installation of (Windows) Mongodb3x+robomongo

At the beginning of the installation of the time still feel very simple really loaded when the information on the Internet is uneven again to organize a installation methodSeparately to download MongoDB and Robomongo The author here is MONGO 3.0.5

Exception information: The CLR cannot convert from COM context 0x645e18 to COM context 0x645f88, which has lasted for 60 seconds. The thread that owns the target context/unit is most likely to perform a non-pump wait or to not send a Windows message

Exception Reason:1, wrote a cycle of death, this is the most likely.2, the operation of large data volume, resulting in the status of suspended animation.Solution: Managed Debug Assistants in Debug---Exceptions, remove ContextSwitchDeadlock a front

Windows VC + + display UTF-8 encoded Chinese

I use C + + writer under Windows to receive UTF8 string will occur in Chinese can not normally display on the console, so special to solve the UTF8 string in VC + + on the normal display.1, the problem recurs, UTF-8 encoded under the string "Chinese"

Get the hard drive serial number under Windows (Win7 32-bit, Windows Server 64-bit test, want to test on other platforms, have a message to share with the problem)

#include #include IOCTL control Code//#define Dfp_send_drive_command Ctl_code (ioctl_disk_base, 0x0021, method_buffered, file_read_access | file_write_access)//#define Dfp_receive_drive_data Ctl_code (ioctl_disk_base, 0x0022, method_buffered,

What is Windows PowerShell? After reading this article, you will understand it.

This article mainly describes what Windows PowerShell is? What is Windows PowerShell? What are the features of Windows PowerShell? What is Windows PowerShell for? After reading this article you will understand it, the need for friends can refer to

Use of Windows hooks

We know that window programs in Windows are message-based, event-driven, and in some cases may need to capture or modify messages to accomplish some special functions (the MFC framework uses Windows hooks to boot messages). For capturing messages,

Annoying various characters and character pointer types in Windows programming

In Windows programming, these data types are easy to see: Lpstr,lptstr,lpctstr ... Like a lot of children's shoes, at the time of learning Windows programming, the data type is really the two monks, can not touch the brain, long time will not

This section of Baidu Quiz, to me related to AH!!! ----How to get the Windows system login user name

How to get the Windows system login user nameHttp:// Hva9pkvwyzv8ksewftsqtwe8fqm1dhoq59burnfadmcovfjfgjuonb2kq4krjuf5kjotxjcf5sqkynlhcu_dbmzggbxfxjcrfxcmamijuji=======================Generally use the GetUserName (or

What to do if Windows server server is running out of disk space

The user's Lync Server only 80G space, D disk recently added, today found that the size of the C disk is hundreds of MB, the desktop saw some log files, all deleted, finally freed up three g of space, at least before work today will not appear what

Windows configuration Mycat

Mycat uses MySQL's communication protocol to simulate a MySQL server and establishes a complete Schema (database), table(data table),user 's logical model, This logical model is mapped to a real physical library on the back-end storage node Datanode,

Network Connection Lost when Windows 8 Goes to Sleep

Http:// your network connection lost when Windows 8 goes to sleep or hibernate mode and

How to cancel Windows Server R2 RDP limit per user to only one session

On Windows server 2008/2008 R2, if you want multiple remote users to access the server's Remote Desktop (RDP) using the same account at the same time, simply set it up by using Remote Desktop Session Host configuration under Administrative

Windows Kernel Security Training Courses

apc Kernel Internals for Security researchersThis course takes a deep dive to the internals of the Windows kernel from a security perspective. Attendees learn about behind the scenes working of

One-click compilation of various versions of PROTOBUF on Windows

Tools Required: CMake for Windows and git for WindowsPrinciple: Protobuf is a Google Open source project, its source code on GitHub can be downloaded to, and the source is used CMake to build, so we can download the source to local, and then use

Enable Microsecond CPU hibernation on Windows with the Timer return feature of the Select function

Description: Call WSAStartup to initialize the Winsock before calling the functionvoiduSleep (uint32_t usec) {structtimeval timeout; Fd_set FDS; Fd_zero (&FDS); int32_t FD= Socket (Af_inet, SOCK_DGRAM,0); Fd_set (FD,&FDS); Timeout.tv_sec= USEC/100

Automatically generate PDF bookmarks (for Adobe Acrobat on Windows only)

Software Prerequisites1, Adobe Acrobat.2, Autobookmark for Adobe Acrobat automatically generated bookmarks plugin (I use this: Autobookmark standard plug-in), download and install.3, Autobookmark the use of documents written in very detailed, let me

Windows common Command-line summary

Command line under CMD1. View subdirectories under current directoryDir or dir/bLS or ls-l similar to Linux2, drive symbol switching D:3. Enter directory CD [directory name]Back up a directory CD.Go to the Catalog CD/4, Win and Linux Tab key can be

vs2015 Developing Windows Services

Work has been a long time, so long after writing this article is to give their own reference later. It's not a long time to forget about the entire development process without writing Windows services. Windows service development, based on the not

Understanding KMS and MAK keys for Windows operating systems

Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft has adopted a new key management approach, with the original vol key for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 no longer used. If you are deploying the Windows operating system for your enterprise and what

001-cocos2dx-2.1.3 Environment Construction-windows

1. Installing vs2012 2. Download cocos2dx2.1.3, unzip, then install vs template Installation method to be in CMD dos, CD to this directory, and then install. The results are as follows: 3. Start vs New Project: 4. After the project is established:

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