Summer Grass Network issued a report to the gold Mantis apology reports unauthorized

"Summer Grass" apology out of context screenshot Tencent Financial News today, Shanghai Securities newspaper, securities times and other media published a "Summer Grass apology" report. The effect refers to the allegation that the gold mantis false evidence is insufficient, Charlot apologized to the company. But just this morning, China's Accounting Vision Forum appeared a signed "Summer Grass" article, the article said "These reports are not authorized by the author, and all the reports are suspected of being out of context, I deeply regret this." The paper again talks about the financial problems of the gold mantis. The article said, "the three major securities newspaper use of the title will mislead investors to think that the gold Mantis has no financial ...

The Hang Seng index is 103 a day, 18,361 to 70.9 billion yuan.

The early segment of the Hang Seng index opened 430 points higher than the U.S. stocks, see 18701 after repeated return to shun, afternoon further low see 18304,  At 18361.87 points, the increase narrowed to 103.21 points, the state-owned enterprise index rose 41.81 points, reported 10902.47, the big city sold 70.854 billion yuan, the period of 18340, the increase narrowed to 85 points, compared with the spot low water 22 points, a transaction of 78541. 00005-HK + 1.91%, other bank shares, Hang Seng (00011-HK) rose 0.56%, BOC Hong Kong (02388-HK ...).

18340 increase narrowed to 85 point

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. the afternoon period of the wood is repeated from 18540 to 18377, the bomb on the 18514 and then back to 18268, nearly completely back to the completion of 18661/18266 of the city up the gap, performance than the estimated decline in the tail of the market, 18363, 18340, the increase narrowed to 85 points, than the spot low water 22 points, deal 78541 tickets.

Multi-Ministries promote the use of old car appliances to stimulate domestic demand 500 billion

Some provinces and cities in the near future to implement the new rules for home appliances to further stimulate domestic demand, July 14, the Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Finance and other ministries issued the "car to replace the new implementation measures", the move is seen as China to promote domestic demand to respond to the financial crisis, another important move, the securities market to the newspaper to respond enthusiastically, the securities market related plate performance active.  Commerce Minister Chen Deming said that this year the National auto scrap will reach 2.7 million, home appliances scrap volume of nearly 90 million units, such as the full update will pull consumer demand more than 500 billion yuan. Arrange 5 billion financial funds to support 14th, Ministry of Commerce ...

Xiaochao: Employment pressure still big investment pull GDP6.2 a percentage point

China News agency, Beijing, July 16 (Zhang Yu) China's economic figures for the first half of the year, released by the National Bureau of Statistics in Thursday, show a steady rebound in the economy.  But the bureau spokesman, Xiaochao, said 16th that the rebound is still a certain distance from the increase in employment requirements, coupled with the current high employment peak, China's employment continues to face greater pressure. Xiaochao in the new state news conference to answer a reporter's question as stated above.  He also pointed out that in the first half of this year, China's new employment appeared positive signs, the number of rural migrant workers increased. According to statistics, this year at the end of the two quarter ...

HSI opened up 103 points to 70.9 billion yuan

Hong Kong stocks this morning after the opening, the index opened 430 points from 18,689 to 18,502, and then rose 18,683 repeatedly back to soft, the afternoon fell to 18,304, the closing of the day 18,361, 103 or 0.57%, the state-owned enterprises index rose 41 points or 0.38%,  At 10,902, the turnover was anxious to increase to 70.9 billion yuan. Blue-chip, control (00005-HK) rose 1.91%, Mobile (00941-HK) rose 0.74%, the new Ground (00016-HK) fell 1.66%, long real (...).

Experts: The growth of fiscal revenue is a good manifestation of macro-level of national economy

Xinhua Beijing, July 16, the Chinese Academy of Social sciences expert Qi Jianguo said that the fiscal revenue growth is the overall macro-level of the national economy to improve the performance of the future should expand financial investment, and not by increasing the tax burden of enterprises to increase revenue.  Qi Jianguo, Ph. D., deputy director of the Institute of Economic and Technological Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 16th, a visit to the network interview room, the latest economic data for analysis and interpretation, and around the recent stock market rally, the price of high economic hot topic answer questions. The moderator asked, according to the latest data of the Ministry of Finance, Chinese government revenue for two consecutive months to achieve growth ...

Porsche agrees to build group company with Volkswagen

Panorama July 16 According to MarketWatch reported, Porsche Car holding company (Automobil Holding) and Volkswagen AG (Volkswagen) jointly announced that the two sides agreed to merge the formation of the group. Volkswagen will buy a share of Porsche's shares, including the Porsche Roadster series. (Panorama Network/Intern Zhong)

Experts: It is not appropriate to further stimulate economic policies to implement existing policies

Qi Jianguo, an expert of the Academy of Social Sciences, said today that it is not appropriate to increase stimulus measures and implement the existing policies well.  BEIJING, July 16 Xinhua Chinese Academy of Social sciences expert QI Jianguo today in Beijing, said the video interview, for the future macro-economic long-term sustainable stable growth, it is not appropriate to increase the stimulus measures, the existing policies to implement good, but also continuity. Qi Jianguo said that according to personal opinion, China's policy of stimulating domestic demand and stimulating economic growth should be said to be very big now, so in the context of the current economic rebound, then the policy of the past should be entered ...

Hang Seng Index 350-point rush

The rapid dive in the afternoon after the opening of the index, the opening only 10 minutes has fallen nearly 300 points, the latest reported 18,538 points, down 350 points, down 1.86%. State-owned enterprises index fell 193 points, reported 10,745 points, down 1.75%.

