Hebei No. 93rd gasoline rose to 6.03 yuan per liter

The report of the June 1 steam and diesel prices per ton of up to 400 yuan, the National Development and Reform Commission announced again, since June 30 to increase the price of refined oil, about 600 yuan per ton. The news from the provincial price bureau said, "on the increase in the price of oil products," the notice has been issued, according to the calculation, before the 5.54 yuan/liter of 93rd gasoline price has exceeded 6 yuan, reached 6.03 yuan. According to the provincial price Bureau of the highest prices of various oil products, 90th, 93rd, 97th gasoline and No. 0 diesel oil per litre increase in retail prices 0.45 yuan, 0.49 yuan, 0.5 ...

Luyin Investment to develop iron mine

Luyin Investment (600784) announcement, the company in May 27, 2010 with the natural person Rai Jihao signed "Share transfer and Mineral Resources development Cooperation Agreement", to 2.75 million yuan price by let Rai Jihao hold the Qingdao Hero Mining Co., Ltd. 55% shares, and the Qingdao hero has the mineral resources to carry out cooperative development.  The two sides agreed that luyin investment in the period before December 31, 2010 will be to Qingdao hero investment amounted to 110 million yuan. Data show that Qingdao hero has a legal area of 15.1 square kilometers of exploration rights. There are 5 iron ore deposits in the exploration block.

Wah Kai photoelectric abnormal move rose 17%

Wah Kai Photoelectric (00155), with the concept of solar energy, had risen 17% to 0.2 yuan this morning. The current price of 0.187 yuan, still rose 9.36%, the deal has been more than 120 million yuan, a surge of 28.34 million yuan yesterday.

Home run MORE: IPO Letter of Intent for initial public offerings

1, stock types: RMB common (A-share) 2, the number of shares issued: No more than 50 million shares, accounting for the total share capital after issuance of 25.77% (in the issue of 50 million shares calculated) 3, NET assets per share prior to issue: 3.32 Yuan (based on the audited net assets of the parent company as at December 31, 2008 and the total dilution of gross stock before the issue) 4, distribution mode: Under the net placing and online pricing distribution combined with 5, net release time: July 8, 2009 9:30-15:00 6, Online release Time: 2009.

Caesar shares online Check rate 1.31% frozen funds 43.65 billion

Panorama May 27 Caesar shares (002425) The announcement of the Thursday evening announced that the company's initial public offering of a shares online pricing issue of the rate of 1.3128217097%, according to its price calculation,  The net freezes the capital 36.19 billion yuan, plus the net freezes 7.46 billion yuan, the unit total freezes the capital 43.65 billion yuan. The online pricing distribution of effective number of users for 143,300 households, the number of effective purchase 1.645 billion shares, the number of numbers for 3.2906 million, the starting number is 000000000001, the cut-off number is 0000 ...

Southern Airlines fall 2% Nomura-affected oil price recovery continued loss

Southern Airlines shares fell 1.85% to HK $2.12 in half a half-day, trading 15.57 million shares.  Nomura released its latest report, saying it reiterated the unit's rating, with target prices falling from HK $1.72 to HK $1.58, at a discount of 25% per cent at market prices. Nomura pointed out that the southern airlines did not hedge oil prices, so the rebound in oil prices to hit the most of it, estimated oil prices will continue to record 1.125 billion yuan in 09 (its 08 loss of 4.82 billion yuan).

The IPO price of Hangzhou-oxygen shares is 18 yuan

Panorama May 27 Hangzhou Oxygen Shares (002430) The announcement of the Thursday evening announced that the IPO price of the company's initial public offering was set at 18 yuan/share, and the corresponding P/E ratio was 31.03 times times.  The unit will be implemented on May 31, 2010 (Monday) online, web-based purchase. The company plans to issue 71 million shares, of which the number of distribution under the network for 14.2 million shares, for the number of the issue of 20%, the number of online distribution of 56.8 million shares, for the number of the issue of 80%;

Beijing refueling cars lined up

The newspaper 11 o'clock last evening or so, the driver through television, network and other means to learn that the oil price again rose, have to go to the petrol station refueling.  Most drivers say the price of oil has been rising faster and higher in one months. 10 o'clock last evening, the reporter rushed to Xuanwu district PetroChina gas station to see South Road station, refueling vehicles are few, normal order. However, just after 11:50, gas station vehicles gradually began to increase. After 10 minutes, there was a long queue of cars waiting to refuel inside and outside the gas station. Then the police arrived and helped to maintain order. Gas station 4 staff plus stationmaster all battle ...

