How do I use the Curl command under Windows?

First of all to understand what is the curl command, what to use? Linux curl is a file transfer tool that uses URL rules to work at the command line. It supports the uploading and downloading of files, so it is a comprehensive transmission tool,

Creating personalized Windows 7 system win7 personalized icons

Microsoft Windows 7 operating system not only on the desktop background and themes have their own personalized settings, the appearance of the folder has also been a great degree of improvement, so that we can drastically modify the folder, so that

15 Interesting Windows XP tips

1. SystemInfo: Let XP list more useful information Windows XP is always showing off how long it can give a steady job! To get a detailed understanding of this information, you can access the Windows Start menu, open the command Prompt in the

Windows host IIS7 Resume combat

Symptom:Administrator account cannot open c:/inetpub directory reason: Because the server is hanging the horse, causing the server exception all the Web files are placed in the C:/inetpub, causing the site to crash all Policy: Suspend a new disk

Common development tasks for Windows mobile devices

Absrtact: The part of the mobile developer community Development Magazine, "The first season of Windows Phone application development", which I was involved in, "development of common tasks for Windows Mobile devices." This article mainly introduces

Operate easily and freely! Windows 7 run commands at a glance

The "Run" command in the Windows system is somewhat "old-fashioned", but sometimes it can make tedious operations easy, simple and quick! In particular, some implicit "tools", Windows run commands are handy. Windos 7 as Microsoft's new operating

Windows 80 Highlights: First fire on Google

The U.S. It website eWEEK today, citing the top ten reasons why Microsoft's next-generation Windows 8 operating system is exciting. Support ARM processor and multi-touch screen are on the list. Microsoft has launched the building Windows 8 Blog,

To optimize the Windows 7 Error Reporting pop-up prompt window

When the user's computer software or hardware abnormal situation, Microsoft in order to better understand the Windows system for this problem collection and processing, will pop up an error report dialog box, ask the user whether to submit this

Faster, more accurate, and more intimate with the Windows 7 Search feature

After the introduction of Windows 7 (Win 7), various features have been praised by users. Win 7 of the search function is a bright spot, become a lot of users most commonly used a function. The search principle of Win 7 is quite different from what

How does Excel2010 freeze Windows?

How does Excel2010 freeze Windows? Steps/Methods Open the Excel worksheet, and if you want to freeze the "A1" line, then we're going to select the "A2" cell Excel2010 On the menu bar, click the View tab Excel2010 In the Window

Solutions for Windows shared folders that cannot be accessed

1. Enable the Guest account. Control Panel-user account-enable Guest account 2. Install NetBEUI protocol. View the Network Places property--View the local Area Connection Property--click "Install"--View "protocol"--see if the NetBEUI protocol

Windows system cmd Environment download files from remote FTP server

We always encounter such or such a problem, window System cmd Environment from the remote FTP server download files is how to achieve it? Look at the following methods, which may be helpful to you: @echo off REM Specifies the FTP user name Set

Windows home Server Frequently asked questions

With Windows home Server, you can store music, photos, and other files in a hub-like central hard disk that you can access from all of your computers. Protect your files and your pc--with automated backup and simplified stored procedures you can

How does the Windows XP system set the power-on password?

How does the Windows XP system set the power-on password? In fact, whether it is Windows XP or Windows 7 system to set the power-on password is quite simple one thing, the principle and the steps are almost the same, the following will be described

Windows 7 System Automatic Update shutdown method

1. Open the Control Panel, click Windows Update, and then click Change Settings to select never check for updates from the critical update 2. In this case, the system prompts you to turn off automatic Updates, you can turn it off, open the

Five kill strokes for Windows 7 system command line

One, the command prompt is also transparent Now is the Windows7 era, command prompt also keep pace with the times. How to keep up with it? Very simple, let it be transparent! All we need is a small software glass_cmd to achieve a transparent effect

How Excel freezes Windows

Using the freeze feature of the Excel worksheet to achieve a fixed window, let's take a look at the specific steps of this approach: Steps/Methods Open the Excel worksheet, and if you want to freeze the "A1" line, then we're going to select the "A2

Windows Sleep Sleep Walkthrough

It can be faster than restarting after shutting down! And all the work before sleep can be inherited without requiring a reboot. If you do not use the computer for a long time, it is best to choose shutdown. Hibernation is a power-saving state

Using VISUALSVN server to build an SVN server under Windows

using the VISUALSVN server to achieve the main SVN functionality is much simpler than using the original SVN and Apache to implement the source-code SVN management, and here's a look at the detailed instructions. The download address for VISUALSVN

Network access and sharing settings for Windows XP

Because Windows XP makes up the operating system network setup and Windows 2000 exactly the same, there is no access at all, and I think this is mainly because XP security settings and 2000 are not the same result. In response to this problem I

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