Unable to set network location in Windows 7

The ins and outs of the problem When I want to set the change network location, I found that can not click to set, how to deal with? Solution to the problem Using Microsoft Fix It 1. Download Microsoft Fix It 50725

14 hidden feature counts for Windows 8.1

The Windows 8.1 system does take some time to adapt, although desktop app running mode is similar to Window 7, but there are a lot of new shortcuts, options and tricks embedded in the operating system. Do you think you'll be using Windows 8.1

Solutions for Windows and Ubuntu time inconsistency problems

Solutions for Windows and Ubuntu time inconsistency issues: When we switch the operating system there is a problem, Windows and Ubuntu time will be inconsistent. After the time is set correctly in Windows, it is not the same time to return to the

Win7 How to hide the Windows Experience Index

The Windows Experience Index is a parameter that reflects the efficiency of the system's hardware and software, which is what we call the run-time feature, which is automatically collected and evaluated by the Windows system, and typically we

Summary of common troubleshooting methods for Windows operating systems

While using the computer to enjoy the fun of surfing the Internet, we also have to face all kinds of weird problems with computers, and today the small weave collects some common troubleshooting methods for Windows operating systems on the network

Use Windows three-key guest.

In the win system, the rational use of CTRL, Shift, alt-related shortcuts can greatly improve the efficiency of the work, together to see. One, CTRL key 1. Select multiple noncontiguous files or folders: Press the CTRL key first, and then use the

Make Windows 7 temporary folders out of the system disk

Now many people in the computer installation software, have developed a habit of modifying the installation path, the software installed to other hard disk partitions, can save a lot of space for the system disk. But the computer used for a long

Windows folder sharing and file Rights management

File Sharing Management 1, only for folder sharing, if only to a file share, you must first put the file in a shared folder Permissions: You can set permissions for a shared folder Caching: If the shared file network is disconnected, users can

Blocked Windows operating system default share

In the windows2000/xp/2003 version, the operating system provides shared functionality by default, which is implicitly shared by all, meaning implied, including all logical disks (c$,d$,e$ ...). and system directory Wimit or Windows (AdminS). This

An explanation of NTLM security policy in Windows 2000

Win 2000 now has the Telnet service installed by default, but it does not start by default. You can start the service by using the Start Network Tools service (or by running the Tlntsvr.exe program). On the client click the Start button, select Run

Windows 7 Intelligent Create restore point saves hard disk space

In the Windows XP era, users can resolve backup restores in a ghost manner. But when the operating system into the Windows 7 era, the use of Ghost way backup restore, obviously not as good as the system's own restore function. The problem is that

Windows tools and terminology that desktop administrators must know

It is important for IT administrators to stick with the latest desktop tools, components, and products, but this is by no means an easy task. In addition to knowing the meaning of some terms such as appx, read-only files (prefetch folder), and BIOS

Retrieve the missing Windows taskbar icon

The Windows taskbar is a column that contains the Start button and appears by default at the bottom of the desktop. You can switch between running programs by clicking the taskbar button. At the same time, on the Windows taskbar, there are a number

Windows Server 2008 and 2012 establish a forest trust

When the company grows larger, there will be multiple branches or mergers and acquisitions of other companies, this time will involve a number of domains and staff work out of the situation, this will involve the user and the computer across the

How to quickly delete an. svn file under Windows system


Some of the folders are created when the user installs some software. SVN file, the user can quickly delete the file in the following way. Operation Steps Creates a new text document on the desktop. Copy the following code to paste

A login management tool tailored for Windows

Limitlogin is a Microsoft dedicated login management tool specifically designed for Windows Server 2003, which is powerful, including limiting user logons in the domain, logging on to any user in the category display domain, integrating to AMD

Which folder is the Windows registry saved in?

First, which folder is the registry saved in? 1, XP system of the registry in the C:windowssystem32config directory. They also include multiple hidden files such as default, SOFTWARE, SYSTEM, Appevent.evt, Secevent.evt, sysevent.evt, and their

How does the Windows system add an Ubuntu boot entry?

How does the Windows system add an Ubuntu boot entry? 1, download grub4dos software package, extract files Grldr and grldr.mbr to C packing directory 2, some versions of Windows may have been useful to other versions of the GRLDR (which

Retrieve the missing Windows system taskbar icon

The Windows taskbar is a column that contains the Start button and appears by default at the bottom of the desktop. You can switch between running programs by clicking the taskbar button. At the same time, on the Windows taskbar, there are a number

Common settings for the Windows XP registry

1, speed up the window display speed: We can modify the registry to change the window from the taskbar popup, and minimize the return to the taskbar action, the steps are as follows: Open Registry Editor, find Hkey_current_user/control panel/desktop/

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