The complete introduction to Windows 2000 installation apache+apachejserv+gnujsp

Install apache+apachejserv+gnujsp on Windows2000 My machine is Win2K (c:winnt) +jbuilder3 (D:jbuilder3; with jdk1.2 in D: Jbuild Er3java) 1, you want to download apache,apachejserv,jsdk2.0 and gnujsp ( have downloads) 2, install

10 useful windows 7 tuning Tips

There are a number of articles on Windows 7, but most of them are about user interface changes, such as new taskbar, improved Start menu, larger preview thumbnails, and more. There are still a lot of new things in Windows 7, so let's change the

XP under hard Drive install Windows 7

XP system under new hard disk installation Windows 7 1, download Windows7 7600 ISO image, with virtual optical drive copy to non-C disk (such as d:7600) 2, the d:7600 directory under the bootmgr and boot directory, and in the C-packing directory

Windows operating system How to install a MultiLanguage Pack

Specific steps to install: 1, first search the network of the corresponding operating system language pack, download to the computer. 2, the above figure I downloaded two language packs. The bottom one is a compressed package with an EXE on

Alternative Experience Windows 7 official RSS Dynamic Theme 2

  Microsoft today released two RSS feeds for Windows 7: "Plants" (Flora), "Earth" (Terra). Dynamic topics are generally very small, only a few KB, after using the topic, it will get pictures from the RSS feed, and will automatically update, if

Let Windows XP run faster and more steadily

Microsoft's XP system is known by most netizens as the most outstanding operating system in history, with dazzling features, faster speeds, and of course all of these have higher requirements for computer hardware, if you want Windows XP to use as

Static analysis of the forum under Windows IIS

The two-day study Discuz 4.1, and successfully upgraded the original Discuz 2.5 forum to the latest version, personal feeling this forum is really good. My Discuz 4.1 was run under Apache+php+mysql, and the URL Rewrite was opened, and I found that

Windows XP operating system auto-install full Raiders

window| Introduction | Auto Install It usually takes more than 1 hours to install Windows XP in a regular way. Fortunately, Microsoft has designed the automatic installation function from Windows 2000, which greatly saves our time. In the

Windows directory feature Disclosure Encyclopedia

Window I believe that we are familiar with Windows, we use it every day, but how much do you know about the system catalog in Windwows? This article will make a detailed introduction to the system catalogs in Win 98, win me and Win 2000, including

Windows 2003 Server technical topics (10)

Server|window Windows Server 2003 displays all folders by default, and if you don't want to, you can hide them by opening any folder, selecting Tools-> Folder Options Options)-> view, adjust display system folder contents, hide protected operating

Several magical uses of ALT key in Windows system

Window There is an ALT key on the PC key, just like the shift, CTRL, in general, we all use it in conjunction with the other keys, it doesn't seem to work very well. In fact, to think carefully, it in the role of Windows can be big, do not believe,

The method list of Windows in IE

Window Alert (SMSG)A confirmation message box pops upAttachevent (sevent,pfunction)Bind a function to an event that randomly executes one of the bound functions when the event is triggeredBlur ()Cause window to lose focus Clearinterval

How to optimize Windows Server performance

Optimizing Windows Server Disk Performance In the use of a single server, disk often occupies a very important position. Server disk configuration and maintenance have a significant impact on the performance of the server as a whole. In fact, the

Windows 2003 Server Security Configuration complete article (3)

Four, disk permissions settings C Disk only to administrators and system permissions, other permissions do not give, the other disk can also be set up here, the system authority given here does not necessarily need to give, just because some

VBScript implements modifications to the Windows registry

vbscript|window| Registration Form Have you heard of the famous WSH? It is the abbreviated form of Windows Script Host, a scripting instruction for Windows platform that is powerful enough to achieve its superior functionality with a simple, easy-to-

Using xml/htc/dhtml to simulate standard Windows menus

dhtml|htc|window|xml| Standard | menu With the development of the Internet, XML as a cross-platform general-purpose structured data Description language has been paid more and more attention, and has been widely used, such as Micromedia company

Understand system application thoroughly monitor Windows run

Press the power button on the chassis and the sound of the computer starting up in the chassis. Before you switch to the Windows desktop you are familiar with, your computer will run dozens of program--What are the specific program, perhaps you are

Create a Windows Service Application

window| Program | Create a Windows service Application -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download this article code See Resources It is the presence of the. NET framework that allows you to build an

Easily master data interactions between Windows Forms in. NET (i)

window| Interaction | Data is easy to master in. NET data interaction between Windows Forms (i) Zhzuo (Autumn Maple) Windows Forms is a new platform based on the. NET Framework for Microsoft Windows application development. This framework provides

Easily master data interactions between Windows Forms in. NET (ii)

window| Interactive | data Easily master data interactions between Windows Forms in. NET (ii) Zhzuo (Autumn Maple) Easily mastering the data interaction between Windows Forms in. NET (a) We talked about using a constructor with parameters to

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