SASAC encourages foreign participation in restructuring of central enterprises

Commercial news in urging private capital to participate in the restructuring of central enterprises, SASAC began to encourage foreign investment in the central enterprise.  Yesterday, SASAC director Li in the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and the hot issues online communication with netizens, said that this year and the next two years will be in accordance with the plan to promote the restructuring of central enterprises, foreign and private companies are welcome to participate. In fact, foreign investment in the central enterprises last year has a precedent. Last September, China Bluestar (Group) Corporation's 3 listed companies Blue Star cleaning, Shenyang Chemical industry and star New materials also issued a notice, the company's controlling shareholder Bluestar Group has introduced the world's largest private equity fund Blackstone Group as a strategy ...

U.S. stocks rise 1.08%

Monday U.S. stocks traded light, energy, industry and raw materials sector led to higher U.S. stocks, investors to transfer money to the recovery from the most profitable stocks. As of the close, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 90.99 points to 8529.38, or 1.08%, and the Nasdaq Composite index rose 5.84 points to 1844.06, or 0.32%. The standard and Poole 500 index rose 8.33 points, with 927.23 points, or 0.91%.

Jiangsu sunshine 20.7746 million yuan transfer of Ningxia bank shares

Jiangsu Sunshine (600220.  SH) today announced that the company will hold 9.443 million shares of Ningxia Bank, to the total price of 20.7746 million yuan transfer to Jiangyin New bridge first Mills, the company obtained transfer income of about 6.629 million yuan. The company said that in recent years, continuous integration of existing investment projects, this will be held in Ningxia bank shares to be transferred for sale, on the one hand, to clean up the company and the main business is not related to other investment business, in order to fully develop the main business, on the other hand, can recover investment funds, ...

February reduction in credit by more than 500 billion

Securities Times reporter Jia Gong the People's Bank of China reported yesterday that the renminbi loan increased by 535.6 billion yuan in February, a sharp reduction of 504.4 billion yuan from January, a small increase of 192.9 billion yuan from a year earlier.  The rapid decline in loans in February indicated that the controls previously adopted had achieved significant results. As of the end of February, the renminbi loan balance of 48.89 trillion yuan, an increase of 17.7%, compared to the end of last month and a year earlier, respectively, lower 0.8 and 9.5%. Among the new loans in February, household loans increased by 105.8 billion yuan, including a 600 million increase in short-term loans.

Sichuan Mei Feng Relocation construction Industrial Park project

Sichuan Mei Fung (000731) announced that the company and the Mianyang government signed the relocation Construction investment Agreement, the company in the Mianyang Economic and technological development zone to invest in the construction of "Sichuan Mei Feng Mianyang Industrial Park", the main new ammonia, high efficiency compound fertilizer, urea and other chemical fertilizer related or other projects,  And the subordinate of the Mianyang branch of the production equipment for relocation and transformation. This investment construction plan starts from 2010, the total construction period is 48 months. Company to raise funds to invest in Sichuan Mei Fung Mianyang Branch, "ammonia, urea plant environmental protection and safety hidden Trouble Management relocation project" belong to the project. ...

The heyday of the company to pay attention to the loss of the group hot

As a result of the 2009, 2010 two consecutive years of losses, into the 10 anniversary of the peak Tiangong (600335. SH) starts from February 23 "The Beatles wears a Hat", the company stock abbreviation changes to "*st Sheng".  The company shares the day after the card, it is a word fell down, reported 15.4 yuan.  The previous day, *st Sheng issued a 2010 performance report. Not surprisingly, although the company to achieve the main business income of 484.8847 million yuan a year earlier, 20.73%, but still not out of the fate of losses. The company's annual net profit loss of 327 ...

