Beware of data counterfeiting by purchased energy companies overseas mergers and acquisitions of IT companies will increase

"The takeover of Argentina's YPF has not yet been finalized and competition is fierce, with opponents offering higher prices," he said.  "On the evening of July 16, CNOOC senior personage in London, a Chinese and British business celebrity party to the reporter disclosed." Earlier this month, PetroChina and CNOOC were rumoured to have teamed up with the Spanish oil giant Repsol-YPF to offer a bid for the YPF of its Argentine subsidiary, which is believed to amount to hundreds of billions of yuan. In addition, CNOOC is also involved in bidding for the Kosmos Energy company, which owns the Jubilee oilfield in Ghana ...

The Bank of the world has a weak view of the U.S.

Li Weicheng The World Bank is expected to further lower the global economy, so that the United States and European markets such as New York and London were hit, and Hong Kong stocks under the 18,080, may not be able to keep up 0.618 times times 17,599 of the wave and fought in the medium wave 0.382 times times 16,172. Wall Street's three big indexes were a total setback: (1) The Dow Jones index closed to 8,339.01, plunged 200.72 points, (2) The standard and poor index also fell 28.09 points, 893.04, and (3) The Nasdaq index dropped 61.28 points, 1,766.19. U.S. stocks this main ...

The month refers to the low open 532 Point report 17,513 points

That is, the monthly HSI Futures low open 532 points, reported 17,513 points.

Disheng creation now falls only 1.95% ignored performance backwards 75.6%

Disheng created (00113-HK) the impact of the fiscal year's big setback was only down 1.95%, at HK $3.02, a deal of HK $339,200, but the stock is now running a big city, with the index falling 3.25%. Disheng created the announcement, as at the end of March 2009, the annual results, shareholders should occupy 51.37 million yuan, compared with 08 211 million Yuan 75.6%, a profit of 13.8 cents per share, the proposed end of 18 cents, the whole year to send 29 cents, compared to 08 degree reduction of about 30% , but at its current rate of 9.4 per cent, easing the downward pressure on the unit.

Term option essay: Hope 17600 Hold Steady

South China Financial Pan Yuqi the world's economic growth forecast for the year, from minus 1.7% to negative 2.9%, U.S. stocks last night repeatedly fell to close the low, the U.S. dollar, commodity futures prices generally decline, drag the relevant shares performance.  The Dow closed at 8,339 points, down 201 or 2.35%, and the S & P 500 fell 3.06% and reported 893, with a 3.35%-point downgrade. August oil closed at $67.5 a barrel, down 2.52 dollars.  The August gold closed at $921 per ounce, down 15.2 dollars. Hong Kong stocks opened yesterday after the big ...

That is, the monthly H-share period means low 253, 10,390.

That is, the monthly H-share period refers to a low opening 253 points, reported 10,390 points.

Poly-GCL has boosted 19% of solar energy purchases

Poly GCL Energy this morning, the acquisition of solar polysilicon and silicon wafer asset news stimulation, the pan has been a new high of 2.97 yuan, up 18.8%, the latest reported 2.78 yuan, higher 11.2%, turnover of 40.99 million yuan. Poly GCL Energy announced to the total price of 26.35 billion yuan, including major shareholder Zhu Shan and other companies to buy Dayang polysilicon and silicon wafer suppliers in Jiangsu can all equity, to December 2010 before the production capacity of 21,000 metric tons, into one of the world's largest manufacturers of polysilicon.

