Lenovo competed in the thousand-dollar Smart Machine market: A new definition of boutique strategy

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For the knowledge of the "thousand-yuan Intelligent machine", most consumers may still stay in the stage of rough workmanship and weak performance. Indeed, for a long time, the actual performance of the thousand-dollar smart machine is indeed so. But this view at this stage of the smartphone market is clearly not suitable, to Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE representatives of many mobile phone manufacturers have redefined the thousand-yuan smart machines, and even in some ways already can rival the international flagship products. Lenovo competition in the thousand-Yuan Smart Machine market (TechWeb map) has been, because of the huge market demand, the thousand-yuan Smart machine market competition is fierce, and in this fierce rivalry, because Lenovo Mobile early in the thousand machine market, and rely on its strong hardware strength and social sales channels, Lenovo mobile phone in the thousand-yuan smart machine market has achieved greater success. With the development of the Times, in the "tight bundle operators" policy guidance, Lenovo will be "thousand-yuan Intelligent machine" to a new height. Not long ago, Lenovo mobile phone launched the current flagship of the Millennium Market star products-Lenovo A850. For this product, Lenovo will call it "open an era" product. Lenovo A850 behind, also represents the Lenovo mobile phone for the thousand-level smart machine market redefinition. After a lapse of two years to redefine the thousand-yuan intelligent machine In fact, "thousand intelligent Machine" is far from a strange concept. In May 2011, Unicom held a strategic conference called "The new definition of China Unicom 3g smart phone" at Xiangshan Hotel in Beijing, the 650MHz, 3.5-inch screen became the standard at that time. This can also be seen as the beginning of a change in the thousand-smart machine. With this redefinition, the market appeared Lenovo A60 and other representative products, but also because of screen, performance and other aspects of the promotion, so that the application threshold greatly reduced, so that domestic running into the mobile internet era. In addition, Lenovo mobile phone has become the most influential manufacturers, a series of several products have become the market star products, and covers the three major operators. Over the past two years, more and more manufacturers to add to the concept of the Thousand intelligent machine gradually hot, and their hardware specifications, the overall performance also began to tend to the end. Now, Lenovo A850 once again define the thousand machine, although there is no metric standard, but we can through Lenovo A850 the overall specification to understand how Lenovo mobile phone is defined. 5.5-inch, quad-core, these often appear on the flagship mobile phone specifications are a thousand-yuan intelligent machine specifications. Giant screen Quad-core to create quality thousand-yuan machine Lenovo A850 as Lenovo mobile phone to redefine the representative of the thousands of smart machine, macro-screen four-core may be redefined after a rigid standard. With the gradual evolution of smartphones, screen sizes and processors have become iconic representatives of each period. Single-core, dual-core to now four cores, once MHz to now at GHz. Two years ago, 3.5 inches was already a big screen, and now it has entered the 5.0-inch era. Nowadays, this is already the standard of a thousand-yuan intelligent machine. When competitors are still producing5 inches, or even less than 4 inches of the product, there is no doubt that the advantages of hardware specifications, also become Lenovo mobile phone competition in the Millennium Smart Machine market a sharp weapon. Integration of quality services once again the thousand-yuan machine market many cases tell us, today's smartphone market is not a simple reliance on hardware advantages can win the era, only the quality of service and high-quality hardware organically combined, only to be able to afford "boutique thousand Smart Machine" this title. Lenovo also deeply aphonia this way, in addition to all over the country after-sales service and repair outlets, familiar with Lenovo mobile phone friends are not difficult to find, Lenovo characteristics of the "Le Security", "Lok Provincial Power" and based on the various applications of Lenovo Cloud services are all over the department Lenovo each price segment of the mobile phone products, in terms of services, Thousand-dollar intelligence has not caused the service to be greatly reduced because of the price factor. This is Lenovo to create a "boutique Thousand Smart Machine" an important step, but also Lenovo to do the attitude of mobile phones. In the thousand-yuan intelligent machine market, Lenovo mobile phone by virtue of A60 and other products have become a market leader. Now the choice to redefine the thousand-dollar Smart machine also represents a greater ambition. Through the representative of Lenovo A850 can be seen, the future of Lenovo mobile phone is likely to make the thousand-yuan intelligent machine has a side of the performance. Of course, the future of Lenovo A850 and follow-up of the Thousand-yuan smart machine can be recreated a Lenovo A60 brilliant, depending on the product, operation, promotion and many other levels, but undeniable, Lenovo mobile phone has to the thousand smart Machine market has a new understanding, and paid the actual action. As an ordinary consumer, the future of the thousand-dollar smart machine will have a new performance, we wait and see. (Li Peng)
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