New energy boom continues to ferment Zhenhua technology 19.8 million "touch" lithium

New energy boom continues to ferment today, another listed company into the new energy sector, Zhenhua Technology announced investment nearly 20 million yuan into the field of lithium batteries. Zhenhua Science and Technology Board said, in order to seek new economic growth point, and based on lithium-ion Power Battery Market prospects, Zhenhua Technology announced its involvement in the field.  Zhenhua technology to find the partner is Li Shujun, both sides are ready to invest in Dongguan Dongguan Zhenhua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the new company registered capital plan for 20 million yuan, of which Zhenhua technology accounted for 99% of them, Li Shujun accounted for only 1% of the shares. Zhenhua Science and technology plan with two or three years ...

Obtaining prospecting right of coal mine in Gezhouba Dam

Gezhouba today announcement, the company's Gezhouba Xinjiang Investment and Development Co., Ltd. on Xinjiang Hami, the eastern two exploration area of the mining area, the prospecting right of coal mine survey, has been May 25, 2010 Xinjiang Department of Land and Resources Office of the Director of the Office of the review, and on the same day in Xinjiang Land and Resources department website publicity After the announcement, Xinjiang will obtain the right to prospecting and handle the relevant formalities of prospecting certificate.

Gezhouba will obtain prospecting right in Xinjiang coal mine

Gezhouba (600068) Bulletin, the company is the Gezhouba Xinjiang Investment and Development Co., Ltd. on Xinjiang Hami, the eastern two exploration area of the mining area, the prospecting right application, has May 25, 2010, the 5th meeting of the Bureau of Land and resources of Xinjiang to consider the approval, and on the same day in Xinjiang Land and Resources department website publicity The announcement that the public no objection after the Gezhouba Xinjiang Investment and Development Co., Ltd. will obtain the right to prospecting, and the relevant procedures for prospecting certificates, details will be obtained after the prospecting permit notice.

Hua Hai Pharmaceutical Industry adjusts equity incentive scheme

Huahai pharmaceutical Industry announced today, the company held an interim meeting of the Board of Trustees on May 26, 2010 to consider agreeing to adjust the number of stock options and the price of the right of the company: in accordance with the relevant mandate and relevant provisions of the first general meeting of shareholders in 2010, in view of the departure of individual incentive objects, And the company has implemented the 2009 annual profit Distribution and Provident Fund conversion plan, the company intends to be the stock options incentive scheme from 18.75 million to 27.93 million, of which the reserve part of 2.25 million, the price of each option from 14.02 yuan adjusted to 9.28 Yuan, which, in advance ...

China Works international receives 185 million dollar contract to influence the next three years ' performance

A major contract announcement was issued today by the company, which signed a business contract with the Tanzania Premier Enterprise group, Watts Sugar, for a contract of USD 185 million. The contract is for the construction of a day to deal with 6000 tons of sugar cane plants and supporting the construction of 10,000 hectares of sugarcane plantation farms, and the supply of supporting engineering and agricultural machinery.  The contract period is 30 months. The contract amounts to 40.24% of the company's 2009 revenue, and the company says it will have a certain impact on the company's total operating income and gross profit over the next three years after the contract comes into effect. The fulfillment of the contract ...

Professor says heavy metal pollution, 12 million tons of food per year, accounts for 2.4%

Sheder, director of the University of Natural Resources and environment, professor of soil science, said that increasing the total amount of arable land is now difficult to improve the quality of arable land is the urgent task of "Finance and New network" (Intern reporter Luru Mao Shouxin) with the industrialization of China, urbanization and the reduction of arable land, soil quality is  Southwest University has conducted a survey of soil in Chongqing, and found that soil acidification in Chongqing is serious. Members of the CPPCC, the Communist Party of China, Chongqing Municipal Party committee Sheder, is also the University of Natural Resources and environmental school dean, soil science level two professor. He told Caixin News reporter, Chongqing farmland ph value is less than 5.5 ...

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