JPMorgan Chase: Only 5% to 10% of the adjustment range is still optimistic

JPMorgan Chase yesterday issued a strategy report on Hong Kong equities, which refers to the ratio of turnover to market capitalisation, which is above average, so there is pressure to adjust. As an example of 98-99 years ago, the Hong Kong stock rally is expected to remain upward. It also refers to the adjustment of Hong Kong stocks in the past 98-99 years by about 20%, but as the level of investors ' cash remains high, and with the desire of the capital to go into the market, it is expected that even if the Hong Kong stock is adjusted, it will only have 5% to 10%, and maintain the index of 19,800

"Differentiation" of ports in Yangtze River delta: The export of low value-added goods

July 16, the Shanghai Railway Bureau, which is in line with the Yangtze River Delta Railway Transportation, showed the data to our correspondent that as of July 15, the Shanghai Railway Bureau sent 115.35 million tons of goods globally, increasing by 9.54 million tonnes over the same period last year and increasing 9%.  According to the Shanghai Railway Bureau, the Propaganda department told the newspaper, this increase is mainly due to the Yangtze River Delta economic recovery, to build a coal base in Lianyungang and northern Zhejiang Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, the bulk of the goods both warmed up, driving the rise of railway freight here. "and hinterland, Anhui Huainan Coal Base Enterprises, MA Steel, Baosteel and other large steel enterprises on iron ore, coal demand suddenly increased ...

Many mainland investors Koda suffered huge losses

"Koda is born a financial drug" case recently, many mainland investors who had invested in Hong Kong Koda (cumulative stock options) suffered huge losses. In a bull market, Koda Investments can buy bullish stakes for investors at parity, and wealthy individuals who taste the benefits often increase their bargaining chips.  But the advent of the bear market has sharply magnified the risk of koda accumulation, so many people have been wiped out. "was sold, but also help the number of money" lawyer Rai Jianping claimed two months to come to a law firm, basically do not take business, all day at home reading thinking. Since July 2007 Ko ...

Four new shares issued at a discount of 15% market pricing

This reporter from the company obtained data show that the use of the reform of the new stock inquiry system set out the issue price, Guilin three gold, million horse cable, home run more than three SME board companies, and the same industry shares two-tier market earnings ratio, only about 15% discount,  In 2008, the average discount for all 71 SME stocks was 47%.  In addition, online subscriptions account for more than 6 times times the average last year, the amount of frozen funds has declined. This means that the reform of the IPO market pricing mechanism is taking effect, secondary market spreads sharply narrowed, to a certain extent to slow down the previous market hoarding ...

Shau: Normal adjustment to maintain HSI 20,000 point target price

Henderson (00012) The chairman, Shau, said yesterday that the funds had not been withdrawn and investors did not have to panic, and it was estimated that when the Hang Seng index rose more than 20,000 points, it would have a chance of outflow. The current stock market falls is a normal adjustment, now is "foreign capital market, the funds do not go, we do not panic." As to whether or not to reduce some of the shares, Shau responded that he has not made any move, he has been at all four points to the six points has been in the opening, if the Hang Seng index rose more than 20,000 points, will consider hedging, reduce some of the money to earn shares. At the same time, will continue to pay attention to the trend of capital, once the withdrawal will also consider away from ...

Changjiang artery: Coal demand in the Yangtze River is still not flourishing

"At present, the Yangtze River freight does appear to increase, but the proportion of growth is small, there are signs of recovery, but the overall situation is relatively grim."  "July 14, the Ministry of Transport Yangtze River Shipping Bureau, the head of the Transportation department Chenliangsu to our correspondent. The data obtained by the reporter show that by the end of June, the Yangtze River volume of the largest cargo of metal iron ore, more than 100 million tons in the year, followed by coal, reached 95 million tons.  From May onwards, including mining materials, coal transport volume has risen. July 7, the Bureau of Statistics released this May, the whole society of passenger and freight traffic, water transport than a year earlier growth of 0.

State-owned enterprises encounter transnational investment bank financial derivatives trap Deep South Electric Xianzao bankruptcy

Core hints because of the subprime mortgage crisis, once full of dazzling aura of financial derivatives to restore the true nature of speculation. In the context of the global financial crisis, many domestic enterprises are facing a "disaster" caused by investment in financial derivatives.  The derivatives traps that Western investment banks have concocted in Hong Kong have put their hands on Chinese companies down in turns. 2008 Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Ocean and other enterprises investment losses totaled tens of billions of dollars, SASAC preliminary statistics 23 Central enterprise losses as high as tens of billions of yuan. One East Airlines derivative loss of up to 6.2 billion yuan ...

