Windows 2003 Server IIS site security and stability

Today I'm going to go a little deeper and talk about website security and stability. For many friends who have contacted Linux and Windows, it should be clear that IIS is very unstable compared to the Linux Apache. What dead loops, stack overflows,

Windows 7 system uses multithreading to speed up file replication?

Why can't you speed up file copy/Transfer in Windows 7 under Windows 7? You can use Robocopy to implement multithreaded file replication. Often do file management operations friends, mention copy/paste operation, deep system download presumably

Clock and Calculator for Windows 7 system

Every detail of Win7 reflects its advantages, such as clocks and calculators, which, while seemingly inconspicuous, are not visible in every version of Windows, but they are more subtle in the Win7 system. First, let's explore the mystery of the

Several suggestions for installation of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1

MSDN and TechNet subscribers and volume authorized customers already have access to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, and next week, February 22, ordinary users can go to Microsoft Download Center Microsoft Download Center download, or

Why does Microsoft call the Windows 7 system Windows 7?

Just like our name, there is a reason for what name, then Microsoft for Win7 's name is there any reason? Here is a small series to tell you why! 1 How many Windows systems has Microsoft launched? Early in the morning there were Windows 1 2 3.

Windows 8 activation error Code resolution

Common error codes are as follows: Fault code Screen tip Reason Possible causes Recommended treatment Scenarios 0x80072EFD If you want to activate online please connect to the network, or you can call us

Prompts the Windows master process to stop working when the computer is in normal use

prompts the Windows master process to stop working when the computer is in normal use 1, open the C disk--windows--system32; 2, find rundll32.exe documents; 3, right click Rundll32.exe, select "Properties" 4,

How to use a Third-party provider mailbox in a Windows 8 mail application

We can use the Windows 8 system with its own mail features, so that we usually use (QQ, 126, 163) and other Third-party mailboxes can also be used without the Web page to send and receive mail. Is it convenient? First open the "Mail" program in the

Where the registry is stored in Windows

Win9x article The 2 C:windowssystem.dat and C:windowsuser.dat are registry files. In addition, the system starts every day for the first time will do a backup, stored in the C:windowssysbckup under the name of Rb***.cab, Can be restored with

Good photos Windows version features detailed

Face the beautiful scene, we always can't help to take out the camera, the beauty of the moment with photos recorded. But you are not more than one time to wonder, the photos you take are either not satisfied with the light, or the composition is

Experience the Windows 8 system with its own firewall

Press "Win+w" to enter the WIN8 system's Setup Search interface (the touchscreen user can move from the right side of the screen to the middle and select search from the Super button menu), enter the keyword "firewall", the left immediately appear

New game manager in Windows 7 systems

In Windows Vista, Microsoft has launched the game Manager (Games Explorer), which you can use to publish and manage games, including built-in Windows games and PC games such as Solitaire, Chess and Windows Live games. In Windows 7, there are many

The process of creating a child domain by a Windows 7 system

The process of creating a child domain is basically similar to the process of creating a primary domain controller, below in DZ. Example of the test subdomain created under the domain of CN. 1 Install the DNS server and Active directory Domain

Introduction to Windows 8 system features 13 features

Although Microsoft has introduced many new features of Windows 8, Windows 8 still feels like a half matte of the pipa. By the end of this month, Windows 8 will be released in the first beta, and you will be able to experience this new operating

Windows 8.1 Simplified Chinese Input method before use basic

Add Chinese Input Method keyboard In Windows 8.1, Microsoft Pinyin Input method is opened in the Simplified Chinese version of Windows by default. However, if you want, you can add the Chinese input keyboard by following these steps. Swipe from

10 Minute Package Universal windows

For those computer geeks who often need to save their friends or reinstall their operating systems, the long wait for each installation of Windows is a torment. Although there are ghost such as partition mirroring software, but each computer

Win7 cannot access Windows installation Services?

It is believed that many people encounter situations where software cannot be installed, especially when a software is installed and the Windows Installer service cannot be accessed. There are Win7 system users in the installation of QQ, also

Summary of shortcut keys for calculators in Windows systems

A. Calc Command Click "Start"-"Run" or (combination key win+r) to enter Calc to get the calculator. If the frequency of use is very much the proposal to look down again! Two: attached to the Start menu This is not a

Windows 7 Game Manager Usage Tips

Mention Win7 game Manager, you can integrate a number of games into a window and can fully display the details of each game, so it is very convenient for us to choose their favorite game to play. In the ointment, however, the Windows7 game manager

Windows 7 black Screen Solution

One, the Win7 has been black screen solution (1) Restart the computer, and then log in until the black screen appears; (Make sure your computer is connected) (2) When the black screen appears, hold down the Ctrl+alt+delete key at the same time,

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