Create a bootable USB drive using the command line under Windows

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If you're still using the CD-ROM system, you're out ... Starting with Windows Vista, the U disk can already be used to start the machine and install the system.

Before making a bootable USB drive, you need to:

A USB drive, preferably 4G or greater

A Windows 7 or Vista CD

A computer that is running Windows 7 or Vista

Then follow these steps:

1. Connect the USB disk to the computer

2. Open Administrator-mode command line (Start menu-> All Programs-> Attachment-> command Prompt, right-click, select "Open as Administrator")

3. At the command line, enter the following command (in bold):

A.diskpart (enter DiskPart tool)

B.list disk (list all disks, where you can see the information of U disk, usually the last one) Disk 1 (select 1, where the number ' 1 ' needs to be changed according to the actual situation)

D.clean (clears the partition information on the disk)

E.create Partition primary (create a primary partition) partition 1 (select the partition you just created) (Activate this partition)

H.format Fs=ntfs Quick (Quick format disk)

I.assign (assigns a letter to this partition)

J.exit (exit DiskPart tool)

4. Now in the resource management can see the new U disk of the split drive

5. Plug the Windows 7/vista CD into the optical drive

6. Copy the contents of the CD to the U disk

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