DPM algorithm source program VOC-RELEASE5 configuration modification process in Windows

A recent "Video Processing and Analysis" course has a big job, which is about the DPM object detection algorithm. There is DPM source code, but the original can only be run on Linux or Mac, and my computer is Windows system, so I searched the

Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Foundation configuration and application (Novice Tutorial) 4---Basic management of Domain Users

The creation of domain users is described in several ways.1.graphical interface (previously described)STEP1 : Create a new account with your own name (or use an existing account, name it yourself), and modify the properties of the account as follows:

Windows server R2 domain control server runs nslookup command default server display UnKnown

First, the question:The Domain Control Server DOS window runs the nslookup command prompt as follows:Second, reason analysis:The main reason is that the DNS server for the domain control server does not have a reverse lookup zone set, and the

Encrypt the connection string in Webconfig, using RSA Asymmetric encryption to save the key container with Windows

A simple workaround:Webconfig decryption, failed to decrypt with provider "RsaProtectedConfigurationProvider". The provider returned an error message: The RSA key container could not be opened.Issue: Not added to access RSA key

Windows operating system Group Policy application all the strategy

Anonymous Source: It expert network Forum 2007-07-23 13:31  First, what IS Group Policy  (a) What is the use of Group Policy?When it comes to Group Policy, you have to mention the registry. The registry is a database of storage systems, application

The "ultimate Solution" process for application pool "XXX" has a critical error communicating with Windows process Activation service. The process ID is "XXXX". The data field contains the error number.

The mistake that bothered me for half a year, was solved by accident today, hereby share to the friend who is tangled by the same problem!Previous help posts, no

Alternative tutorials and ideas for Windows xp/windows 7/windows 8/windows 10 System encapsulation

If it is the early years, the XP Era Ghost package, a variety of packaging tools and drivers can only install tools flying all over the world, such as the Dragon Empire, but also very early in C + + write forgot what name, free sky, very much;There

Scikit-learn and pandas based on Windows stand-alone machine learning environment

Many friends want to learn machine learning, but suffer from the construction of the environment, here is the Windows Scikit-learn Research and development environment to build steps.Step 1. Installation of PythonPython has versions of 2.x and 3.x,

Windows server R2 DNS Server migration

First, the experimental simulation environment:Zhuyu company has a DNS server, because the DNS server is older, ready to migrate to a new DNS server (DNS backup can do so).Legacy DNS Server:Host name: Test-zhuad IP Address: DNS

Windows recursive copy (or delete operations) files

SHFileOperationTake a copy as an example.CString strfrom = ... _t ("src");CString Strto = ... _t ("dest\\");Copy the Strfrom folder and its following files and subfolders to the Strtoif (! PathFileExists (Strto)){Createwindowdirectory (Strto);//

Fix problems with Windows 10 can't open. HLP Help file

Recently learning UML, using the rational Rose 7.0, found that Windows 10 could not open the. hlp help file when using Help. Although Win10 is directed to the Microsoft support page by default, it finds that by downloading patches to view HLP files,

Unlock Windows & Mac lock screen Status with a malicious USB device

NSA professional physical intrusion device--usb Armory, can unlock any lock screen status under the Windows and Mac operating system, including the latest released Windows10, and earlier Mac OSX El Capitan/mavericks, want to know what the principle

Zabbix3.0 Monitoring Windows Client

Zabbix3.0 Monitoring Windows ClienWe introduced the ZABBIX3.0 monitoring Linux host, today we use Zabbix to monitor the Windows host, in fact, are the same; see below:We first download the Windows Zabbix Agent installation service; Our first URL is

Windows Server 2012/2012r2 Physical and virtual machine licensing instructions

New mode with dual processor licensing, Windows server 2012/2012 R2 In this article, we will consider the licensing characteristics of the next-generation server operating system family. In addition, we will describe the rules and licenses that are

From zero to one: Caffe-windows (CPU) configuration and training the first Caffemodel with mnist datasets

First, preface This article explains the Caffe-windows configuration tutorial in detail. Because the blogger himself is only a student in school, at present also can not write too deep things, so prepare from the most basic start step by step.

Application of Windows message interception technology

Windows application of message interception technologyCivil Aviation Hefei Air Pipe Center JoeyFirst, prefaceIt is well known that the operation of Windows programs depends on the events that occur to drive them. In other words, the program waits

Codeblocks import GNU Regex Library Regular expression under Windows environment

Regular expressions are not supported in the standard C + + libraries, so third-party libraries are required to support them. I'm using the GNU Regex Library.The language of the regular expression link: https://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/ae5bf5

Has the dream of Microsoft "one Windows" been shattered?

Guide When Windows 10 was officially unveiled, Microsoft said the system would open a more personalized computing era, allowing users to enjoy a consistent, familiar, and compatible experience with all types of devices, from Xbox to PC and

Windows compiler log4cxx (x64)

Reference linkshttp://blog.csdn.net/hnu_zxc/article/details/7786060Http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-20384806-id-1954344.htmlhttps://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa379205A compilation environmentWin7 x64 vs2012Second Download class Library1 download

git configuration on Windows

git download:Website: https://code.google.com/p/msysgit/Files: Https://msysgit.googlecode.com/files/Git-1.8.4-preview20130916.exeApache Download:Website: http://httpd.apache.org/Files:

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