10 useful windows 7 tuning Tips

There are a number of articles on Windows 7, but most of them are about user interface changes, such as new taskbar, improved Start menu, larger preview thumbnails, and more. There are still a lot of new things in Windows 7, so let's change the

XP under hard Drive install Windows 7

XP system under new hard disk installation Windows 7 1, download Windows7 7600 ISO image, with virtual optical drive copy to non-C disk (such as d:7600) 2, the d:7600 directory under the bootmgr and boot directory, and in the C-packing directory

Windows operating system How to install a MultiLanguage Pack

Specific steps to install: 1, first search the network of the corresponding operating system language pack, download to the computer. 2, the above figure I downloaded two language packs. The bottom one is a compressed package with an EXE on

Windows 7 Operating System Tips

taskbar icon has keyboard shortcuts Users want to open these applications through a shortcut key, just hold down the Windows key, and then press the number on the keyboard that corresponds to the icon. For example, if Internet Explorer is the first

Windows Recovery Console

1. The simplest use of the Recovery Console is to boot the system with the Windows installation CD-ROM (windows2000/xp/2003). Use the following steps: 1. Insert the Windows 2000 Startup disk into the floppy disk drive or insert the Windows CD-ROM

Let Windows XP run faster and more steadily

Microsoft's XP system is known by most netizens as the most outstanding operating system in history, with dazzling features, faster speeds, and of course all of these have higher requirements for computer hardware, if you want Windows XP to use as

Gestures used in Windows Mobile 6.5

The Language Reference section contains descriptions of programming elements such as touch events, gestures, and gesture animations. The touch API is divided into two parts, managing the gesture API for touch input, and the physical engine API that

Windows 8 Task Manager detailed

Windows System Task Manager, everyone should be no stranger. It is estimated that more friends are encountered in the execution of the program when the card died and had to start Task manager through the Ctrl+alt+delete to end the program, in

Windows Server R2 hardening storage and networking features

The upcoming version of the Windows Server R2 is dedicated to providing users with advanced functionality in storage and networking, and is even better able to take on tasks that previously required additional paid software or even storage systems.

Graphics and text tutorial on wordpress installation configuration in Windows system

  One WordPress Installation I use XAMPP (apache+mysql+php), WordPress (blog program) 3.5.1 Simplified Chinese official installation version, the following is said under Windows with the XAMPP installation WordPress method. Install Xampp is the

Mac and Windows computer which is good

mac and Windows computer which is good Apple Mac series computers have been a niche product, with fewer people. Some friends have labeled "X" and "flashy" for friends who use the MacBook series, while users who use the MacBook think the Microsoft

Method of automatic switching of input method for Windows 8 system for different application windows

First, press the "win+x" shortcut key in Windows 8 to bring up the quick link menu at the bottom left of the interface and select "Control Panel". Icon: Win8 Quick Link Menu In the Win8 Control Panel, select Clock, language, and region-

Management Active Directory database for Windows Server 2008 R2

The Active Directory database includes database file Ntds.dit and log files. For best performance, it is recommended that log files and database files be in a separate hard drive or raid in a production environment, and that there is sufficient

How Excel 2010 freezes windows

Using the freeze feature of the Excel worksheet to achieve a fixed window, let's take a look at the specific steps of this approach: Steps/Methods Open the Excel worksheet, and if you want to freeze the "A1" line, then we're going to select the "A2

How to scroll through the windows of Excel through VBA code

① Scrolling Line Worksheets ("Sheet1"). Activate Activewindow.scrollrow = 14 Code Explanation: The function of the above code is to activate Sheet1 first, use it as the active worksheet, and then automatically drag the vertical scroll bar to drag

Windows 7 driver update and installation new solution

After installing the Win7 system, it was found that two device drivers were not installed and the graphics driver was not working properly. The computer is from Macao to bring back the Hong Kong version of Sony, model VPCYA15FG, mainland China does

Ways to change how files are opened under Windows 7 systems

The system is windows7, this friend because the desktop does not have Office icons, and is anxious to use Word, a desktop icon right click, select the Open way to select Word, and did not "always use this program to open the same type of file"

Windows 8.1 Preview Installation method

The first time to download the Windows 8.1 Preview version for trial, and to bring you a large number of installation and operating system screenshots, interested may wish to look together. In addition, we recommend that if you want to use virtual

How to change the way Windows 7 system files are opened

Classmate Emergency help: The system is windows7, this classmate because the desktop does not have Office icon, but also anxious to use Word, a desktop icon right click, choose to open the way to select Word, and did not "always use this program to

Win 7 system switch machine out of Windows Update solution

If you Win7 a system installation, you will always see a prompt when you turn it on or off: "Windows update configuration ... Do not turn off the computer prompts ", seriously affecting the speed of our switching machine, even if the shutdown speed

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