ArcSDE methods and considerations for migrating DBMS to 64-bit Windows on 32-bit Windows systems

If you had an existing 32-bit ArcSDE installation, you cannot directly upgrade to a 64-bit installation.If you is running ArcSDE as a 32-bit application connecting to an existing 32-bit the database management system (DBMS), but You want to move to

Windows 7 Development: UAC data Redirection-Win32 Native

Windows 7 Development: UAC data Redirection-Win32 NativeGoalIn this hands-on experiment, you will learn how to:• Troubleshooting a file redirection issue• Use Process Monitor to find the root cause of the problemSystem RequirementsYou must meet the

Some Windows system messages

A message is a notification from Windows that tells the application something has happened. For example, clicking the mouse, changing the window size, and pressing a key on the keyboard will cause Windows to send a message to the application. The

Windows Resource Compiler Error message

The Type field of the Accelerators statement should contain a Ascⅱ value or VIRTKEY value.BEGIN expected in tableThe BEGIN keyword should be immediately following the Accelerators keywordBEGIN expected in DialogThe BEGIN keyword should be

New changes to Windows 10 command prompt

Windows 10 did change a lot, not only in the Start menu, multi-desktop, Metro apps and other obvious changes, but also in some applications themselves have made a lot of changes.What we're going to talk about here is the "command Prompt", which is

Windows under DLL Lookup order

Windows under DLL Lookup orderTocy Time: 2014-10-18First, the purpose of writingThere may be several different versions of a single DLL under Windows, and if you do not specifically specify the absolute path of the DLL or use other means to specify

Slime: Installing and Configuring the Nginx Web server under Windows

this article starting at Slime Line the world . Previous articles, we use Nginx are all in the Linux environment, today due to the needs of the work. You need to use Nginx to build a Web server in your Windows environment.Below is recorded under the

Slime: Installing and Configuring the Nginx Web server under Windows

This article by show according to Lin Feng to provide friendship sponsorship, starting in the mud row world. Previous articles, we use Nginx are all in the Linux environment, today due to the needs of the work. You need to use Nginx to build a Web

x01.os.12: Write OS in Windows

Writing the operating system in Windows requires a series of assistive tools. In this, thank Chuan Houshi! All of the tools are in the Z_tools folder. With the help of a master, try writing an OS in Windows.Source code and tools are available to x01.

In layman Windows BATCH

1. What is Windows BATCHBatch, sometimes called bat, is a running script on the Windows platform, just like the shell script on *nix (Linux and Unix) and other scripts (Perl,python), essentially a text file, But when you use specific software to

Installing the WinCE6.0 development environment under Windows XP

how to compile WinCE6.0 and develop applications under Windows, as described below (You must ensure there is enough space on the C drive before installation! About 20g! mainly because the installer will decompress during installation):prior to

Install Apache in Windows environment and use Apache to build reverse proxy

First, configure Apache platform software1. Download Apache software the Apache official website to download the Windows installation version of the Apache server, now share to everyone.2. The method/steps are as follows:2

Windows 8 Common third-party SDK usage overview

Original: Windows 8 common third-party SDK usage overviewIn the application development process, we will more or less use the functions of the third party's company platform, for example: Sina Weibo, Renren, gold map and so on. So what are the third-

Windows Inter-process communication

Windows Inter-process communication Category: Network programming 2011-12-27 09:56 9372 People read Comments (2) Collection ReportWindows DLL server sockets socket API pick to:  with the increasing demand for applications, single-process

Experience with Windows Socket API

This is my experience in the process of Ms-windows and Hp-unix network programming, which is only for your reference. The socket function mentioned in this article, if not specifically stated, refers to the Windows socket API.First,WSAStartup

DSOfile, modifying Windows System files Summary

Today to do a function, is to modify the image of the summary information, the beginning is to modify the EXIF information, but a lot of pictures do not have EXIF information, or do not specify the EXIF items, and find another way to modify the file

How to read and write the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry in a Windows service program

In the service program you want to read and write to the contents of the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and will not return a failure, but it is always invalid. The reasons are:1. The service runs under System permissions, not any one

Windows Azure Active Directory (2) Windows Azure AD Foundation

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  Windows Azure AD (Waad) is a restful service provided by Windows Azure that provides identity management and access control capabilities for your cloud services. Microsoft's many online services,

Platform SDK, Windows SDK Introduction

The Platform SDK and the Windows SDK are a software development kit produced by Microsoft that provides header files, library files, sample code, and software to programmers who develop and Web sites on Microsoft's Windows operating system and. NET

Set Windows window Icon "Windows Programming" "API" "Original"

1. Icon Introductionhas recently begun to touch Windows programming, so it organizes and records some of the fragmented knowledge it touches. This article mainly describes how to change the icon of the Windows dialog window. Here's the first

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