New Zealand raw milk tariffs rise to 15%75% imported milk source cost

When the IRS intends to cut the import tariffs on milk powder gradually spread, consumers for domestic milk and purchasing products to reduce the possibility of full expectations, hope that the Hong Kong and Macao milk shortage and restrictions on the purchase of the moment into the clouds, yesterday, there was a new source from the customs administration said, because the expected import prices will  Raw milk imported from New Zealand has been exceeding the full year limit for the past 3 months, thus increasing the import tariff to 15% per cent since February 26. Since 75% of domestic dairy companies are imported from New Zealand, tariffs have not fallen, but from the original 8% or so soared 7 points, no ...

Simple manual labor is the biggest job in the gap

Simple labor how to become fragrant pastry newspaper reporter Bai Tianliang "is to move and lift, do not what technology, Ken out strength on the line, how can not always recruit people?"  "Li Yunlai a small moving company in Beijing, and after this spring festival, half of his old employees did not come back, and he even raised his salary to nearly 2000 yuan a month and to pack food and lodging, only recruit two new employees, and the age of 40 years old." Compared to a few years ago, Li Yunlai more. "Seven or eight years ago, I just do this line, recruit migrant workers, to 1000 yuan have done very happy, the next spring will bring the villagers, begged me more ...

Changchun High-tech AIDS vaccine enters clinical trial

Changchun High-Tech (000661) March 2 Evening Notice that the company's holding pharmaceutical companies Changchun Hundred Medicine Co., Ltd. reported the treatment of AIDS vaccine Project, has officially received the state Food and Drug Administration issued the "Drug clinical trial approval", approved into Phase I clinical trials,  The admissibility number is: CXSB0900024. The company also announced that the large shareholder of Changchun High-tech Super Investment Co., Ltd. in December 1, 2010 to reduce the company 3.13 million shares, accounting for 2.38% of total equity.

Market is watching us job market data

The market is looking at US job market data, with the dollar slightly higher against the euro and softer against the yen.  The euro is now 1.4295 U.S. dollars, last night reported 1.4303 U.S. dollars, the dollar is now reported 95.66 yen, last night the city reported 95.76 yen.  A survey by the Economist business Consultancy, ADP, will show a 525,000 reduction in private-sector employment in the United States in May.  On the other side, the euro is now 136.75 yen and last night the New York City reported 136.97 yen. Australia's first-quarter economy grew unexpectedly by 0.4% to avoid recession and spur the Aussie dollar to rise against the dollar ...

Social security and price linkage mechanism established during the year

Xinhua News (reporter Zhouyu) yesterday, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Society, Bureau of Statistics, the five ministries issued a joint notice, the deployment of social relief and security standards and price increases linked to the linkage mechanism before the end of the establishment to ensure that low-income groups of life  According to the central guarantee and improvement of people's livelihood, all localities should improve the normal adjustment mechanism and gradually realize the goal of improving the social relief and guarantee standards and the pace of economic development and the growth of residents ' income. According to the requirements of the five ministries, all localities are required to ensure that the linkage mechanism is completed by the end of 2011.

Economic recovery is the main point of market excitement

The recent a-share market seems to form a practice, every Friday, the market has a weak feature, this week is no exception.  Friday Market once appeared diving trend, after reluctantly collected Hongpan, 3,200 point lost, this seems to imply a a-share market short-term existence of certain pressure. Economic recovery to defuse two short-term pressures for this Friday adjustment, industry insiders believe that the main reason is that the media reported the tightening of second-hand housing credit policy-"on the further strengthening of mortgage risk management Notice" clearly pointed out that to strictly implement the second set of mortgage related policies, and to adhere to the loan target ...

Oil majors exposed to private price alliance

After a recent rise in oil prices (cracking oil prices), PetroChina continued its preferential policies at some of its petrol stations, at a cost of 0.15 to 0.4 yuan per litre, while Sinopec continued to maintain the highest price limit.  In this regard, PetroChina Beijing company said to reporters that the reason PetroChina's gas stations for the concessions and Sinopec does not follow up the promotion of market competition, one is because Beijing is a traditional Chinese petrochemical site, and the second is because PetroChina and Sinopec have a deal. The person further introduced, PetroChina and Sinopec in each other's site have similar behavior, namely in Sinopec Strong ...

New and medium net profit by half institutions still bullish

Every reporter Tri Dan today, new and into (002001, closing price of 37.18 Yuan) disclosed 2009.5 Annual report.  Semi-annual reports show that the company's total operating income of 1.216 billion yuan, the same period of business receipts 1.936 billion yuan down 37.2%, the total profit of 440 million yuan, down 56.6%, to achieve a net profit of 358.6797 million yuan, the year-on-year decline of 53.13%, earnings per share of 1.05 yuan. However, the new and the second half of the year, although the performance has declined, but the company's two quarter performance quarter-on-quarter growth. The researchers say the industry ...

China petrochemical 23 billion-yuan convertible bond March 7 listing trading

NetEase Financial March 2, China Petrochemical 2nd announcement said that the company 23 billion yuan convertible bonds will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 7, bonds referred to as "petrochemical transfer debt", the bond code "110015". Prior to the announcement on February 17, Sinopec announced that its convertible bond issue had been approved by the SFC, issued a total of 23 billion convertible bonds, issued a quantity of 230 million, each face value of RMB 100, priority placing day and online, the net purchase date for February 23. The initial conversion price of convertible bonds is 9.73 yuan/share. This becomes the Asia Pacific ...

