage server) 2012 new feature resolution

While most recent news about Microsoft has focused on Windows 8 and Surface tablet devices, Windows Storage Server 2012, which was included in a new version of Windows Server 2012 a few weeks ago, also deserves our attention. This product is

How to: Disable buttons in the button column of a Windows forms DataGridView control

Turn from: (v=vs.110). aspxDataGridView control includes the DataGridViewButtonCell class for displaying cells with a user interface (UI) like a button.">The DataGridView control includes the

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