Windows Workflow Foundation

In January 2006, Don Box and Dharma Shukla introduced Windows®workflow Foundation and discussed the overall architecture of the framework and its constituent components (see WinFX workflow:simplify De Velopment with the declarative Model of Windows

Windows message for interprocess communication under the. NET Compact Framework

interprocess communication under WinCE and Windows Moblie can be implemented by the following technologies. 1. Windows Message 2. Point-to-Point message queues 3. MSMQ The following uses the Windows message for interprocess communication under

To build an SVN server under Windows system

The usual SVN server is built in Linux and other systems, such as with the APACHE+SVN configuration, the SVN performance under Linux will be very good, but the configuration is a bit cumbersome, if the SVN server to use only their own, then the SVN

Uncover the mystery of Windows Mail delete server mail

Many netizens complain that Windows Mail does not retain the original message on the server, as Foxmail did after receiving mail. In fact, it is not that Windows Mail does not save the original message on the server because of the default settings

Windows security Setting Method--Primary safety Chapter

  1. Physical Security The server should be placed in the isolation room where the monitor is installed, and the monitor should keep the camera record for more than 15 days. In addition, the chassis, keyboard, computer desk drawer to be locked to

Windows 2003 Configuration POP3 Service

Windows2003 is not installed by default, we must add it manually. The POP3 service component, under Add/Remove Windows Components-e-mail services, includes two items: POP3 Service and POP3 Service Web management; Click "Start-management tools-POP3

Comparison of IIS and Apache performance under Windows Server

The most popular service tools to build websites are Apache and IIS. So which performance is better between them? What is the best tool for us? I have also done some research on this issue recently. If it's based on a Linux platform, it's not

Securing the Windows Server 2003 IIS server


Overview This module focuses on the instructions and steps required to harden your IIS servers in your environment. To provide comprehensive security for WEB servers and applications in your organization's corporate Intranet, you should protect

Static analysis of the forum under Windows IIS

The two-day study Discuz 4.1, and successfully upgraded the original Discuz 2.5 forum to the latest version, personal feeling this forum is really good. My Discuz 4.1 was run under Apache+php+mysql, and the URL Rewrite was opened, and I found that

Tomcat installation configuration under Windows 2000

Window   First, Tomcat introduction  Since JSP release, the introduction of a variety of JSP engine. After completing the development of GNUJSP1.0, the Apache group began to consider developing a JSP server that could provide Web services directly

Detailing Windows 2000 system logs and deletion methods

Window Windows 2000 log files usually have application logs, security logs, system logs, DNS server logs, FTP logs, www logs, and so on, depending on the services that the server opens. When we use streamer detection, such as IPC detection, will be

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (47) Multi-thread thread synchronization: semaphore etc.

Multi-thread thread synchronization: Semaphore, Countdownevent, Barrier, ManualResetEvent, AutoResetEvent Introduced Re-visualize the thread sync for Windows 8 Store Apps Semaphore-Signal Volume Countdownevent-thread synchronization via

Windows 2000 virtual host basic permissions settings

And here's what I think is safer. Win2000 Virtual Host permission settings method, just the next permission settings. I. Software and environment required by a virtual host 1.serv-u5.0.11 (seems unsafe, but not necessarily) 2.Mysql Database

Feel the Windows 2003 domain Rename Tool

Domain Rename tool (Rename tools) is a new network maintenance tool that Windows Server 2003 adds to meet user needs. This tool greatly alleviates the pressure of network management in domain renaming operations in Windows NT and Windows 2000/XP

Disclosure of Windows server intrusion detection

Win2000 server Security Configuration, a carefully configured Win2000 server can protect against more than 90% intrusion and infiltration, but system security is a continuous process, with the advent of new vulnerabilities and server application

Manage pre-read files for Windows xp/2003

In order to improve the system performance, speed up the system startup, file read speed, Windows Xp/server 2003 has added the pre-read function. The Windows\prefetch folder under the Windows Xp/server 2003 system disk is the folder where the

Analysis of stop information of blue screen crash in Windows 2000

Win2000 may be a landmark operating system, but it is still not able to avoid the blue screen crash (blue screens of Death). The purpose of this paper is to solve the problem of BSOD, and to give a solution to the problem of blue screen in general.

Windows XP operating system frequently encounters network failure analysis (4)

Five, Wireless LAN problem 1, unable to login wireless router to set up Most of the hardware failures are joint loosening, network cable broken, hub damage and computer system failure, and so on. It is generally possible to use the observation

Analysis of power Management in Windows 2000

Windows 2000 (including Microsoft Windows Professional, Microsoft Windows SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Advanced Server) is A new generation of operating systems based on NT core (operating System,os). Win2000 with its reliable, stable performance,

Chrome OS will force Microsoft to accelerate rebuilding Windows

Introduction: Foreign well-known website wrote today, analysts pointed out that Google's Chrome OS will not pose a direct threat to Windows, but will force Microsoft to accelerate the "rebuilding" of windows, so that it can make full use of web

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