Policy fine-tuning warning operation biased conservative

Data source: Big smart ballot box The results show that while investors are divided over the current judgment of market risk and opportunity, some investors have lowered their positions to cope with the recent fine-tuning of monetary policy and conservative investor operations.  The survey shows that small and medium-sized investors do not blindly follow institutional investors and adjust their own operating ideas. This week in the case of insurance, steel, coal oil, non-ferrous metals and other weight index stocks, such as banks warmed up, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock indexes continue to expand the space, the Shanghai Composite Index rose up to more than 3,200 points, and Shen Chengzhi to further rebound to ...

A dramatic decline in celebrity home ownership incentive to "cheer"?

Every reporter Li Wenyi today, the real estate development of the main industry celebrity property (000667, the former closing price of 8.2 yuan) issued a draft equity incentive, the company will be about 90 employees targeted 20 million shares of the company. Of these, 4 executives in the incentive list, the largest number of shares are the company's President Showeng, will be awarded 1.38 million shares in the company, accounting for about 0.102% of the company's total equity.  It is worth mentioning that the equity incentive for additional prices selected July 16 when the company suspended the closing price of 8.2 yuan/share, the stock Outlook or have a trading opportunity. ...

Tian Medicine shares directional additional received approved by Tianjin SASAC

Tian Medicine shares (600488) the company issued a notice in Wednesday evening that the corporation had been approved by the Tianjin SASAC for matters related to the Non-public offering of shares to specific objects. The announcement said that the Tianjin Sasac agreed that the company would not issue more than 66.5 million shares of a-shares plan, agreed to the company's controlling shareholder Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. to subscribe for the company's private 46.8% shares , the principle agreed to Tianjin Tian an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will be the amino acid API business related assets and Tianjin Jin Yao Biological Technology Co., Ltd. will be the sewage treatment of environmental protection project assets transferred to the company.

3,200 points high health difference part of private placement "tone"

Every reporter Mao Jinnan however, in the face of the new high market, has been continuing to see many private-equity guests, the point of view has been some small changes, some private equity managers also this week to lighten the operation.  Looking forward to next week, they are also starting to shift from a positive look to a cautious bullish outlook.  Topic 1 The positioning of new shares and the impact on the market Reporter: The market has come to 3,200 this week, but the speed of new issue is also speeding up, especially the issuance of large-cap stocks has started, this will change the trend of the market? Jin Wei: Although the Chinese architecture as a representative of the large stock has started, ...

Kowloon Mountain 3rd onwards to suspend the transfer of shares to arrange

Kowloon Hill (600555) a notice released late Wednesday said that Due to the company's holding shareholder Pinghu Jiulong Mountain Bay Resort City Leisure Services Limited and the company another foreign B shares shareholder Resortpropertyinternationalltd. The transfer of shares with HNA Real estate Holdings (group) Limited is still under way, and independent financial advisers and legal advisers are conducting due diligence, and the company's shares have since Starting from March 3, the company will announce the progress of related matters after five trading days.

Minsheng Securities Guangzhou Business Department can handle the opening account

Washington (reporter Liu Hao intern Zhangxiaojia) yesterday, the reporter visited Minsheng Securities Guangzhou Business Department, to understand its relevant GEM account specific terms and agreements have been implemented, investors can go to the securities company to apply for the opening of the business board trading procedures. It is understood that in the gem open trading application first day, Minsheng Securities Business Department signed three or four customers, these days have been signed.  In addition, in the sales Department of the counter system can also open related business. In the Minsheng Securities Guangzhou Sales Department site, the reporter found that the wall posted gem risk disclosure Book and related agreements, and ...

China Chemical signed 1.47 billion yuan contract

China Chemistry (601117) March 2 Evening announcement, the company's wholly-owned holding company China Tian Chen Engineering Company and PetroChina Natural Gas Co., Ltd. recently signed Wuhai Coke oven Gas comprehensive utilization of energy-saving emission reduction Project EPC contract, the total duration of the contract is 18 months, the contract amount is 1.47 billion yuan.

Hua Sheng Tiancheng was shareholders reduce the 3.25 million shares

Huasheng Tiancheng (600410) March 2 Evening Notice that the company's shareholders Su Shi recently to reduce the holdings of the company's unlimited sales conditions of the circulation of 3.25 million shares, accounting for the company's total equity of 0.64%. After the reduction, Su Shi still hold the company unlimited conditions of circulation 23.7878 million shares, accounting for the company's total share capital of 4.71%.

Investment industry bottoming out ten institutions underwriting global securities Half

Global investment banking, beset by financial crises, is "bottoming out". Global IPO and new debt issuance increased to $1.94 trillion trillion in the second quarter of 2009, up 9% from $1.8 trillion in the first quarter, according to Dealogic, the financial institution.  But it fell 0.5% from the second quarter of 2008, and the global IPO and new debt issued in the first half of 2009 was more than twice times the first half of the 2008 issue. "In order to repay the U.S. government investment, financial institutions have issued new shares, coupled with a large rally in the stock market, stimulated the second quarter of securities underwriting more than the first ...

Geithner frees up to sell reassuring debt

Economic recovery cuts fiscal deficit control inflation U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner ended his first trip to China 2nd.  During his three-day trip, he explained the current state and prospects of the US economy, the shrinking of the US government's huge fiscal deficit, the important role of Sino-US cooperation in the global economic recovery and the development of clean energy, and once again stressed that a strong dollar policy would not change and that buying US Treasuries was "very The US economy is on the rebound recently as the dollar continues to weaken. As of 1st, the dollar index fell to 78.80, hitting its lowest point in 5 months. And the same time the bulk of the business ...

China power combined total sales reduced by 1%

China Electric Power (2380) announced that the initial statistics company's power plants (excluding the associated company's power plants) as at the end of June 09, the first half of the combined total generating capacity of 16.7313 million MW, compared with the same period last year 0.82% , with a combined total sale of 15.5657 million MW, a decrease of 1.07% per cent. At present, China's electricity should account for about 9037.4 MW of equity installed capacity.

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