This week, net outflow of 16.9 billion Yuan bank property was significantly reduced by institutions

The confirmation of China's construction IPO this week has allowed the index to return to the 10th line, and the recovery of economic data is expected to bring confidence in the market, non-ferrous metals, coal and oil resources, such as the rise of the top of the 3,200-point integer pass, and short-term profit-making plate of the cast increased the market The Shanghai Composite index rose 75.81 points, closed at 3189.74 points, a 3221.07-point rally to a new high, Shen Chengzhi rose 425.93 points, closed at 13,133 points, a 13222.5-point high, the volume of the cities in the last week magnified nearly 10%. Great Wisdom Super win funds monitoring system shows that ...

The "new general" cocoon of the long-ocean bankruptcy reorganization Sound

United States time June 1 8 o'clock in the morning, the debt-ridden, heavily insolvent General Motors formally to the court to apply for the court supervision of the corporate reorganization process is bankruptcy protection. Does GM's bankruptcy have any impact or impact on its business in China and Chinese consumers?  For Kevin Wale, president and general manager of GM's China company, it is clearly a question that is hard to avoid but has to answer. In a telephone interview with his correspondent, Kevin Wale said yesterday morning that "there has been a lot of news about GM going bankrupt in the past few months, but in the Chinese market, GM sales are ..."

Shanghai service industry attracts foreign investment

An unexpected drop in investment in Asia in the April, Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, June 2 The impact of the international financial crisis, Shanghai, like the whole country, attracting foreign investment situation is more serious.  However, as the service industry showed strong resilience and investment in Europe and the United States continued to increase, Shanghai to attract foreign capital is still better than expected. According to the Shanghai Commerce Committee statistics, in January-April, Shanghai actually put in place foreign capital 3.381 billion U.S. dollars, compared with the same period last year 3%, higher than the national level of about 24%; new foreign projects 970, down 15.5%, but lower than the national level of nearly 20%;

Interview with CPPCC member Wei: This year's surplus is expected in hundreds of billions of dollars

Guo Lichen Meng Liyang, secretary general of China International Economic Exchange Center, and former deputy minister of Commerce, Wei, in an interview with the media, including the first financial daily, predicted that this year's foreign trade surplus would shrink and imports would grow faster than exports.  Wei pointed out that the January situation, import growth is fast, and export situation is more serious, so this year's foreign trade surplus is expected to shrink. Yesterday afternoon, he was outside the venue to accept this reporter interview, further pointed out that the 2011 trade surplus is expected to be within 100 billion U.S. dollars, exports year-on-year growth for ...

The Ministry of Commerce will establish a trade relief regulation system

The Ministry of Commerce issued 2nd "on trade relief related to the industry norms work guidance" proposed that the Ministry of Commerce will strengthen trade relief involved in industrial norms, and the establishment of trade relief work with the standard working systems. The guiding opinion is clear, in order to strengthen the industrial norm of trade relief, it is necessary to establish a normative work schedule which is compatible with trade relief work in accordance with the rules of WTO, to promote fair competition, to improve industrial competitiveness and to improve the efficiency of trade relief. Establish a normative work before the system, the second is to improve the effect of trade relief ...

Golden Land Group 08 Gold Debt 10th coupon pay 44 yuan per hand

Golden Land Group (600383) announced in late Wednesday that the 2008 company issued 08 gold bonds will be paid from March 10, 2010 to March 9, 2011 in the period of interest. The notice shows that the coupon rate of "08 gold deposit" is 5.5%, with a value of $1000 per hand paid at $55 (the actual interest paid by the holder of personal bonds after tax deduction is 1000 yuan per person). The registration date for interest claims is March 9, 2011, and the date of payment is March 10. This coupon is due to the close of March 9 SSE, in the China card ...

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