Windows under Install Configuration install MySQL5.7 Server free

Windows under Install Configuration install MySQL5.7 Server free1. Download and unpack the installation packageDownload from the official MySQL websiteAfter the download is complete, the installation package is extracted to

". Net" Windows identity Impersonation (WindowsIdentity.Impersonate) When you read an Access database

Resources:windowsidentity.impersonate Https:// (v=vs.110). aspxacess Database Read (v=vs.80). aspxCode

Poedu-windows Stage Class "Po School" lesson006_ thread startup to extinction & Thread state & thread Safety & context struct & token lock

011_ thread boot to death for a detailed explanation 1. Thread Kernel objects Use Count 2 # #决定当前线程何时销毁 Pause Count 1 # #UINT类型初始为1, you can pause multiple times, or 0 to cancel the pause. Exit code

Build Elk Log Analysis platform under Windows system

Again record elk of the building, personally feel very troublesome, suggest or build under the Linux system, performance will be better, but I was built under Windows, or record it, like my memory poor people still have to rely on bad writingBrief

VS2017 new Windows Console program printing Chinese garbled problem

Recently changed to VS2017, because at hand to do an MFC program, so write the console program to do functional testing, and then found incredibly garbled.Then use VS2017 new Windows Console application, in the main function to add a sentence printf

Windows cmd command line displays UTF8 character settings (chcp command)

In a Chinese Windows system, if a text file is Utf-8 encoded, the contents of the file are not displayed correctly in the Cmd.exe command-line window (the so-called DOS window). By default, the code page used in the command-line window is Chinese or

Perfmon-windows self-brought system monitoring tool

This article transferred from:, briefcan be used to monitor CPU usage, memory usage, hard disk read and write speed, network speed, and so on.Perfmon provides a chart-based system

"Windows 10 App development" uses x:bind tags to dynamically get results

The UWP introduces the bind tag on the traditional (WPF) binding tag, and bind is generated based on the compilation phase, thus having high performance. However, you should note that this performance optimization eliminates the overhead of dynamic

Windows Network Commands

If you've ever played a router, you know what's funny about the commands in the router.For example, "sh int" means "show interface". Now Windows 2000 also has a similar interface to the tool called Netsh.We entered Netsh on the Windows 2000 cmd

Set Ubuntu boot entry under Windows

The recent configuration of some experimental environments has resulted in multi-system management, not limited to virtual machines, through dual systems. In this way, the Windows8.1 Pro and Windows 10 were successfully installed, in the original

Windows post for git installation and SSH Key Management

First, installation environment1. Native system: Windows ten Pro (64-bit)2. Git version: Git-2.11.0-64-bit.exe (64-bit)Second, git installationGo to the official website after downloading the next step to complete the installation, such as:See if

Windows Shared Memory sample

Original: memory is mainly achieved through the mapping mechanism.The address space of processes under Windows is logically isolated from each other, but is physically overlapping. The

Myeclipse10.0 download installation hack and JDK download installation and environment variable configuration based on Windows environment

installation of JDK and configuration of environment variables1. Install the JDK development environmentAttached to the JDK installation package Baidu Cloud linkLink: Password: Jkb6 (of course, go to the official

Download GitHub's Open source code on the Windows platform via git

Common instruction Collation:(1) Check if SSH key already exists. Gitbash.See if you already have an SSH key: cd ~/.ssh. Example shows that a key already exists(2) Generate public and private keys$ ssh-keygen-t rsa-c "[Email protected]"Press 3 a

Windows Services Learning (reprint)

Reprint:, learning a bit1, the Machine service view: services.msc/s2, the Service manual installation (using Sc.exe):Create a serviceSC create ServiceName binpath= "C:\MyServices\Test.exe""="

Hadoop solution under Windows: Failed to set permissions of path: \tmp\ \.staging to 0700

17/04/24 15:32:44 WARN util. nativecodeloader:unable to load native-Hadoop Library for your platform ... using builtin-Java classes W Here applicable17/04/24 15:32:44 ERROR security. Usergroupinformation:priviledgedactionexception as:administrator

Ansible Control Windows host Group batch Patching

A while ago because of Windows SMB protocol vulnerability, manually to Windows patching, tired sleep does not love.After the research, find out the simple method, use the ansible to carry on the batch operation, avoids the artificial

MAVEN Warehouse-building LAN (Windows edition)

Use Nexus to build a LAN. Recognize the role of MAVEN warehouse 1.1 maven WarehouseWhen we were building a project with Eclipse's original project skeleton, we often had a Lib folder in the project directory to hold the jar files needed for the

Easyui Notes (iii) window windows

Window (Windows)A window control is a floating and draggable panel that can be used as an application window. By default, the window can be moved, resized, and closed. Its contents can also be defined as static HTML or dynamically loaded via Ajax.1.

Protobuf v3.3.0 under Windows compilation

One: OverviewAbout Protobuf No more here, the successful compilation steps are documented here for later review.Note: This article is not compiled using the CMake GUI, and if you are familiar with the CMake GUI, you can also use the GUI to generate

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