How to install and use Cassandra on Windows

First, install the  1, install the cassandra     1.1 download the installation program in Cassandra installation program;      1.2 Installation configuration 1) unzip the downloaded program apache-cassandra-0.7.3-

Install Awstats under Windows to analyze Apache access logs

One, a lengthy two sentencesBefore windows with Apache, also once configured Awstats, and then changed the work, switch to Linux+nginx, gradually forget Apache. Also changed the work, and have to use Apache, this version of the update to 2.4, the

To set the Windows command-line window size and buffer size using the command line

Background: Use the command line to modify the size of the Windows command-line window and the size of the screen buffer (width and height)Method: The method is to change the registry.First of all, you can specify the size of the command-line window

Windows Messaging Mechanism

The author's process of message processing for Windows is well described. But there are some mistakes in the original. Copy it here and fix the wrong place.Original address:Http://

Windows win10 shortcut keys

1, WINDOWS10 system commonly used shortcut keys:1) Snap window (window can be changed to 1/4 size placed in 4 corners of screen): Win + Left/right or win + up/down2) Toggle window: Alt + Tab3) Task view (Release keyboard interface does not disappear)

IPA extracts PNG images, Windows displays black

Reason: The PNG image extracted by IPA is processed in Xcode special format, and the view under Windows will show Black Method 1: Through the " file" conversion process: 1. To install Python, 2.7 version, this article uses 2.7.52. will need

There is a problem with the Windows Installer package, this installation requires a DLL that cannot be run

Error: The Windows Installer package has a problem and the DLL required for this installation cannot be runCause: The first time the installation is not completed or not completely uninstalled, so the installation can not be installed again, the

Windows compilation Obs-studio

GitHub Download Source Https:// need a development package Http:// Windows 7 64-bit systemTools: CMake 2.8.12,vs2013 Latest version, qt5.3.2 (Msvc2013_opengl

Windows native script script malicious Code Analysis (annotated)

After sample analysis and crawl, this malicious program is a download Trojan horse.Can not understand Baidu encyclopedia.Http://

Use SSHFS to mount remote directories locally (as with Windows mount disks) under Ubuntu

Access to other Ubuntu machines in the LAN, jumping between different machines, is a hassle, if you can map the remote directory to the local will undoubtedly be used greatly, just like the network map disk under Windows. In the world of Linux there

Huayu Integrated 4 groups of Windows Learning Month daily a knowledge point (1-10)

3.29windows Learning Month (a). How much does Windows know?Connection Address Learning Month (two)What are the pros and cons of today's popular raid configurations with

Windows installation using the Curl command

Native EnvironmentWindows 7Method/Steps1, Access to the websiteHttps://;O=D website2, depending on the number of bits of your operating system and whether you needSsldownload the appropriate version. Download

Resolution for a Windows Server 2003 server that cannot download an. exe file

Today, a Windows Server 2003 Web server was set up, and it was found that it was not possible to download the. exe file in the Web after the Web page was opened, and was resolved by a research issue.The workaround is very simple, just set the

Why can't you always connect to Microsoft Azure 21V version using CLI under Windows system

a few days ago the customer's system to do upgrade, need to use Azure CLI, the new kid over there is not connected to my tutorial for an afternoon. After he told me, I rushed to help him find out what went wrong, always put the error analysis. I've

Windows command--taskkill

C:\users\administrator>taskkill/?TASKKILL [/S system [/u username [/p [password]]]{[/FI filter] [/pid ProcessID |/im imagename]} [/T] [/F]Describe:Use this tool to terminate a task by Process ID (PID) or image name.Parameter list:/S system Specifies

How to manage Windows services using PowerShell

"TechTarget China original" As a system administrator, one of the most common tasks is to learn to manage Windows services, which is an important part of keeping Windows servers and clients running properly. Many operating systems and applications

Windows Batch calling program does not wait for the child process parent process to continue executing the command

The veteran who comes from DOS should know the batch, which is still in Windows. Batch processing the white is to write a series of DOS commands in a text file, and then name the file as Xxx.bat (WinXP later the system can also be named *.cmd), and

Summary of the 8 most commonly used network CMD commands for Windows

One, PingIt is a command to check whether the network is unobstructed or the speed of the network connection. As an administrator or hacker who lives on the web,ping commandIs the first one to be mastered.DOS command, it uses the principle is this:

Using wget under Windows

  The GNU Wget is a free, open source Web download tool that supports the HTTP,HTTPS and FTP protocols, is powerful and easy to use, and allows you to easily and reliably download large files from the Internet or mirror copies of the entire site.

Windows Client Development--how to measure the physical length of a string display

The first thing to note is that the length of the string I'm talking about is not a string, or a size of string. I mean the length of the display, that is, the physical length.Reason:The reason to mention this is because of the problems

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