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Beijing Time April 9 News, recently, well-known clothing network to buy brand VANCL (where customer Prudential Products) Official website quietly online a large number of independent brand underwear products. Where the goods continue to enter the new market ultra-low prices, subversive promotional strategies, 39 yuan three underwear, 99-yuan Bra set was highlighted, according to VANCL insiders said this batch of new online underwear products sales very hot.

has already covered the men's, women's wear, children's clothing, shoes, accessories, home six categories of VANCL, the low-key foray into the women's underwear market segment, indicating that its multiple product line strategic thinking increasingly obvious. Analysts believe that: as a comprehensive category of clothing consumer brands, VANCL with its already formed brand advantage and low-cost strategy, will quickly attract more users, this will undoubtedly give the clothing vertical consumer to the huge pressure, thereby exacerbating the market shuffle speed.

Every customer sincerity enters underwear market quietly

VANCL initially to the public's impression is the men's brand, its first men's shirts have been 68 yuan low price and the big name of the factory's high-quality shock clothing industry, last year launched a strong BRA-T series of women's wear, the current customer's product line has covered men's, women's wear, children's shoes, Accessories and home Six major categories of tens of thousands of products.

Female underwear as a market segmentation of the Taurus-type products, in the field of network Direct marketing reflects a greater development advantage. Data show that the next 5 years, China's underwear market will reach 500 billion yuan market size. and the underwear industry profit space relative to other sub industries average about 50%, which gives Vancl this kind of pursuit of cost-effective online brands to provide low-cost access to the market opportunities.

Every customer sincerity product founder and president of the old reporter revealed: "This batch of female product sales is too hot, I have to let the product department head as soon as possible, or three days will be broken code or even broken goods." Women's underwear will become another star category of Vancl.

Vertical garment to be eroded under pressure

According to a number of consulting companies such as Analysys International Research Report, in the consumer market VANCL only Jingdong, excellence, when the fourth ranked, in the apparel category of consumer website market share up to 28.4%, for the industry's absolute leader.

Recently, VANCL also invited the TV series "Struggle" actress Dan endorsement of the news, is expected to endorse advertising will be launched in May. The flexibility of VANCL's market strategy and the Perfection of service system make it become the object that other garment enterprises compete to imitate.

It is reported that in Vancl six product lines, women's clothing is the flagship product of the 2010, will be a comprehensive change. For those who want a stop to buy more, VANCL this kind of all-inclusive clothing site is more advantageous than the vertical type website. Where customer-prudential products as the most well-known apparel e-commerce brands, other vertical categories of apparel E-commerce companies have a large impact.

Industry analysts say: "Internet shopping is the biggest obstacle is the establishment of user trust, and Vancl after two years of development has not been the problem, its brand advantage is increasingly prominent; In addition to every customer's tough style, each into a new market will be subversive price advantage swept, so that competitors can not follow up. Therefore, in 2010 more vertical type of clothing website, will face the market is gradually eroded more pressure. ”

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