Introduction to Windows Database programming interfaces

A database is a system dedicated to managing data resources in a computer, and almost all of the software currently needs to deal with the database (including the operating system, such as the registry on Windows is actually a database). Some of the

Windows Internals Notes--Threads

1. The process has two components, a process kernel object and an address space. Threads also have two components: A kernel object that is a thread that the operating system uses to manage threads. The system also uses kernel objects to

Windows Server 2016-domain site links and subnet adjustments

In many cases, we distinguish between the domain control or the site synchronization is normal operation of the content is to see the two domain control ping or resolution is normal, or to see whether the two firewalls shut down, but in fact, we

How to break the Windows Update update error Challenge

First, if you participate in the "Windows Preview Experience Program", the following days will always appear annoying Windows Update update 80073712 error problem (other error code please seriously Baidu error code, Until the appropriate treatment

With Git, little turtles (tortoisegit), Git for Windows, or GitHub Desktop installed, the folder icon appears red after you use them! Green √ Blue? git tag, how do you get rid of them? As shown below:

With git, little Turtles (tortoisegit) , git for Windows , or GitHub Desktop installed, the folder icon appears after you use them Red! Green √ blue? git tag, how do you get rid of them? As shown

Microsecond delay based on (QPC) implementation under Windows

1. Why write down microsecond latency in WindowsIn the efficiency of testing memcpy in the previous implementation of the memcpy () function and the process summary, the copy efficiency of the test time is in the microsecond level and requires a

Windows system OLLVM + NDK confusing build environment

First, Environment construction:System: win10_x64NDK version: ndk-r12b (ndk-r12b subsequent versions also apply)Cmake-3.9.1-win64-x64.msi is used to generate source code build files for different compilers, such as using VS to generate (. sln) vs

Windows Server 2016-Renaming a domain controller

When the company developed to a certain scale or information construction to a certain extent, a lot of information standards promulgated; Many of the initial server building, including service building and other computer names are by default or

Windows Dynamic Link library programming

Windows Dynamic Link library programming1. IntroductionThe Windows operating system is the most application-critical operating system, so the dynamic link library is also familiar to programmers, even for ordinary users, a lot of times will

Version baseline automation of Windows

1. Background:The current project maintenance cycle process, the production of debug version and release version more frequent, the process is too cumbersome and arbitrary, and packaging producers become bottlenecks, in order to standardize the

Sphinx generating Windows Help files (. chm files)

This article does not describe the use of Sphinx, but simply outlines the steps to generate a. chm file under Windows.0. First check if the machine has HTML help Workshop software installed, the general installation path should be C:\Program Files

Configuring Apachebench (AB) stress testing under Windows

Download'm using a apachehaus.Installation Services1. Open the conf/httpd.confin the Apache directory and search for and modify Listen. (not required to ensure that Apache does not conflict with the existing

Windows Server 2016-command line ntdsutil migrating FSMO roles

In the previous section we introduced the graphical interface migration FSMO role, before this chapter we first review the five operations master roles of the FSMO: schema master role, domain naming master role (realm naming master), RID Master role

Five easy steps to install GEANT4 (Windows Chapter) | Entry

Because of the CMake Automation Configuration tool, installing GEANT4 on the Windows platform is almost as convenient as the Linux platform. Unlike using Linux, it is more encouraged to use the integrated development environment, Visual Studio (VS),

Remember a bug that is raised by Windows command line

Article Source: just started to step on a very crazy thunder, incredibly still about the command line of Windows.    backgroundThe background is that, in the process of developing the lavas CLI,

Windows kernel objects

WINDOWS Kernel objectsA ObjectiveThere are many objects in Windows like process objects, thread objects, file objects, and so on, which we call Windows kernel objects. A kernel object is a block of memory in the system's address space that is

Common shortcut keys for Windows

File Management shortcut Keys function Alt + P Show/Close Preview Alt + LEFT Arrow Return Alt + RIGHT Arrow Forward ALT + UP ARROW Previous

Introduction to the use of forfiles in Windows

forfiles [/P pathname] [/M searchmask] [/S][/C command] [/d [+ |-] {YYYY/MM/DD | dd}]Describe:Select a file (or a set of files) and on that fileExecutes a command. This helps with batch jobs.Parameter list:/P pathname Indicates the path to start the

Windows (WIN10) compilation OpenCV + Opencv_contrib

In the previous few articles, I mentioned compiling OpenCV + Opencv_contrib in Android, Linux, this article is mainly about compiling OpenCV + opencv_contrib in Windows.The first environment to be prepared is: Window 10 64 bit: This

ImageMagick use on Windows

1. New and old version differenceThe old version of ImageMagick, using the convert.exe.The new version is using Magick.exe.The difference is that when used, the command is different.convert -quality 75% D:/1.jpg E:/1.jpgmagick -quality 75% D:/1.

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