Zhou talk about 360 special machine: Why do and how to do?

360 mobile phone industry chain Diagram Zhou and his team to create what kind of special mobile phone mode, and the special machine to 360 bring what value? Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, almost every internet company is doing mobile phones, Zhou do not want to lose voice in the mobile internet age, he gave 360 tailored a set of special machine mode, and hope to create a convenient operation, replication, sustainable business model. His approach was to first choose a traditional handset manufacturer with the ability to manufacture mobile phones, so that they could come up with a mobile phone with 360 customized software, 36 ...

The "Crazy Mouth" released by the heavy-tasting leisure

"Crazy mouth: the mouth of Madness:jardvark UBM" is a heavy-tasting pastime, from the Independent gaming studio in Chicago, USA. The player will open a clean fight in a mouth full of germs, dirt and bugs! "Crazy Mouth" game screenshot "Crazy Mouth" game screenshot game play is very simple, the game is the same as cutting the fruit of the same screen control, but the cut is definitely not a delicious fruit, but a variety of dental, dental plaque, moths and other cartoon-like disgusting things, so that your teeth away from it ...

360 will push mobile antivirus tool can camouflage positioning to protect privacy

360 Mobile antivirus will be built-in privacy features, can be disguised as other address April 23 Noon news, the source said, 360 will be on line today a new mobile phone app:360 mobile antivirus. The official outflow of the product page shows that for better privacy, 360 mobile phone antivirus camouflage location, mobile phone model, operator name and other functions, can be their own positioning information in the FBI headquarters, Dubai and other locations. Over the past few weeks, 360 has been quickly laid out in mobile apps, with Android cleanup gurus, security-changing apps, and more. According to the fourth quarter of last year ...

The chess game on the internet, "pawn" 360 Portable WiFi 2 generation

360 Portable WiFi 2 is a Plug and Play small object, you can use it as a mobile phone pendant or even headphone hole dust plug, and a lot of color for you to choose from, its main role is what? So let's take a look at 360 of our own saying, "still being tortured by the complexity of routers?" A simple step, Wi-Fi "I believe you have learned that it and we usually on the wireless router on the required function is basically consistent, so that more equipment to use the Internet." But compared with the router is obviously not very reasonable, after all, the graceful size of the portable WiFi makes it a single function ...

"Crazy fill in 2" 31-60 off the graphic answer

"Crazy fill in 2" 31-40 off "crazy Crossword 2" 1-30 off the graphics and text answers to the American drama familiar friends should know the most popular American drama "Life Big Bang"? The first episode of the first season, Sheldon and Leonard in the hospital met the nurses addicted to a game can not extricate themselves, even the words are lazy and they said. Today's small series of the game is similar to this-"crazy fill in the word 2." Recently Crazy generation children's game is very hot, crazy guess, crazy guess idiom ... We all indulge in these games to guess, so small make up the iron strike, and then for everyone to offer "crazy ..."

"Crazy Word 4" answer to the 1th to the 4th pass

"Crazy Crossword 4" 1th off the horizontal answer to the iOS Crazy Crossword puzzle series released new, Crazy fill in the 4 official landing Android platform, here for everyone to update the crazy word 4 answer, the first update is the 1th to the 4th, will be for everyone to continue to update the checkpoint strategy, and focus on a number of difficult to explain the introduction, Interested friends may wish to have a look. Game Name: "Crazy fill in 4" Price: 6 yuan Click Download Update: May 13, 2013 size: 29.0 MB Crazy Word 4 answer the 1th is the first horizontal text answer. Cross 01: City of Canada ...

360 Push Android News client only supports 360 security assistant downloads

360 News Client Interface June 24 news, following last month's launch of the media collection show platform "360 Media", 360 recently launched the Android News client, currently only through 360 Security assistant release. At present, 360 news clients include headlines, entertainment, sports, military, women, Internet and other columns, the contents are taken from the third party website, can provide subscription, offline download and other functions. However, the software is currently only released through 360 security assistants, and does not log into other application channels. Up to now, 360 of attempts in the field of news content are separately packed ...

"Crazy surgeon 3" on the shelves in the app Store

"Crazy Surgeon" series of the wonderful game, believe that many players have experienced, the game players will play rookie surgeon Ophelia Payne, to the objects of the work of the operation, including criminals, there are radiation bats, transsexual robots, mutant cults and so on, With the help of 8 of assistants with unique skills, it is believed that the surgery will be more interesting. "Crazy surgeon 3" game screenshot "crazy surgeon 3" game screenshot now continues as "Crazy surgeon 3" has been on the shelves of the app Store. In the sequel, the Player will continue to ...

Medicine is crazy: crazy pill

"Crazy Pill" demo "crazy Pill" indeed some crazy, in the game, you have to control an abnormal human research center The researchers were eating 3 tablets of a person that big, and no matter how much they ate, the process of eating was as crazy as Indiana Jones Adventure Hunt, and crazier, From the look on the face of the researcher, he seemed to enjoy the process. Game Name: "Crazytarium" Price: 6 yuan Update: November 29, 2012 Size: 44.5 MB "Crazytarium" game screenshot play ...

Feel the world is full of malice "crazy Doctor 3"

"Crazy Doctor 3" as the name suggests is "Crazy Doctor" series of the latest sequel, and before the general, the player is to do is based on the game prompts to use a variety of exotic medicine props to bear the mission of saving lives. However, the game's bloody degree of absolute 18+, coupled with intensive wounds so that people with a dense phobia can not see the next, and became a small crowd of the classic game. Although the game vigorously implement the road twists and turns, but there are many players to give their various praise, small series also like this kind of heavy mouth full of malicious games ~ Wow ka ka. In the game players can use a variety of props for surgery ...

