Principles and discussion of Windows service writing "2"

(ii) an in-depth discussion of servicesThe last chapter is actually a general introduction, the following is the real details. In the entry function to complete the initialization of the ServiceMain, the more accurate is to initialize a

How to install and run Microsoft Windows in Linux__linux

There are many circumstances where you wish to run Windows applications on Linux. Microsoft Windows has been a dominant operating system (OS) for more than a decade, and there are quite a lot of applicati ONS developed in the Windows ecosystem. It's

Windows Mobile Hands-on Labs collection

After two years of Windows Mobile hands-on experimentation, in retrospect, one of the most asked questions was: "Where can I find a manual experiment?" "It's an unanswerable question, and outside of TechEd and Medc, it's really hard to get manual

Install Informatica PowerCenter 8.6 on Windows 7

Oracle's website has its OEM version of Informatica PowerCenter 8.6, which supports the SQL Server database as Service Master DB: Http:// The installation files

Memcached installation and testing under Windows

Memcached is a high-performance distributed memory object caching system for dynamic Web applications to reduce database load. It reduces the number of read databases by caching data and objects in memory, providing the speed of dynamic,

Windows NLB with IIS arr to build a highly available environment

In many current network applications, sometimes a server can not meet the requirements of the client, then there is no way to solve the server's high scalability, high availability, high reliability and high performance, improve the SLA server?

Simple steps to install configuration subversion under Windows

Simple steps to install configuration subversion under Windows [ installation Procedures and documentation instructions for use] svn-1.4.0-setup.exe: Subversion service-side 1.4.0 installation program; SubService.rar:SubServe services Windows

Nginx Simple configuration (Windows environment)

I. Installation of Nginx Unzip the downloaded Nginx compressed package into a directory, such as: D:\program\myplatform\Nginx\nginx-1.10.0, after the unpacked directory structure: two. Start Configuration configuration target: Can run the PHP

How to set up pop-up windows in an HTML Web page __html

"1, the most basic pop-up window code"In fact, the code is very simple:Because this is a javascripts code, they should be placed between Parameter explanation: JS script End"3, control pop-up window with function"The following is a complete code:...

How to obtain a unique hardware identification number (CPUID/MAC address) under Windows system

This is the configuration of my QT project, it should be noted that the network module must be added qt = Core qt-= GUI qt + network TARGET = hardware_id config + + c++11 config + + console config- = App_bundle TEMPLATE = App SOURCES + =

Windows Socket API Programming Example __ programming

Windows Socket API Programming Examples Has 408 reading 2010-05-19 13:50 fromFind a simple demo on the Internet:First look at the server-side program:#include #include using namespace Std;#define Port_server 6666//Custom Port 6666#define

windows open source?

Microsoft also wants to open source, how do people think On July 26 this year, in Portland, the United States, the "2007 Open Source Conference (OSCON)", Microsoft Open Source Strategy director Bill Hilf announced that Microsoft is about to bring

Windows network Programming notes WinSocket API CSocket casyncsocket__ Programming

MFC's support for socket programming is quite sufficient, but its documentation is vague. So that most of the features written by VC slightlyComplex network programs, or using APIs. Therefore CAsyncSocket and csocket in fact become problematic, the

How to disable client DNS caching in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

For a Microsoft Windows 2000 version of this article, see 245437 ( Warning: Improper use of Registry Editor can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft

WEBLOGIC file download does not eject Windows _weblogic

There is such a file download connection as follows: download Under Tomcat, click Download, you can eject the file download box, but under the WebLogic but directly to open the file. The reason: WebLogic is based on the HTTP Header file type to

Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana Windows environment Setup (i)

I. OverviewELK官网 https://www.elastic.coELK由Elasticsearch、Logstash和Kibana三部分组件组成;Elasticsearch是个开源分布式搜索引擎,它的特点有:分布式,零配置,自动发现,索引自动分片,索引副本机制,restful风格接口,多数据源,自动搜索负载等。Logstash是一个完全开源的工具,它可以对你的日志进行收集、分析,并将其存储供以后使用kibana 是一个开源和免费的工具,它可以为 Logstash 和

Workaround for NSIs error error prompt under Windows XP system

Usually we are in the process of using Windows XP system, often encounter some failure problems, this does not, users of the use of Windows XP system said in the process of using the system to show the NSIs error error situation, in fact, this

HDU 1509 Windows Message Queue (priority queue)

Windows Message QueueTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65536/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 9202 Accepted Submission (s): 3836Problem DescriptionMessage queue is the basic fundamental of Windows system. For each process,

How to remove the service good system in Windows to teach you

How to remove Services in Windows 7,windows 8 and Windows 10A service is an application type that runs in the background of a system without a user interface, similar to a UNIX daemon process. The service provides core operating system features such

(i) Installation of RABBITMQ services under Windows

A: Installation RABBITMQ need to install the Erlang language development package, Baidu Network address: Http:// Direct: Http:// environment variables need to be configured after the

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