Windows Home Server OEM Official Edition Download address _ Common Tools

Microsoft has revealed that the predecessor of Windows home Server is Quattro, the first time Microsoft has targeted Microsoft Server software at ordinary users. The Windows home Server software program development package includes system protection,

Windows Server2008 R2 MVC Environment Installation Configuration Tutorial _mssql

Web development can not avoid the construction of the operating environment, personally, this is a job that has no technical content and is a waste of time. So the steps of setting up the environment are recorded, hoping to help the needy friend to

Windows Family Internal security vulnerabilities group Big manhunt (Figure) _ Vulnerability Research

WinXP system has never been more stable and secure, but there are still a variety of security vulnerabilities, if we are indifferent to this, online hackers will have the opportunity, they can easily steal your trade secrets, destroy your important

What is Windows PowerShell? You'll understand it after reading this _powershell

Introduction Always envy the Linux command prompt (they are called shell, of course). Regular expressions, pipelines, and various magical commands combine to perform many complex tasks efficiently. Efficiency is really high. Flow of n years after

PowerShell How to view Windows feature options _powershell

Using PowerShell to add and remove Windows roles and features in Windows Server 2012 is convenient, but enabling and disabling Windows options on Windows 8.1 is slightly tasteless. For example, Get-windowsoptionalfeature gets all the current

Windows Server 2008 iis7/iis7.5 ways to enable parent paths _win servers

The IIS7 or iis7.5 of Windows Server 2008 R2 is a significant change in interface and functionality compared to previous versions of the Win2000, WinXP, and Win2003 systems, starting with increased functionality, enhanced security, However, the

Windows PowerShell Create Objects _powershell

Create a new object from New-object If you use a constructor to create an instance object of a specified type, the type must contain at least one constructor that matches the signature. For example, you can create a string that contains a specified

Windows PowerShell Filter Pipe Results _powershell

You can use Where-object if you want to filter objects, and if you want to filter the properties of objects, you can use Select-object, or you can use Foreach-object if you want to customize the personalized filtering effect. Finally, if you want to

Vista and Win7 Interactive desktop permissions problem resolution in Windows services: Penetrating Session 0 Isolation _c# Tutorial

Windows Services perform a variety of tasks in the background, supporting our day-to-day desktop operations. Sometimes it may be necessary for the service to interact with the user for information or interface, which is no problem in the XP era, but

A simple configuration method for synchronizing Windows data with Cwrsync _win server

Cwrsync Download Address Http:// or download to Cwrsync Division client and service end two parts, take Cwrsync 4.0, respectively corresponding to and

Windows cannot allow you to log on because your profile details cannot be loaded-access to the _win server is denied

Event Type: Error Event Source: Userenv Event Type: None Event id:1500 Date: 2009-8-11 Event: 11:25:13 User: NT authority\network SERVICE Computer: YFT Describe: Windows cannot allow you to log on because your profile cannot be loaded. Check to see

No sa password failed to integrate Windows Authentication logon resolution _MSSQL

If Windows Integrated authentication is used at SQL logon, the login box will display the login in the format "machine name \ Current system username", and the login and password are grayed out and user input is not allowed. Understand that

PHP5.3.1 installation tutorials based on Windows Apache _php tips

are download the latest recommended version, the original did not expect to send to the jar, so there is no screenshot, and then summed up to notepad when found that there are quite a lot of problems, so they share out, hope for everyone Help. In

Tips for setting up FTP under Windows 2008 IIS7

If you want to allow users to upload or download files in a site, you need to set up FTP on the WEB server. Whether the site is located on an Intranet or on the Internet, using FTP is the same principle for uploading and downloading files in the

Introduction to the Kinect for Windows SDK Development (12) speech recognition

The Kinect microphone array is below the Kinect device. This column consists of 4 independent microphones horizontally distributed below the Kinect. Although each microphone captures the same audio signal, the array can detect the source direction

To evict a node from a Windows 2008 failover cluster

This topic explains how to use the Failover Cluster Management tool or Cluster.exe to evict a node from a Windows Server 2008 failover cluster. After a node is exited from the cluster, the node cannot host the clustered mailbox server. If, for any

Excel 2007 Watch Windows easily monitor data changes

In some of the more complex Excel2007 datasheets, we might want to be aware of the data changes in some of the cells in Excel 2007 at any time. For example, see changes in the total number of sales in different regions, or at the same time to see

How to use several common Windows log-syslog tools

With the rapid development of information technology, more and more devices in the network, and gradually we found that relying on traditional means to a table analysis equipment (routers, switches, firewalls, servers, databases, middleware, etc.)

Futuremark release Windows 8RT 3DMark benchmark Application

Futuremark has released the Windows 8/RT version of 3DMark performance test software and has allowed users to score comparisons with other platforms, such as Android or iOS. Application of the test project is still ice Storm, ice Storm Extreme and

Useful 2 Windows under Batch file (BAT file)

Create multiple folders (directories): Create a new Notepad: Win + r–> input Notepad Enter the following in the notebook: 1 MkDir would 2 mkdir 3 mkdir Marry 4 mkdir Me Save as file extension bat, encoding with

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