Rsync Backups for Windows

Transfer your Windows Backups to a rsync server over SSH provides cloud storage for offsite backups. If You run Windows systems, you can point them to us to secure your data.Our cloud storage are better than AWS, Google or Azure

Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit Simplified Chinese version download

32-bit versionCD1:SHA1 Value: d0dd2782e9387328ebfa45d8804b6850acabf520ed2k://|file|cn_win_srv_2003_r2_enterprise_with_sp2_vl_cd1_x13-46432.iso|637917184| 284dc0e76945125035b9208b9199e465|h=eh6istivfr5627onbbnbkelx4vygjpaw|/CD2:SHA1 Value:

Nginx's basic Windows configuration

Own little notes:#user nobody;Worker_processes 1;#error_log Logs/error.log;#error_log Logs/error.log Notice;#error_log Logs/error.log Info;#pid Logs/;Events {Worker_connections 1024;}HTTP {Include Mime.types;Default_type Configuration Guide (ii)

Create a second domain tree in the forestNew method for creating a second (or more) domain tree in the forest: First Spring Festival The first domain in this domain tree, and the method to create the first domain is implemented by the method of

How Windows can view, modify, delete, and add environment variables on the cmd command line

First make it clear: All changes to the environment variable under the CMD command line are valid only for the current window , not for permanent modification. This means that when this cmd command-line window is closed, it will no longer work.

. NET object vs. Windows handle (a): The basic concept of a handle

In. NET programming, thanks to an effective memory management mechanism, object creation and use is more convenient, in most cases we do not have to care about object creation and allocation of memory details, you can rest assured that the object

Under Windows: Failed to set permissions of the path: \tmp\ \.staging to 0700

This official bug has been encountered before ............. But.......==================================================12/04/24 15:32:44 WARN util. nativecodeloader:unable to load Native-hadoop library for your platform ... using Builtin-java

Windows programming--wide character sets and Unicode

From ASCII code to Unicode Double-byte Character setSo far, we've seen a 256 character character set (ASCII). But there are about 21,000 glyphs in China, Japan and South Korea. How to accommodate these languages and still maintain some

Windows Server R2 load Balancing Getting Started

First, the simple introduction of load balancingLoad balancing, also known as load sharing, refers to load balancing by dynamically adjusting the load on the system, and performing the load on multiple operational nodes to reduce the impact of

QT 4.2.2 Installation (compile again after installation, note setting up Windows Path)

(Installation article)Prelude:Referring to the GUI framework estimation of C + + Most people will think of MFC, VCL, because in the COM era ten years ago, these two big guys almost monopolized the development market of the application on the C + +

Windows 2008r2 file Server storage capacity expansion

Recently, the company's file server storage space frequently alarm, such an important server in case of space is full of server can not access or downtime, then we do it will lose the job, but because the file server is the daily need to use, we

Windows 7 Running Commands Daquan

Windows 7 Run Command Daquan, small compilation of commonly used 45 Win7 run commands to share to everyone:1. cleanmgr: Open Disk Cleanup Tool2, Compmgmt.msc: Computer Management3. conf: Start System Configuration Utility4. Charmap: Start character

Reload system required--replace the default temporary file storage directory for Windows systems

As a computer enthusiast, reloading a computer is commonplace, but the purpose of reloading the computer is to:1. Updating the operating system;2. System speed is too slow;or more ....Most of our goals are in the 2nd, and sometimes we just

Windows program Internal operating mechanism

Windows operating mechanism within the programFirst, API with the SDKThe Windows operating system provides a variety of functions to facilitate our development of Windows applications, which are interfaces provided by the Windows operating system to

Message delivery for Windows-message box

The use of Delphi message mechanism can be convenient to operate the background, which is important is the SendMessage () function. Let's take a look at this function[Delphi]View PlainCopy function SendMessage

Windows all version-implements the specified path share

Calling the API function Netshareadd () sets the folder to share, and if you do not make other settings after calling this function, the network user cannot access the shared folder because it is in an NTFS partition and is under the NTFS file

Azure Web site IP White list for Windows Azure Web site

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogWe know that in Azure Cloud service and virtual machine, you can access control lists through the endpoint ACL (Access control list). To set the IP whitelist rule.For details, see:Windows Azure

Windows installation apache2.4

The primary Windows platform for running Apache 2.4 are Windows $ or later. Always obtain and install the current service pack to avoid operating system bugs.Official Note :The Apache HTTP Server Project itself does not provide binary releases of

Windows Server 2012 Disk Management simple volumes, spanned volumes, striped volumes, mirrored volumes, and RAID-5 volumes

To configure failover clustering for customers today, on Windows Server R2 systems, after Dell storage on the iSCSI connection, you can find new simple volumes, spanned volumes, striped volumes, mirrored volumes, RAID-5 volumes, and so on in Disk

TCP/IP (11) Windows and Race control


There are many network protocols based on TCP protocol, such as TELNET,SSH, FTP, HTTP and so on. These protocols can be broadly divided into two broad categories based on data throughput: (1) interactive data types, such as TELNET,SSH, which in most

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