How to use Lucene.Net with Windows Azure SQL Database How-to-use-lucene-net-with-windows-azure-sql-database.aspx. with Windows Azure SQL databaseTable of Contents Summary Lucene.Net The Azure Library for lucene.

Sphinx Full-Text Search function | Testing under Windows

A while ago tried to use a sphinx, a full-text retrieval system that can be easily called by various languages (PHP/PYTHON/RUBY/ETC). Most of the information on the Internet is installed in the Linux environment, of course, as a production

Overview of the features of the Windows AD Certificate Services Family---certificates (1)

SSL security technology can be used in most Web sites, which are primarily used to handle important security data. SSL establishes a secure encrypted connection between the server and the client, most commonly the connection between the Web server

Import SHA2 SSL cert to Windows IIS7

Import SHA2 SSL cert to Windows IIS71.You would get 3 piece of certs from GeoTrust, and save them to below1) =server.cert:issue to "*", Issue from "GeoTrust SSL ca-g4"2) =middle.cer:issue to "GeoTrust SSL ca-g4", Issue from "GeoTrust

How WAMP Server and IIS 7 run concurrently in Windows

Wampserver is the WinDOS Apache Mysql PHP integrated installation environment and is an easy-to-use Web server package that allows you to configure Apache,mysql and PHP on your local machine to build your Web server.If the Wampserver package is

Windows AD Certificate Services Family---Certificate use range (3)

Use a certificate for content encryptionAlthough a digital signature can verify the identity of the author and ensure consistency of the document's content, it cannot be used to protect the content itself, and if someone intercepts the digital

Full graphics to teach you how to turn on Windows Terminal Services

One, what is Remote Desktop?Remote Desktop is a service that Microsoft Corporation has launched to facilitate network administrators to manage and maintain servers. Introduced from the version of Windows Server Edition, the network administrator

Write your own Windows string classes encapsulate string format conversions and common operations for ease of use

Recently developed speech recognition projects often encounter transcoding problems, various width byte conversion, ASNI, UTF8, Wide-byte ... The code is lengthy, tedious, and poorly maintained. decided to write a string class that can directly use

Implementation of the HTTP proxy server under Windows

Implementation of the HTTP proxy server under WindowsSummary: This article describes the advantages of the proxy server, the implementation of the HTTP proxy server under Windows, and finallyBriefly discusses the meaning of implementing a proxy

About the Windows operating system message and Message Queuing

About message and Message QueuingUnlike MS-DOS-based applications, Windows-based programs are event-driven. They do not make any display calls to get input. But by waiting for the system to pass to them.The system passes all the different windows

A brief analysis of some concepts related to Windows Security (reproduced)

SessionWhat we usually call a session is a terminal login, where the terminal login refers to having its own monitor and mouse keyboard, etc., which includes local login and remote login. In the XP era each terminal login will create a session, but

Windows command Line (batch) file delay (sleep) method

There are 2 more practical ways to delay processing a batch file in Windows without delaying the sleep function like Linux:1, using the sleep function of wscirpt, precision 0.001 secondsCreate a VBS delay file, and then call it in a batch file,

Overview of Windows Active Directory series---adds Replication (2)

How does AD DS handle replication conflicts?Because AD DS supports multi-master replication mode, there may be replication conflicts that can occur, typically with three possible conflicts: Modify the value of the same property on the same

Zabbix Installation (iv): Zabbix Agent for Windows

Description: Installs the Zabbix client in the WINDOWS_X64 system environment.First, manual installation method1. ProcedureThe installer still uses the same package zabbix-2.2.5.tar.gzOfficial Download Homepage:

Detailed live migration of Windows Server 2012 without shared storage

Windows Server no need for shared storage real-timeMicrosoft has provided its latest virtualization platform in Windows Server (WS2012)-Hyper-V 3.0, relying on WS2012 's latest SMB (Server Message Block) protocol for transparent migrations, which

Statically compiled Libevent 2.0.10 on Windows and implements a simple HTTP server

Statically compiled Libevent 2.0.10 on Windows and implements a simple HTTP server large | Medium | Small [2011-3-30 08:40 | by Zhang Banquet] [Article Zhang Banquet this version: v1.0 last modified: 2011.03.30 reproduced Please specify the original

Modify the IP address of Ubuntu and windows so that they can ping each other

One, permanently modify the Ubuntu IP address method: Ubuntu Network configuration information is saved under/etc/network/interfaces, should this to permanently modify the IP address of Ubuntu must first modify this profile, open Ubuntu

Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK and Chinese simulator download

"Go"Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK and Chinese simulator download for Windows Mobile 6.5 simulator December 06, 2010 Monday 07:48 reprinted from Zhangyanle86 finally edited Zhangyanle86 Download the SDK 6.0 download page for the Windows Mobile 6

Talking about Windows message mechanism

Start by understanding several basic concepts:Message: Learn what is a message first to understand what an event is. Events can be divided into several types, triggered by the input device, such as the mouse keyboard and so on. Triggered by a form

Common Windows Run commands

Winver---------Check the Windows versionWmimgmt.msc----Open Windows Management Architecture (WMI)Wupdmgr--------Windows Updatewscript--------Windows Script Host SettingsWrite----------WordPadWINMSD---------System InformationWiaacmgr-------Scanner

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