Windows Apache configuration virtual directory (Web site)

When I first started to learn PHP, configure the Apache virtual directory is really broken scalp, did not understand the principle, so it is difficult. 1. Open the "conf/httpd.conf" file under the Apache installation directory, find "Include conf/

How does the Windows registry open? Where does the registry enter?

One, Windows xp/windows200x into the registry 1, in the Start menu-"Run" Enter the Regedit can enter the registry two, Windows7 system registration Form Method One: "Start"--"All Programs"--"attachments"--"command Prompt" (this feature is

Windows shortcuts, symbolic links, soft links and hard links

In my previous impression, the ln command under Linux looked like a shortcut under Windows, but after touching the Mklink command under Windows, it found that the links under windows were powerfulThe ln command under Linux Linux under the LN

Windows Longhorn Long Horn 4074 English Test Edition CD installation process detailed illustration _ Installation tutorial

The Windows longhorn4074 English beta was released by Microsoft in May 2004. longhorn4074 test version of the lowest system installation conditions are: installation system in the partition space of more than 3G (when the installation has been used 2

Block remote access to the Windows Registry _ Registry

Protecting the Windows registry in the way mentioned in this article prevents attackers from attacking it remotely.    problem The registry is the core of the Windows operating system. However, by default, the registry of all windows-based

Windows XP Home version of the operating system can also install IIS

Advance preparation 1, Windows XP homeedit Chinese version CD (copy on hard disk can also) 2. Windows Advanced Server CD (preferably Chinese version) 3, the default your XP is installed under the C:windows Get started. (If you are afraid to change

Opatch Auto in Windows DB in

CD D:\oracle_patch\1612D:\app\Administrator\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\OPatch\ocm\bin\emocmrsp.batSet Oracle_home=d:\app\administrator\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1mkdir DBmkdir OJVMUnzip DBUnzip p23515277_112040_mswin-x86-

. NET object with Windows handle (III): Handle Disclosure Instance Analysis

In the previous article. NET object with Windows handle (ii): Handle classification and. NET Handle disclosure example, we have a handle leak example. The Datareceiver and Dataanalyzer objects were created and dispose of in the example many times,

Windows Nano Server Installation configuration in detail 07: Deploying IIS

The first approach: integrate the IIS role when generating a nano VHD imageInstall the Internet information Services (IIS) server role on the Nano server by using the-package parameter together with the Microsoft-nanoserver-iis-package.For an

How to install Tomcat under Windows

Tomcat is an open-source Web application container, so it's up to programmers and companies. Here to introduce you how to install the Tomcat Green version in the Windows environment, we hope to be helpful.1. First go to Tomcat official website

Windows rebuild icon Cache (fix shortcut icon missing, Icon load time long issue)

Create a new text document, enter the code below, save in. bat format, and runHave a shortcut icon missing or feel the icon loading speed is slow, run this, very useful gadgetsrem Close Windows Shell Explorer Taskkill/F/im explorer.exe rem cleanup

No need to crack: Windows Server R2 At least 900 days of free use "reprint"

No need to crack: Windows Server R2 At least 900 days of free use October 30, 2009 Friday 02:10 1. After first installation, there is a 180-day trial period. 2. At the end of the 180-day trial period, activate SVR R2 with the following evaluation

Installation and deployment of Kong apigateway environment under Windows environment

STEP1 installation of base dependenciesA, because Kong is not available for Windows environments, a CentOS virtual machine needs to be prepared (and thereafter it will be done in CentOS)B, install the Java environment

Build WordPress blog site under Windows

One: Installation WampWindows Apache+mysql/mariadb+perl/php/python, a group of open-source software used to build dynamic Web sites or servers, are themselves separate programs, but because they are often used together, they have a higher degree of

Static compilation of Libevent 2.0.10 on Windows and implementation of a simple HTTP server (illustrated, with an example download)

[Article Zhang Feast this article version: v1.0 last modified: 2011.03.30 reproduced Please specify the original link:]This article describes how to build the Libevent 2.0.10 static link library using Microsoft

. NET object vs. Windows handle (a): The basic concept of a handle

In. NET programming, thanks to an effective memory management mechanism, object creation and use is more convenient, in most cases we do not have to care about object creation and allocation of memory details, you can rest assured that the object

How to install a Windows 2003/2008 system using the custom ISO function of Vultr VPS


Generally, we need to build a VPS host, either directly purchase a Linux environment to build a network earning environment similar to PHP + MYSQL, or directly purchase a Windows system VPS/server to build an ASP \ ASP. NET website environment. In

Windows network shared ing drive connection may be lost solution

On a computer running one of the Windows versions listed at the beginning of this article, if you map a drive to a network share, after a fixed period of inactivity, the mapped drive may be disconnected, and Windows Resource Manager may display a

How to install iis7 environment on Windows server 2008

I recently found myself a little addicted to writing diaries, so today I want to share with you the story of javassw Server 2008 that I recently used. That is, how to install IIS 7 on Windows server 2008. This course is very basic and easy to learn.

How to configure local Virtual PC Virtual machines in Windows 7

Since the company has recently cracked down on piracy, XP, which was originally installed with Virtual Box, cannot be used any more, I wrote an article on Microsoft's official Virtual PC + XP Virtual machine configuration and basic usage tutorial in

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