Windows XP Create personalized system folder icons change randomly

Have you ever wanted to use your favorite picture as a folder icon? As shown in Figure 1, I chose the emblem of the Beijing Olympic Games as the icon for the folder. What's Up, heartbeat? Next, just come with me to create a folder of your own

New features of the Windows 2003 Active Directory

The Active Directory service provides a single sign-on capability and provides a centralized information repository for your entire network architecture, which greatly simplifies the management of users and computers and provides better access to

Remote installation of the Windows XP operating system using Vfloppy and WinImage

Go home Nothing to do, thinking about how to help her sister learning computer, how to help her troubleshoot. In fact, most of the fault is from the software, the operating system itself, hardware failure is basically impossible (in her use). So,

Configure Windows Server 2008 in Full installation mode

Configure Windows Server 2008[in full install mode to deploy Windows Server 2008 series two for an enterprise Now let's take a look at the configuration process for the server (figure for Windows Server 2008 deployed to complete Setup mode): 1 The

Installing and configuring the Active Directory service in Windows 2003

In Windows 2003, various network services appear as server roles, making it easier for users to allocate and manage network resources. The application Server role manages the network with the Active Directory service, Domain Name System service,

How to search the Active Directory in Windows XP

A lot of people might be surprised at Windows XP: The Active Directory can be searched in Windows Professional, and this feature has been removed from Windows XP. In fact, although users cannot use this Active Directory search function through the

Temp Account processing under Windows

When using Windows, you may sometimes encounter a login system, displaying the original user name, but the system is using a temp user, Documents and settings will generate a temp, machine name temporary folder, desktop icon is just show all User,

How to strong Windows XP passwords

How do you set up a password for Windows XP? Create a password only in the control Panel → user account! Perhaps you think you set the password and the number of digits enough to reject the "rookie" outside the system, but a more secure password

Windows 2003 Active Directory Application article

The first few we talked about the basics of Active Directory and installation configuration, highlighting the advantages of some Active Directory, but it is not a stand-alone service, it is in conjunction with some of the previous protocols and

Exchange 2013 Messaging System (v) Create a Windows NLB cluster

Iv. creating a Windows NLB Cluster The Client Access server is one of the biggest changes in Exchange2013, Exchange2013 CAS provides authentication, limited redirection and proxy services, and provides all the common client access protocols: HTTP,

To view Windows self-startup information by using the command prompt

To view the startup information for a Windows system, we typically view it by invoking the System Configuration Utility by entering the Msconfig.exe command in the Run dialog box, or by using some third-party system software. Sometimes our system

A little-known hotkey vulnerability in Windows XP

A hotkey is a key and a set of keys used to start a program or use a function of a program, and a key can include f1,f2 these function keys, or some special keys. Small knowledge: Two concepts 1, Hot Key A hotkey is a key and a set of keys used

Windows Server 2008 R2 one of the highly available clusters of virtualization prepare for the environment

Yesterday completes the 2008R2 virtualization high usable cluster, the Microsoft finally has the ability and the VMware ha compares the product, the heart is excited, although 2008r2 will be able to download from the MSDN from the August 14, but the

How to deploy enterprise applications in the Windows Azure Public cloud environment

Enterprise Internal application conversion to online service Windows Azure has become a hot topic for many IT service providers, some of whom argue that only applications that provide an Internet User Service are appropriate to run in a public

Windows-based green version of the syslog logger collector: Sysloggather

Really can't remember where to download the SyslogGather.exe, but my "unfinished files", there is such a file, see the name to know, is related to syslog, open the interface is very simple: We can see that SyslogGather.exe is actually a green

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (9) ScrollViewer Control Basics

Introduced Re-imagine the ScrollViewer of Windows 8 Store Apps The basic application of demonstrating ScrollViewer The basic application of demonstrating ScrollBar The basic application of demonstrating Scrollcontentpresenter Example 1, the

Analysis of Windows CE Browser source

A lot of netizens have asked questions about developing browsers. Can understand that most of the products based on CE now have the function of browsing on the Internet. Ce also provides two kinds of IE browser source code. A iesample, another kind

Benchmark test scores for Windows 7 RC and Vista

In the previous comparison test of the performance of Windows 7 RC and Vista SP1, the two were basically comparable and could not be divided into obvious winners and losers on both A and N cards. Recently Gizmodo a benchmark comparison of Windows 7

Principles and discussion of Windows service writing (1)

There is a class of applications that can be used by a variety of users, both local and remote, and have the ability to manage at a user's authorization level, and whether the user is physically connected to the computer running the application,

Control of Windows shutdown in CB program

After the application is completed, we need to design the packaging and distribution capabilities of the application. When you write setup, you often experience the problem that you need to restart your computer after the program is installed. So

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