Five Windows read novel application

As a Tablet PC, Surface 2 not only highlights the appearance of fashion, in the entertainment due to the 1080p high-definition screen, whether it is games, browsing or watching video, the experience is very praise. Internally, the Surface 2 is

Modify the default usage method for Windows

A "default program" is a program that Windows uses automatically when you open a particular type of file, such as a song, movie, photo, or Web page. For example, you may have more than one photo editing program installed on your computer. You can

Install Apache and configure SSL under Windows

Step 1: Configure Apache to support SSL Find the following two lines to remove the previous comment # LoadModule Ssl_module modules/ Include conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf Step 2: Generate the certificate and private key file for the Web

Forget Windows XP System login Password

First, the use of net command The WinXP provides the "net User" command, which can add and modify user account information in the form of the following syntax: NET user [UserName [Password | *] [options]] [/domain] NET user [UserName {Password | *

Install the Windows XP tutorial on Windows Vista

Because Windows Vista and Windows XP are booted differently, when you install XP on WindowsVista, you can break WindowsVista's system startup files and go to the Windows Startup Manager window. Cause the WindowsVista system to be unable to use.

Create a universal Windows Packaging package

For those computer geeks who often need to save their friends or reinstall their operating systems, the long wait for each installation of Windows is a torment. Although there are ghost such as partition mirroring software, but each computer

How do I solve Windows Time synchronization errors?

One, solve the problem of time is not synchronized 1. Simultaneously press and hold the Windows icon and R on the keyboard to call out the running window. 2, in the window input bar, type Service.msc, and then enter or click the OK

Windows XP system cannot install Flash Player solution

Failure Phenomenon: Windows XP system cannot install Flash Player   Reason Analysis: There are a number of reasons why Flash players cannot be installed, and there are generally several reasons for this in the XP system (hardware reasons we do

System prompts this copy of Windows is not a genuine what's going on

System prompts this copy of Windows is not a genuine what is going on? In the theory of digital signal processing, the entities that can process and transform digital signals are called systems. This system is considered discrete time because the

Features and functions of Windows security mode

The veteran of the computer must be familiar with Windows security mode, when removing viruses, uninstalling stubborn software, or system maintenance, Windows Security mode will certainly help a lot, the following computer technology to say the role

Windows cannot access the specified device path or file problem

This error occurs because your system partition is formatted with an NTFS partition and does not have administrator permissions set. Solution: 1 View the C disk properties, switch to the "Security" tab, then click "Add", select an administrator

How to implement disk fulfilment in Windows Automatic Mail alert

This problem is divided into two steps, one is how to monitor disk capacity, and the other is how to automatically email the alarm. There are two solutions to the first problem, one is to write a bat script using the WMIC command at the command

Computer time is not a workaround for Windows Time service not running

Computer in the networked state, time is automatically synchronized network, but for some reason our computer services are closed, resulting in computer time and network time is inconsistent. 1, we query the network time method, directly in the

Shortcut configuration for Windows command-line environment variables

The following figure: Now we're going to configure it in a much quicker way with the command line. The Windows command-line command set is used to view and set environment variables for the command-line environment. 1) View all environment

Windows Bat (Batch): if detailed

Windows Bat (Batch)--if detailed Summary: This article describes the syntax of the IF statement in Windows bat, including the basic situation in 3 and the extended if statement 1. If & if not If and if not all have 3 of the situation: IF [NOT]

Windows XP system memory read-write error how to solve

We know that in running some large-scale programs or games, you need to consume a considerable amount of system memory resources, if there is not enough memory space, then the system memory read and write errors in the fault is likely to occur. In

Windows system Optimization Settings

First, System property settings 1. Disable unused IDE channels Right-click on "My Computer-Properties"--"hardware"-"Device Manager", where "IDE Ata/pata Controller" is opened and then enter the primary and secondary IDE channels respectively,

Windows you have to know the system batch processing tips

For computers to operate more quickly and efficiently is the pursuit of every computer enthusiast. Of course, to achieve the efficiency of the operation, in addition to the requirements you must be very familiar with the operation, but also with

Accounts and permissions features in Windows

There are a few questions to figure out before you continue reading: First, the difference between permissions and rights. In the Windows operating system, permissions and rights represent different content. Permissions (Permission) represent a

Introduction to the Log Viewer feature in Windows Vista systems

When problems occur with our Windows system, the simplest way to analyze and locate failures is to use Event Viewer, such as Event Viewer in Windows XP, to let us analyze system logs, application logs, and security logs to find clues to possible

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