Windows Workflow: Build a custom activity to extend the scope of your workflow

This article is written based on a pre-release version of the. NET Framework 3.0. All information contained in this article is subject to change. This article discusses: Building basic activities and composite activities Asynchronous and

Windows XP to build a home network

In recent years, with the falling price of computer and its accessories and the increasing popularity of the network, the Family network has become a very practical fashion topic. Through the family network, not only can save money, so many hardware

Overview of basic features and parameters improvements for Windows 7 systems

The following are basic features and parameters for Windows 7: Taskbar: Canceled the original Quick Launch bar. At the same time cancel the previous version of Windows, in the taskbar to display the running application names and small icons,

Can Windows 7 replace vista burial XP

Windows Vista is not able to eliminate XP. Can Windows 7 do that? Over the past two years or so, Microsoft has been controversial. It has been so since the company launched Vista. First wave after wave of bad news about vulnerabilities and

Futuremark release Windows 8RT 3DMark benchmark Application

Futuremark has released the Windows 8/RT version of 3DMark performance test software and has allowed users to score comparisons with other platforms, such as Android or iOS. Application of the test project is still ice Storm, ice Storm Extreme and

Windows CE Chinese Input Method Editor

Ce contains a simplified Chinese input Method Editor, if you do not want to write your input method Editor, you can directly invoke the default. Before explaining the Chinese input Method Editor by the way of internationalization

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (32) encryption decryption: Asymmetric algorithm, data conversion auxiliary class

Introduced Re-imagine the encryption and decryption of Windows 8 Store Apps Asymmetric algorithm (RSA) Signature and authentication signature (RSA) Mutual conversion between string hex base64 binary is realized through Cryptographicbuffer

Windows CE Driven Development basics

This is my first time since January 6 to host the Tenkine Forum Embedded Development version of the article, plus the previous trivial articles amounted to 30. The more research on the more I feel that I understand too little, in fact, in the

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (36) Notice: Tile detailed

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Notice Tile-Basic applications See Tile-All Tile templates Tile-Loops display multiple tilenotification on a Tile Tile-an app with

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (35) Notice: Toast detailed

Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Notice Toast-Basic applications See Toast-Plain Text Toast Toast-Graphic Toast Toast-toast's cue tone Toast-Eject Toast as scheduled

Deep analysis of device-driven management for Windows 7

The ability to provide good support for hardware is a tough test for Windows 7 and is also an important indicator of whether users choose Windows 7. The so-called hardware support, in the final analysis is the device driver problem. What are the new

Restore the system's user password with Windows XP startup script

You can look at this trick by using a method that does not use Third-party software to restore the administrator password. The Windows XP startup script (startup scripts) is a batch file that the computer runs before the logon screen appears, and

Windows XP FAQ

One, why I install Windows XP under DOS is slow Haha, you must not run Smartdrv.exe before the installation, if you do not run this, you may not be able to install the end of the night. Smartdrv.exe such files are available in Windows 98/me CD-ROM

Windows XP Imperfection: Right-click for a large amount of memory

I don't know if you've had this experience using Windows XP, clicking the right mouse button on the selected file suddenly slows the system down. It was not long before someone raised such a question and turned on the resource monitor and found it,

Shorten Windows XP startup time

Although the saying goes, "folk prescription for big disease", but the worm still always believe that everything will have fruit. The folk prescription is to cure the big disease, among them also must have the law to follow. In this column, the worm

Troubleshoot Windows XP system problems

How to set up custom paper in Windows XP The author of a needle-type printer has been used normally, because of the installation of a new set of software to upgrade the operating system to Windows XP. But found a modest problem, originally in

Windows Socket API Usage Experience

This article is I in the ms-windows, the Hp-unix network programming practice process summarizes some experience, only for everybody reference. The socket function mentioned in this article, if not specifically stated, refers to the Windows Socket

How to customize the Prompt window (Hint windows)

Custom Thintwindow ClassClass Tccrunhintwindow:public Thintwindow{BOOL factivating;__fastcall Tccrunhintwindow (tcomponent* Owner): Thintwindow (Owner){Canvas->font->name = "Song Body";Canvas->font->color = Clblack;Canvas->font->size = 9;}void

Test run: Implementing Web UI Automation using Windows PowerShell

Windows Powershelltm is a new Microsoft command shell and scripting language that can be used as a platform for a variety of lightweight test automation. In this month's Test run column, I'll show you how to use Windows PowerShell to create a quick

Based on. NET platform of Windows programming Combat (VII.) The realization of statistical function of questionnaire (the following)

2. Implementation of merging statistics Figure 7-2 From the above figure, we must have guessed the method of merging the questionnaire, yes, we do this by importing data from the outside, and the prototype of the design is this: for example, we

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