Use of mutex objects for multi-threaded synchronization of Windows platforms

The use of Mutexmutex objects for multi-threaded synchronization implementation of Windows platform PrefaceThread Composition : A thread's kernel object that the operating system uses to manage the data structure of the thread.

Installing git using SSH under windows


To install Git for Windows and set environment variables, you can use the C:\Program Files (x86) \git\bin Directory Command tool.Antiword.exeAstextplainAwkBasename.exeBash.exeBison.exeBunzip2Bzip2.exeC_rehashCat.exeChmod.exeClearCmp.exeConnect.exeCp.

System calls for Windows

have been learning about Windows kernel recently, write a blog for memo.The specific process of Windows system call in the Pan teacher's "Windows kernel Principle and implementation" in the 8th chapter has been written very clearly, first read the

Reproduced Windows Server R2 Modify the number of Remote Desktop connections

Computer---Properties---remote settings---Check "Allow computers running any version of Remote Desktop to connect (less secure)" ...First step: Turn on Remote Desktop:Computer---Properties---remote settings---Check "Allow computers running any

"Windows Programming" series Fifth: GDI graphics drawing

On two we learned the text character output as well as the Unicode programming program, and know how to output a text string with common Win32, this one we learn another very important part of Windows programming GDI graphics drawing. The GDI

Configuring the Lamp (WAMP) development environment under Windows

Key words: Build lamp (WAMP)I think the best development environment for developing the Lamp visualization section is windows, because we can write foreground code with Dreamweaver.1. Install the MySQL database.I installed the 5.1 version, I think

Windows XAMPP Installation Php_memcache extensions

First download the Phpmemcache with the address:Http:// the file, after extracting the following files:Then open cmd as an administrator, into the directory just unzipped,Install Memcache:memcached.exe-

In layman Windows BATCH

1. What is Windows BATCHBatch, sometimes called bat, is a running script on the Windows platform, just like the shell script on *nix (Linux and Unix) and other scripts (Perl,python), essentially a text file, But when you use specific software to

Microsoft Windows Services

Microsoft Windows Services (that is, previous NT services) enable you to create executable applications that can run for long periods of time in their own Windows sessions. These services can be started automatically when the computer starts, can be

Windows Installer Docker Xshell cannot connect to a virtual machine solution

Because the company needs to do projects, installed on its own computer Docker, installation method See link: when the link Xshell is not linked to VirtualBox. Ping VirtualBox inside the Docker IP also

Microsecond latency under Windows

1. microsecond delay must not be based on the message (SetTimer function), because the presence of a message jam will affect the fineThe SetTimer unit is the millisecond. The actual response time may be about 55 milliseconds.2. microsecond delay can

Synctrayzor--Windows tray utility/filesystem watcher/launcher for syncthing

Synctrayzor is a little tray utility for syncthing on Windows.It hosts and wraps syncthing, making it behave more like a native Windows applicationAnd less as a command-line utility with a Web browser interface.Features include: Have a

Transfer end-of-Windows support experience sharing

MicrosoftWindows Server 2003 will end its support this July, and many companies are trying to move to a new platform to avoid vulnerability attacks. For many companies, however, it is a particularly daunting challenge to complete the transfer within

Windows configuration A batch program that hosts the network

@rem This is the command for creating a hosted network in WindowsTitle WiFi hotspot@echo offSet SSID=ABCDESet key=123456789: BeginClsEcho--------------------------------------------------------echo Default ssid:%ssid% default key:%key%Echo-----------

Building the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 development environment

The first step is to install VS2K5 and install the vs2k5 SP1 patch (KB926601) after installation, otherwise platform Builder SP1 cannot be installed later.The second step, installing Windows Embedded CE 6.0, is

Windows Docker first time disclosure-basin run Microsoft sessions

"Editor's note" This is a basin to talk about one of Microsoft's two sessions (Build/iginte) series. The article cites Sun Jianbo's 6 major namespace isolation of the Linux kernel to see how Windows Docker achieves similar isolation and what's

Windows Azure Traffic Manager (5) Traffic Manager overview

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThe author silently looked at the previous written traffic manager content, has been almost 3 years ago the article. Now that Azure traffic manager has a new feature, it's time to look at the relevant

Windows IIS does backdoor, hidden access, no logs

Windows IIS5/IIS6 do backdoor, hide access, do not leave access record or leave logHard to attack a windows2000/2003 IIS server, you must be thinking, how to long-term possession of the "broiler" it? Smart you will think of the way to leave the back

"Windows Common Commands"

NET use \\ip\ipc$ ""/user: "" to establish an IPC NULL linkNET use \\ip\ipc$ "password"/user: "username" establishes IPC non-null linkNET use h: \\ip\c$ "password"/user: "User name" map the other side c: to local forH:NET use H: \\ip\c$ maps after

Use a batch file to simultaneously hit multiple cmd windows and execute multiple commands

When using a batch file, you can use the following method to hit multiple cmd windows, and execute multiple commands in each window.Start is used to start an applicationCmd/k indicates that the window is not closed after the command after the CMD

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