Windows 7 "Error 16389, unable to create a new library" problem resolution

The library is a new feature of Windows 7 management files that can bring your data together in one location for easy lookup and use. Typically, the system provides several common libraries of document libraries, music libraries, picture libraries,

Bluetooth serial driver implemented in Windows CE

Windows CE bluetooth Serial driver is implemented in [ Date:2006-10-19] Source: Internet Author: anon [ font: big medium small ] Windows CEAs a kind of typicalEmbeddedOperating

What if the Windows installer service cannot be updated under XP for Office 2007 installation?

Under some Windows XP systems, installing Office 2007 may fail, prompting Microsoft office Professional Plus 2007 to make an error during the installation process. The Windows Installer Service cannot update one or more protected Windows files, and

Example of nslookup command usage in Windows

Grammar nslookup [-subcommand ...] [{computertofind| [-server]}] Parameters -subcommand ...Specifies one or more nslookup subcommand as command-line options.ComputerToFindIf no other server is specified, the current default DNS name server is

Install QQ failed Unable to access Windows Installer service solution

What is Windows Installer? As one of Win2k/winxp/winvista's components, Microsoft Windows Installer is a tool designed to manage and configure software services. Under Win95, Win98, WinME and WinNT4.0, as an additional product offering, allows

Apple imac mc309 installs Windows 7 system with Winclone

Believe that you have bought the imac are very experienced it, the optical drive to install Windows 7 is a very painful thing, pick not to say, most of them are hard to recognize Windows system disk, cracked bootcamp with u disk to install also easy

Windows 2003 domain Rename tool _windows2003

Domain Name change tool (domains Rename tools) is a new network maintenance tool that adapts to the needs of users. This tool greatly alleviates the pressure of network management in domain renaming operations in Windows NT and Windows 2000/XP times.

Eight maintenance common sense of Windows operating system _windowsxp

Although it is already a windowsxp/2003, we know that Windows itself is a very open and very fragile system, the slightest use of carelessness may cause system damage, or even paralysis. If the installation and uninstall of the application will also

Windows system registry Knowledge Completely uncover _ registry

The Windows Registry is a set of data files that help Windows control hardware, software, user environments, and Windows interfaces. The registry is contained in two files System.dat and User.dat in the Windows directory, as well as their backup

Windows XP system security Tips-Web surfing

Everyone has been using Windows XP for a long time, and Windows XP operating system is already very familiar with it! Have you summed up some of the experience to share it with you? The following author shares some of the experience accumulated

Windows command line BAT batch delay Sleep method (batch delay) _dos/bat

Windows batch files do not have a Linux-like sleep function for latency processing, there are 2 more practical ways to implement latency: 1, the use of wscirpt sleep function, precision 0.001 seconds Create a VBS delay file, and then invoke it in

Windows system virtual Memory Set the ultimate introduction _ Hardware Maintenance

Memory is very important in the computer, all the programs running in the computer need to go through the memory to execute, if the execution of the program is very large or many, will lead to memory consumption exhausted. To solve this problem,

Easy to set up Windows 2003 user isolation FTP site Considerations _win Server

The installation of the FTP site seems to be not a difficult thing, we do not need the help of any external tools, only the use of Windows Server system with the IIS features, you can easily set up an FTP site. However, the FTP site installed in

Microsoft Windows original operating system CD-ROM series download _ Common Tools

This hone version of XP is Simplified Chinese version without any patches, really real original mirror image, their own "Tetraena" number of the number installed directlyActivation on it, and Pro version of the original ISO, activated directly after

Windows IIS Permissions Classic Setup Tutorial _win server

Objective According to the latest hacker attack method, it is easy to be hacked if you open Write permission on the site properties of IIS. and generally when we use, ask everyone to open the site folder "write" permission, many users think it is in

Windows 2012 How to install IIS and FTP _win server

Microsoft's Windows Server 2012 is a brand new face for some users, and there are few technical documents to apply on the server. Guardian God after finishing, and gradually the new technology to the vast number of users, hope for the

Various system process records in Windows Mobile

Personal records# phone Windowscprog.exe# Media Player Windowswmplayer.exe# Resource Manager Windowsfexplore.exe# clock Windowsclock.exe# camera Windowscamera.exe# photo Windowspimg.exe-camerakey# calculator Windowscalc.exe# Communication Manager

Windows Gitbook associated with open source China Code cloud, and how to Gitbook to PDF

Gitbook can be easily associated with GitHub to achieve team collaboration. But the GitHub private library will pay for it. But open source China code Cloud can build a private library, so consider the Gitbook Association code Cloud, toss some, can

Install Memcache in windows 64-bit system

Recently, to play with Memcache, we need to build a Memcache development and debugging environment in 64-bit Windows, record the process of self-installation and setup, and find that it is much easier to build than in Linux.Here is the process of

Install pymc on 64-bit windows 7


Again: open-source software is really troublesome.According to some materials, pymc has a good support for the Markov graph model. The basic probability estimation can be achieved in general, so we are excited to prepare for installation.According

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