New York gold price drops 921 dollars to 6-week low

The New York market's main gold contract fell by about 1.6% per cent, its closing price at a six-week low.  Gold's attractiveness as a hedge against inflation and a weaker dollar has been weakened by a sharp fall in oil prices and a rise in the dollar. As of Monday 1:30 (Beijing time Tuesday 1:30 A.M.), the New York Mercantile Exchange Comex Department of the August Gold contract fell 15.20 U.S. dollars, closed at 921 U.S. dollars, a decrease of 1.6%. The 921-dollar record is the lowest in New York's latest contract closing since May 11. The highest value of the August contract in today's offer is ...

U.S. futures down, Dow futures down 38 points

U.S. futures fell, the S & P 500 index futures fell 5.7 points, reported 921.5 points, NA mean 100 goods fell 7.5 points, reported 1, 489.8 points, the Dow futures fell 38 points, reported 8,505 points.

Mainland procurement team to purchase 40 million U.S. dollars of textiles at Taiwan

Xinhua Taipei, June 2, with the "cross-strait Economic and trade facilitation delegation" to Taiwan's China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, 2nd and the Taiwan Textile Development Association held a seminar.  Taiwan textile Extension Secretary-General Huang Weiki revealed that the mainland three textile enterprises are expected to purchase 40 million U.S. dollars in Taiwan goods. "Cross-strait Economic and trade Promotion delegation" 1st and the island of various industries related manufacturers held a discussion, of which the textile industry has 17 manufacturers to participate. 2nd morning, China Textile import and Export Chamber of Commerce President Wang Shenyang rate Beijing Copper Cattle Company, Shanghai Oriental International Group, Guangzhou Textile Import and Export Corporation and other large enterprises to Taiwan textile extension ...

Favorable policies such as the subsidy of tree varieties are expected to be issued

The Central Forestry Working Conference was held in Beijing yesterday, the first Central Forestry working conference since the founding of New China in 60. Authoritative people in the interview with our correspondent that the collective forest rights reform is of great significance. "On the one hand, this is essentially the process of asset assets, clear ownership, activate the right to operate, farmers can transfer, lease, subcontract, on the other hand, the process of value added."  "he said. Analysts said that the recent likely introduction of tax incentives and subsidies and other favorable policies, will have a positive impact on the market. Analysts point out that the first, 20 ...

Sea King Biological Sanchi, the concept of swine flu near the end of speculation

Absrtact: Yesterday, Sea King biological and other swine flu medicine stocks still staged a roller-like shipping market.  Some investors, still optimistic about the pandemic, acted as a player and were bombarded by a profit-making spree all day. Yesterday, Sea King biological and other swine flu medicine stocks still staged a roller-like shipping market. Some investors, still optimistic about the pandemic, acted as a player and were bombarded by a profit-making spree all day. Out of control elevator-like trend, but also let the power of both empty both fully released. One of the Sea King Bio-day stock price ups and downs, in about 10% of the vibration space of three ...

The international trade of the people in the afternoon

Minsheng International suspended in the afternoon, to be issued on the group proposed a number of transactions announcements. The unit was suspended before the 0.43 Yuan, 6.17%, turnover of 440,000 yuan.

Capital Hot stock Market current IPO

A shares restart the IPO, the Hong Kong market has also continued to eye-catching new shares, the recent influx of funds into one of the larger plate, in June more than a few new shares listed transactions, and after the listing have been sought after.  Analysts believe that the new stock is a good market for future optimistic about one of the embodiment. It is understood that the main sports brand business 361 degrees (01361,HK) has started last week, the IPO. Market sources said the 361-degree IPO was in good shape and had been oversubscribed the day after the IPO began. And the main coal trading Business Qin FA Group (00866,HK) also launched last week, the IPO ...

May foreign exchange accounted for the new Year's new hot money return

Qiu---------when the real economy indicators are gradually getting better, money seems to be accelerating back.  May foreign exchange accounted for 242.6 billion yuan, the chain increased by nearly 90 billion yuan, creating a new Year's record. Since the financial crisis broke out in the third quarter of last year, capital inflows have slowed and foreign exchange accounts have fallen markedly. In the first 4 months of this year, the monthly foreign exchange accounts increased by only 143.3 billion yuan.  The slowdown in capital inflows is also reflected in the growth rate of foreign exchange reserves, which grew only 7.7 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter. And foreign exchange accounted for the rebound, settlement accounted for the proportion of the proceeds of the rising trend, which means the inflow of funds to speed up or ...

"Wang Lao Ji" can only be called "Wang Old Kat plant drink"? Experts say "Herbal tea" is not standardized

Abstract: "According to the June 5 Ministry of Health and other departments issued on the implementation of the Food Safety law related issues of the latest notice, since June 1, 2009, the Health department is responsible for food enterprise standard record work, and previously in the quality Inspection department after the record of the enterprise standards continue to be effective." "" According to the June 5 Ministry of Health and other departments issued on the implementation of the Food Safety law related issues of the latest notice, since June 1, 2009, the Health department is responsible for food enterprise standard record work, and previously in the quality Inspection department after the record of the enterprise standards continue to be effective. "Last week, Wang Lao ji" Summer ...

ICBC adjusts ATM charges for remote deposit and withdrawal

ICBC issued a notice, said in the near future, 23 business fees will be adjusted, the relevant personage said this is the structural adjustment, there is a rise of ICBC's headquarters website 17th issued an important announcement, will adjust 23 personal financial business fees, including 20 standards for the rise, the average increase of more than 100%, the increase involves different remittances  , ATM remote deposit and withdrawal, credit card certification and other projects. A minimum of 2 yuan per collection of foreign withdrawals in the project, and personal customers are most closely related to the remote access funds. After adjustment, the deposit is still in the original deposit amount of 0 ....

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