Office cannot install "Windows Installer service cannot update one or more protected Windows files"

This may be the case that some files in the system are missing, usually in the installation of a ghost version or a streamlined systemOpen C:\WINDOWS\msagentSee if the contents of the folder are as follows:Then open C:\Program Files\Common

"ImageMagick" Unix Windows source Installation

[Unix Source Installation | Windows Source Installation]First check the ImageMagick version installed on your computer and enter: Convert-version Unless you want to put support for another image format or upgrade a

The experience of building a RADIUS server under Windows

1. EAP type: EAP-PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-MD5TLS requires a certificate on the client server side; PEAP and TTLS only require server-side certificates.2. Authentication protocol: PAP, Ms-chapv1 (aka MD4), Ms-chapv2, GTC. That's all that's common.

Remove Shift+space full-width half-width toggle for Windows

Windows7 under the input method, there is a "full/half-width switch" shortcut "Shift+space", we can look at the following ways to see:Start, Control Panel, regions and languages, keyboard and language, change keyboard, advanced key settings, Chinese

Schematic FTP server Setup (Windows Server 2008)

Http:// Cm5lfq3lsm6f1zlpnbfo6hej1rtzhmertnjaeji5bz0cg6gwackvj6t1l1jkko7Start IIS after completion, in two steps (Global settings, FTP service on):One, global settings:1. Click on

In the closing event, E. Cancle is set to True, Windows cannot shut down and restart the system workaround

Recently in the design of a WinForm program encountered a bug, that is, the From1 form is set in the Shutdown event e.cancle set to True, causing the system to shut down the restart, Windows7 and Windows XP. What I am designing here is when the

Questions about locale, code page, ANSI encoding in Windows systems

Recently, the code in the company code library synchronization down after compiling, unexpectedly problem. Asked the colleague said the code base certainly is no problem, and I did not change, that in the end there is a problem?The error VS2018

Application research of Pywinauto in Windows Twain driver Automation test

Abstract: based on Python, combining the specific requirements of the TWAIN Driver Test tool, the Pywinauto is introduced into the TWAIN driver automated test. The basic concept of Pywinauto is introduced, and the concrete implementation of

Windows OpenSSL encryption certificate installation steps and how to use

OpenSSL encryption certificates are typically used for signature authentication, including private and public keys. In Linux systems, OpenSSL is generally installed and can be used directly. In Windows systems, it is required to be installed. When

Windows Live writer snipped Image Plugin on X64 system

Recently there are some troubleshooting records, want to update the process, the original although using live writer to write the log, but are used by other tools, feeling is not too convenient, and recently found a call snipped image plug-in (wrote

Why does MacBook install Windows so hot?

Does your Mac want to install Windows anyway? This has been a controversial topic for a long time. As long as you often browse the domestic some well-known Mac forum, you will find that there are not only a variety of Mac installed Windows teaching

WAMP environment under the Windows environment.

Learn PHP to build WAMP environment, often use is wampserver, also very useful, a key fool-type installation, very convenient. But programmers are love toss, always ask for a perfect environment. So used to use, think or the bulk of the environment

Enable Nginx to boot from Windows service

# Start: f:\nginx-0.9.4> nginx.exe   # View status: F:\nginx-0.9.4> tasklist/fi "imagename eq nginx.exe"   # Stop Now: F:\nginx-0.9.4> nginx.exe-s Stop   # Stop (smooth exit) after all sessions: F:\nginx-0.9.4> Nginx.exe-s quit   # reload config

Two ways to fix UEFI boot for Windows and Ubuntu dual system

Check to see if Ubuntu is booting from Efi/uefi: If/sys/firmware/efi exists then yes, otherwise not. Shell command:[-d/sys/firmware/efi] && echo UEFI | | Echo BIOSHttp:// reading my installation of the Ubuntu and

Reset Windows Update to resolve an error that cannot be updated

A few days ago, after reloading the system manually run the Windows Update update, found that the update always error, just beginning to think that Microsoft was a wall or network problems, after several network environment to find or not. It is

Allow Windows Server 7+ + IIS to support 100,000 concurrent requests (RPM)

Transferred from:, around 17 o'clock in the afternoon, Blog Park blog site This error message appears:Error Summary:HTTP Error 503.2-service UnavailableThe [email protected] setting is

Web crawler +htmlagilitypack+windows Services Crawl 200,000 blog posts from the blogging park

1. PrefaceThe latest in the company to do a project, need some article class data, then thought of using web crawler to some technical website crawl Some, of course I often go is the blog park, so there is the following this article.2. Preparatory

Create a simple CMS system using Symfony on Windows (i) from: you create a project, you first need to build a symfony environment.

Windows command-route

Windows Route CommandAdd a permanent gateway:Route add Mask functionsThis command is used to display and modify entries in the local IP routing table. Use a route without parameters to display help. 2.

[Delphi Technology] Hide/show taskbar-Program not on task display-Full Control of Windows taskbar

1. Hide the task barvar H:thandle; VariableH:=findwindow (' Shell_traywnd ', nil);ShowWindow (H,sw_hide);2. Display the task barH:=findwindow (' Shell_traywnd ', nil);ShowWindow (h,sw_show);3. How to invoke the API function in Delphi so that the

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