Window transparency in Windows 2000/XP

Objective Many articles demonstrate the use of Windows 2000/XP hierarchy features to achieve window transparency. This article allows any window to be transparent, even if you do not have the source code for the program. Using the "Wintrans"

Using Windows virtual device driver (VxD) 2

Eight, VxD initialization When VMM Initializes a VxD, do the following: 1, load Real mode initialization section and invoke the real mode initialization process. This process can be done to prevent the Mount VxD from starting Windows, specifying

Installation diagram and precautions for myeclipse-10.7-offline-installer-windows

The MyEclipse Enterprise platform (myeclipseenterprise Workbench, MyEclipse) is an extension of eclipseide that we can use in databases and Java EE development, Publishing and the integration of application servers greatly improve productivity. It

Getting Started with Windows 8 Development (13) file and folder management for Windows 8 2

File and folder actions In this article we will learn about the files in Win 8 and the various actions of the folders. File actions in this article are mainly about: deleting files/moving files/copying files/renaming files Folder operation is

Getting Started with Windows 8 Development (iv) Common mouse events for Windows 8

A number of new mouse events are used in Windows 8 to replace previously Silverlight mouse events with the following common events: Pointerwheelchanged: The middle mouse button sliding event. Pointerpressed: When the mouse clicks down, the event

Windows 8.1 Application Learning: Several layout controls

This article is a brief introduction to the use of controls in Windows Store applications, and for ease of explanation, we select a representative control in both the text control and the button control categories for detailed instructions. 1. Text

Configuration of Windows Routing and NAT

Actual target: • Ability to configure and test routing networks in a virtual environment You can enable the routing feature with Windows Server 2008 u can add static routes You can view the routing table for your computer U can configure packet

Why can't I create a new folder in Windows 7

Do not know how to do, right key to create a new folder was lost, must be a registry problem, the internet looked for a while, I found it, save small Remember 01.Windows Registry Editor Version

Windows 7 64bit to 32bit hard drive installation Solution

The previous version was updated with the hard drive installation method. From the Win7 X64 7100 update to 7600, the installation process is very smooth, because of such a problem, Win7 X64 can not install Remote server Management tools (RSAT), from

Licensing and Pricing FAQ in Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 Data Center and Standard Edition Question 1. What are the new features of Windows Server 2012? Windows Server 2012 brings our company's accumulated experience of building and operating a public cloud to a private cloud server

Small problems with Windows Vista SP1 in use

Yesterday, Vista Channel released three articles, namely, the download link for the latest version of Windows Vista SP1 Beta, the trial evaluation, and the experience and discovery issues. In the subsequent use of the process, the author also found

Active Directory Federation Service for Windows Server 2003 (ADFS)

The most compelling new feature of Windows Server 2003 R2 is the Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS). ADFS is a new technology that can be used for multiple Web application user authentication during one session. In this article, I will

Continue to optimize Windows Vista

I believe many friends have used Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows Vista, here I introduce four more practical optimization techniques: Tip One: Automatically defragment the disk With the increase in the use time of the hard disk, the

12 Features of Windows PowerShell

Answer Powershell:powershell The original development code is Monad, originally intended to replace the command line tools in Windows, but later Microsoft said it was only a technical expansion. With PowerShell, the administrator can do anything

Decrypt the latest features in Windows Vista 5270

We know that at the end of December, Microsoft will complete the full functionality of Vista, but the tester will wait until next February CTP to be available. So we're getting closer to a full-featured vista, and this part is about the new Vista

Three of the most common Windows Vista activation methods abroad

Although Microsoft in the Vista product activation way up and down the effort to prevent users to crack, but in this respect, but it appears to be a ruler, the road. Hackers who are keen to crack are not going to give up lightly. The preferred

Manage Windows Firewall programmatically

Recent projects need to automatically set up Windows Firewall through the program, check the data, you can use the command line netsh firewall to achieve. Encapsulates a class to manage the program that allows for release (allowed). Managing other

Installing drivers for old devices in the Windows 7 RC system

Although Windows 7 RC has a large number of hardware drivers, support for some older Plug and Play peripherals is limited. The author tries to make an old-fashioned camera run in Windows 7. The camera is a 2004 cottage product (the brand is "not

Hardening Print Management under Windows Server 2008

Print Management has always been an important aspect of Windows Server service management, with many improvements to print management in Windows Server 2008, as well as a number of new features. This article will share with you the author's three

The two major vulnerabilities Windows XP should know

One of the first reasons people want to build a home network is to share an Internet connection, which is directly supported by both Windows XP Pro and House, and another reason for file sharing. However, if you have considered this problem

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