(1) Introduction to MFC and comparison between MFC object and Windows object

MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library)  Microsoft Foundation Class Library (Microsoft Foundation Classes, MFC) is a class library (class libraries) provided by Microsoft, whichencapsulates the Windows API in the form of C + + classes. and contains

A one-click Deployment strategy for the Jenkins test environment to the production environment (Windows)

A one-click Deployment strategy for the Jenkins test environment to the production environment (Windows) I. PrefaceWe have initially implemented a continuous integration of the development integration environment, the test environment (automated

Core summary of Windows core programming (chapter fourth process (ii)) (2018.6.17)

Learning GoalsIn the previous section, we learned about processes, ingress functions, and process instance handles, and there was a wave of testing for a global variable initialization problem before going to the command line of the process to learn.

Core summary of Windows core programming (First chapter error handling) (2018.5.26)

FrontierLearning Windows core programming is the only way to step into the Windows Programming Hall, 2018 winter vacation relive the knowledge of computer operating system, the former has been learning Windows program design, the basis of the

Windows command line (Dos interface) (CMD window)

CD command:D: Enter D driveC: Enter C driveCD MYC--can be entered into the directory named MYC (the folder must exist in the C disk)CD: Can go back to the previous level directoryCd\ return to the root directoryCD D:\MYC Enter the name of the D-Disk

Tidy up the process of ODOO10 deployment under Windows systems

ODOO10 Environment ConstructionThe required dependencies: Python3.5 odoo10.0 node. js PostgreSQL 9.5 Pycharm Professional Edition 1. First install the Python3.5, and set the environment variables2. Download odoo10.0,

Spark Learning note--spark environment under Windows

One, JDK installation 1, 1 download JDKYou first need to install the JDK, and configure the environment variables, if you have installed the old driver can be ignored. The JDK(full name is JAVATM Platform standard Edition development Kit)

Microsoft Official OS virtual machine image from Windows XP to 10, ready to use, no installation

Original address:50707512Recently in helping friends install virtual machine, encountered such a thing, feel more good, share the following:There are a lot of situations, especially Mac users, need to install dual system on this machine to use

Ansible Managing Windows

Ansible管理windows 安装步骤 First, the system requirements1, the management machine must be a Linux system and pre-install the Python Winrm module (this time using the Linux version is the CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)).2, the underlying

Migrating SVN from one server to another server (Windows Server VISUALSVN server)

Ext.: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_855a24030102xp9q.htmlServer environment: Windows Server 2012 software version: Visualsvn-server-3.4.2-x64.msi old svn installation path: D:\Program files\visualsvn server\bin old SVN warehouse path :

Mount.cifs Windows shared directory permissions 755 issue

For CentOS 6.5 systems.The Linux Mount command mounts the shared directory under Windows, the directory permission is 755 after mount, and the normal user does not have permission to write.Permissions can be set through File_mode and Dir_mode,

Git-gitblit-tortoisegit building a Windows git local server

1, gitblit installation1.1, Gitblit introductionThe Git is well-liked by programmers in the area of version control. For open source projects, can be hosted free of charge to github above, quite convenient. But private project hosting to github

Transferring large files between CRT and Windows

CRT through RZ, SZ based on the Zmodem transmission Protocol maximum support 4GB files, more than this size there are two ways (currently known)1, through the own FTP, if it is directly connected can be in this wayBring up the CRT session window and

[Pit Condition]--windows Upgrade Node Latest version error "NPM install-g n"

I was to download a vue-cli, and then the technology changed rapidly, told me to first upgrade my node to more than 8 (currently v6.1.13)Upgrade on upgrade, update error Try the first method, one of the most popular methods on the Web, and

Windows sharing, printer operations, Remote Desktop

Windows sharing, printer operations, Remote DesktopOne, configure shared folders1. Need to enable network sharing and discoveryRight click on Network--Properties--Change advanced sharing settings--guest or public--enable network discovery, enable

Windows service MVC @html.raw () usage file stream read-write simple factory and Factory mode comparison

public partial class Service1:servicebase{System.Threading.Timer Recordtimer;Public Service1 (){InitializeComponent ();}protected override void OnStart (string[] args){TODO: Add code here to start the service.Intialsaverecord ();}protected override

Common function header files under "CUDA" Windows

CUDA function Header file __global____device__ #include Threadidx #include #include __SHFL () #include Tex1dfetch () #include

Installation and simple configuration of nginx in Windows environment

Learn a little bit of programming every day PDF ebook, video tutorial free download: Http://www.shitanlife.com/codeI. Download and install NginxGo to nginx website to downloadI choose nginx/windows-1.10.3 version here, download and extract it, the

Server Windows Server 2008 Remote control security Settings Tips

To ensure the security of server remote control operations, the Windows Server 2008 system has been deliberately enhanced in this area, a number of new security features have been introduced, but some features are not enabled by default, which

The for command that resolves dos in Windows Windows uses

Directory structure:contents Structure [+] Brief introduction For/d ... Case Case: Print all folder names under the c://root directory Case: Print a folder name with only 1-3 letters under the current path

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