Installation of Windows 7 native installed MySQL5 XAMPP

This is actually a non-programming technology stickers.Recently want to contact learning PHP, the computer is Windows7 system notebook, too lazy for this need to install Linux or virtual machine to fire to the lamp, found the XAMPP,XAMPP is an

SOLR installation under Windows

Installation EnvironmentWindows 7 64bitApache-tomcat-8.0.9-windows-x64Solr-4.9.0JDK 1.8.0_05 64bitInstallation StepsThe installation of Tomcat and JDK is skipped here.Note: solr4.9 requires jdk1.7+Step One:Unzip solr-4.9.0 to any folder, I unzipped

[MSDN] Windows Server R2 simplified/fan/English download

Windows Server R2 chinese-simplified ISO SHA1---------------------------------------------------Windows Server R2 (x64) –dvd (chinese-simplified)File name:

Nginx installation and configuration under Windows

Go to nginx official website to download the corresponding version: Http:// complete decompression and put it in your favorite directory; the landlord put it in the F:\nginx.Enter the cmd window of Windows

Windows 7/8/8.1 HDD Installation method for Ubuntu 14.04 dual system

Original: Windows 7/8/8.1 HDD Installation method for Ubuntu 14.04 dual systemfirst, software preparation1, download Ubuntu system Image:;The Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS 64bit version is used here. LTS indicates long

Gtk:installation and usage tutorial for Windows


Installation and usage tutorial for windowsreleasing your programYou should always ship all needed DLLs & files with your binaries. End-users should not being required to download the bundle themselves.RequirementsGtk+3 is known to work on Windows

Windows Programming Review notes (total 77 questions)

Windows Programming Review notes (total 77 questions)(Personal finishing, only do review with:D, reproduced annotated Source: Knowledge points What is the difference between a

Introduction to Windows 2008 Failover Clustering

Reprint:, customers ask about Windows Clustering, after all, the cluster technology supported by Windows SERVER2008 and Windows Server2003 are a bit different, and the following knowledge is collected

Windows Azure Combat and Usage Guide

Related Video Tutorials: Windows Azure Combat and Usage guideWindows Azure is a Microsoft cloud platform that provides a wide range of services that you can use to build, deploy, and manage your solution to achieve almost any goal you can imagine.

Relive the WIN32 API------The simplest Windows window wrapper class

1 Developing language Choices 1.1 language selection for developing WIN32 programs C or C + +After deciding to abandon MFC, and using the pure Win32 API to develop the Windows desktop program, there is a choice of language, that is, whether to use C

Count rows in Windows cmd

The subject of this article comes from the translation of this foreign language article. There is a subtitle in the original text: "How to simply calculate the number of rows in CMD.exe with the Windows-brought find"When we work in the command-line

Follow me to learn Windows Azure create a Windows Azure trial account

I read a lot of tutorials on the internet, most of them are foreign or Hong Kong trial account, and the domestic is by the century interconnection agent, his application method and VS2013 deployment settings more or less, here I first with you, in

Configure Windows NPS as a RADIUS server for the FortiGate firewall

The previous blog describes how to enable the explicit proxy feature of the FortiGate firewall, which is not described in the article How to configure Windows NPS as a RADIUS server to help authenticate proxy clients.Today's blog describes how to

Windows API Error Codes

In most cases, the Windows API rarely throws an exception when an error occurs, most of which is handled by a function return value. (There are few functions in the Windows API that have no return value.) )Windows API error handling usually follows:

Reading notes----"Windows core Programming" chapter III kernel Object 1 (handle and security)

Recently has not updated the blog, because has been thinking of a problem, the kernel object This chapter content is very important, oneself did not grasp well also did not grasp to write this chapter, finally still decide can write how many write

Count rows in Windows command prompt

using the built-in tools find statistics cmd.exe the number of rows output is very convenient! When working in a command-line environment, it is sometimes useful to be able to count the number of rows of output from different tools. Many Unix/linux

Remove unwanted services under Windows

Start "--" run "--" msconfig "enterIn the "services" can be foundTo delete a service entry, open the registry ("Start"--"Run"-"regedit") and then turn on Hkey_local_machine\system\controlset001\services, Remove the service item you wish to delete

Windows Active Directory Family---Configure trust for AD Domain Services (2)

Some of the advanced configurations for AD DS trusts are described below:At some point, trust can cause some security problems. If you configure an inappropriate trust relationship, then some users who should not have permissions will have access to

Introduction to the Windows Taskkill command

1. IntroductionUse this tool to terminate a task by Process ID (PID) or image name.2. GrammarTASKKILL [/S system [/u username [/p [password]]]{[/FI filter] [/pid ProcessID |/im imagename]} [/T] [/F]2.1 Parameter list:/S system Specifies the remote

Download and installation and use of OpenSSL under Windows

download and installation and use of OpenSSL under WindowsThere are two ways to install OpenSSL, the first to directly download the installation package, installed on the run, the second can download the source code, build it yourself. Both methods

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