360 New hardware product appearance exposure opponents aim at millet

360 New hardware product appearance exposure Sina Science and technology news December 11 night, the source said, 360 is about to release a new hardware products, from the leakage of the product map is likely to judge the wireless router or TV box. The above source, this product 360 completely independent research and development of the first hardware products, 360 released a variety of products more or less a third party to provide technical support, but this hardware is independent research and development, the target is millet, but he declined to disclose more details. Prior to this, 360 chairman Zhou has confirmed that 360 is developing wireless ...

Five-year exemption from "Crazy helicopters" free of charge

"Crazy Helicopters" is a 2008 on the shelves of a game, after continuous improvement, the first time limit today free, there are many friends are looking forward to, presumably this game in the knife still have a lot of. 3D screen, according to the different models, automatically adjust the rate of separation, so that players can experience a better picture. Like friends, you can try. The game has the virtual key operation and the gravity control two kinds of operation way, with certain coordinated operation, the operation feels is quite good, wants to obtain the victory, this is needs the very good control feel. Players need to destroy the enemy, and destroyed the specified target, the array ...

Travel must be "Phoenix Ancient city-touchchina" evaluation

"Phoenix Ancient city-touchchina" evaluation preface: For the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day long holiday, how many friends choose to spend a trip on vacation? If you choose to travel, and the location of the trip is Xiangxi Phoenix, then there is an application should not be missed-"Phoenix ancient city-touchchina." "Phoenix Ancient City" by the Touchchina and the world Phoenix United to build Phoenix, there are Mr. Shen Congwen's Book of the small Cui, there are Yongyu's paintings of the ink beauty. This charming town, located in Xiangxi, Hunan Province, has long been a must-see for people who love to travel. And the Phoenix Ancient ...

Lenovo competed in the thousand-dollar Smart Machine market: A new definition of boutique strategy

For the knowledge of the "thousand-yuan Intelligent machine", most consumers may still stay in the stage of rough workmanship and weak performance. Indeed, for a long time, the actual performance of the thousand-dollar smart machine is indeed so. But this view at this stage of the smartphone market is clearly not suitable, to Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE representatives of many mobile phone manufacturers have redefined the thousand-yuan smart machines, and even in some ways already can rival the international flagship products. Lenovo competition in the thousand-Yuan Smart Machine market (TechWeb map) has been, because of the huge market demand, the thousand-yuan smart machine market is fiercely competitive, and in this fierce ...

"My name is Mt" 2.7 main character new modelling list

For the 2.7 version of the new model card, most players have different views on this, in the previous master micro-Boyo revealed part of the protagonist card brand new shape. But this update is somewhat different from the previous disclosure. This time the protagonist card new shape has mourning wooden nose, night men, inferior people, the United States repeatedly, Miss, mu Silk, female, God stick Germany, five fireball leader, dumb thief, silly bread.

is not the Phantom of the MX4 Pro Phantom new first exposure!

For MP3 's family, music has always been a factor in their attention, and the November 4 new product is related to music. Media sources said that the charm of November 4 released the mysterious new, in fact, is a Wi-Fi speakers, and from the exposure of the internal mail look, it is indeed so. In addition, from the internal mail picture, the charm of the family's Wi-Fi speakers are not necessarily the final style, may change, but the problem is, through Wi-Fi connection still line, perhaps the power cord bar. What do you think of the new charm?

Android4.4.3 New Contact interface

For Android users, every system update is much more user-focused. Recently, XDA Forum has exposed a NEXUS5 screen screenshot, the picture shows the system version number 4.4.3. Although this small upgrade may only fix the previous version of the bug, but its contact interface is different from the previous version, from the list to the card-style. Contact interface Changes Android4.4.3 exposure (Pictures from Cnbeta) changes in the interface also allows the use of the way to change, if the contact person to customize the avatar, will be displayed as a background, otherwise ...

Horizontal version of the aircraft "ENBORNX" limited to the exemption

For playing aircraft and play games small series or a bit silly confused, seemingly this game although each has a big Boss, but the bullets did not go to the point of intense fear, but their own or shut all die, hand brain with very clumsy! "Enbornx" game screenshot "Enbornx" is a horizontal version of the flight shooting game. The game is similar to the type of aircraft used in arcade shops. It doesn't matter what the plot is, it just needs to dodge and attack. The vertical version of the plane has flooded, occasionally to a horizontal version of the is quite novel. The place where you think you set the best is reborn. e.g.

I want to have an application: Augmented reality ar precise map navigation

For most animals, it is not difficult to determine the direction to find a path. However, humans are far less capable of finding their way than these animals. In one test, the participants blindfolded, walked from the starting point to the end, and returned to the starting point. However, none of the subjects performed satisfactorily, either through or without. It seems that modern people's ability to guide is inherently poor. I don't know if you're just like me. The way through the road often do not pay attention to observe, can not remember the direction of the road, the difference between the cardinal points, often find the road in situ circles. What the? You said there was a map? All right, let's go.

Behind the open list of Shanghai FTA: Limited Open space in telecom industry

For telecommunication and Information service industry, the shock wave caused by Shanghai FTA is not as much as the financial industry, but also is relatively far away from the surface noise of the stock market, such as enterprise registration, but it is still the important experimental field of the industry's further integration with international standards. The General Plan of China (Shanghai) Free trade Experiment area issued by the State Council on September 27 clearly stipulates that some value-added telecom services in particular form are open to foreign capital, involving Internet Information Service, data processing and storage services, call centers and other telecommunications services. The programme does not address the open content of basic telecommunications. "Shanghai FTA is foreign capital ...

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