Zhenhua technology 20 million test water lithium battery

Zhenhua Technology announced last night, in order to seek the company's new economic growth point, the company will jointly invest with Dr. Li Shujun set up Dongguan Zhenhua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., engaged in lithium-ion power battery development, production and sales.  Among them, Zhenhua science and technology will invest 19.8 million yuan, Li Shujun will invest 200,000 yuan. The proposed lithium battery company name is Dongguan Zhenhua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., registered capital of 20 million yuan, mainly engaged in lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors, as well as the corresponding storage systems and components of the development, development, production, sales and services. Project construction period of one year, the goal is ...

Guangdong Media suspended from 27th for planning assets reorganization

Guangdong Media announced today, because the actual control of the company Guangzhou Daily is planning on the company's major assets reorganization matters, the company's shares since the opening of the May 26, 2010 suspension.

Approved to set up a collection asset management plan

Everbright Securities (601788) announcement, according to the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission, the company was allowed to set up Everbright Sunshine Rally Number one-phase collection of assets management plan. According to the bulletin, the program type is an unqualified set asset management plan with no fixed duration. The maximum amount of funds raised during the plan promotion period is 1 billion, and the maximum amount of funds raised during the period is 1 billion. The maximum number of participants in the scheme is 200.  The minimum participation amount for a single customer is 1 million yuan. The company is the manager of the plan, Everbright Bank is the custodian of the plan, China Securities Registration and Clearing limited liability company for the planned ...

June Wei car rises 1% Citi reiterates buy rating

June Granville car morning low open high, share prices half a half-day rose 0.81% to 3.72 Hong Kong dollars, deal 2.492 million shares.  Citi issued a report saying it would maintain the buying rating of the unit, with a target price of HK $3.85, 3.5% per cent premium. Citigroup points to a 5% to 128,963 increase in car sales in the first 5 months of June-Wei, which accounts for 40% of the bank's estimated annual sales, but less than a year-on-year increase of 16% per cent in the country. Its Guangzhou Honda product portfolio deteriorated from a year earlier, with the average price of the accord and Odyssey MPV higher, and the top 5 in the year ...

St East Airlines 28th "tipped ladies" changed to "Oriental airlines"

St China Eastern Airlines announced today that, upon application, the SSE has now approved the revocation of the company's stock transactions in the implementation of other special treatment. According to the rules, the company's shares on May 27, 2010 suspended for one day, the stock is referred to as the "Eastern Airlines" since May 28, 2010, the stock code remains unchanged, the daily price limit of stock transactions restored to 10%.

ICBC buys Bank of East Asia in Canada

170 million yuan plus 75% industrial and Commercial Bank of East Asia ICBC on the acquisition of the Economic Observer of East Asian Banks of Canada Ouyangxiao Red Chianghui June 4, ICBC said, with the Bank of East Asia Limited ("Bank of East Asia") on the Canadian Bank of East Asia and Industrial and Commercial East Asia Financial Holdings Limited ("Industrial and commercial east Under the agreement, ICBC will pay the Bank of East Asia $80.25 million (about 73 million US dollars) for the bid, acquiring a 70% per cent stake in the Canadian Bank of East Asia, with the Bank of East Asia holding a 30% per cent stake. At the same time, the Bank of East Asia to ICBC acquisition ...

Huawei 140 million renovation project to undertake

Thy billows shares (002325) announcement, May 25, the company received the letter of acceptance, become Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.-China Shenzhen Huawei New research Center Project Fine Decoration Subcontract Project successful bidder.  This project uses lump sum contract method, the contract total price is 141 million yuan, the completion date is January 31, 2011.  The project owner of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. Main development, production, sales of PBX, data communication equipment and other products, system integration engineering, computer and ancillary equipment and related equipment and maintenance, technical advisory services, import and export business. The company said that ...

Zhenhua technology to invest lithium ion battery project

Zhenhua Technology announced today, in order to seek new economic growth point of the company, and based on lithium-ion Power battery market prospects, after consultation with Dr. Li Shujun, the company decided by the two sides jointly set up joint venture company, engaged in lithium-ion power battery research and development, production and sales. The investment bill has been approved by the company's board of directors.

The U.N. report predicts China's economic growth will reach 9.2% this year

China News Agency, May 26 (Xinhua Sun Yu) A report from the United Nations predicts that Chinese economic growth will reach 9.2% this year, 2011 to 8.8%. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs 26th updated the 2010 World Economic Situation and Outlook report, which predicts that the world economy will grow at 3% this year, but that growth is still weak and countries ' recovery is uneven,  The report also notes that this growth rate is weak for stimulating job growth. The report predicts the overall economic growth of the developed countries this year ...

Sub-brand into future profit highlights

Fuannacompany (002327) Deputy general manager Chen in its son brand "Xin and Le Home textile" 2010-year autumn and winter new conference said that the next three years, the product sales will maintain the growth rate of 40%, become the company another profit growth point.  Data show that 2008, the brand accounted for the company's sales revenue of 12%.  Chen revealed that after the company listed, with the market demand blowout, coupled with the company's funds, team management has played a good foundation, so the middle and high-end consumer groups, in order to promote the "diffuse life" advocated the sweet and music came into being. Company Chairman Lin ...

Shanghai material trade: affected by the policy of solid wood flooring production line has been discontinued

Recently, Shanghai Trade Conference held at the meeting of the Board of Directors, the Committee of Supervisors general election bill, at the same time, the 2009 annual profit Distribution and Provident fund to increase equity plans. The annual report shows that the company's total operating income of 09 years is 45.799 billion yuan, 39.13% increase, net profit of 71.5702 million yuan, increase 1.12%, earnings per share 0.27 yuan, 3.57% reduction.  The company intends to send 2 shares to 3 shares per 10 shares (including tax). As a trade company, Shanghai Trade is involved in the main business is more extensive and decentralized. At the meeting, for the shareholders proposed this ...

St East Airlines Ming "tipped ladies" to restore "Oriental airlines"

Wearing a year of "St Hat" St East airlines will be formally "tipped Ladies" tomorrow (28th) to return to "Eastern Airlines." Today, St East Airlines issued a notice that the company on April 19 this year to the Shanghai Stock Exchange to withdraw the implementation of the company's stock trading other special treatment.  At present, the application has been approved by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Under the Shanghai Stock Exchange stock listing rules, the company's A shares in the May 27, 2010 Suspension of a day, the company's A shares referred to as the May 28, 2010 by the St East Airlines changed to Orient Airlines, the company A shares of the day ...

Two shareholders to reduce the million music 1.45% shares benefited more than 100 million yuan

Million Home Music (000533.SZ) today announced that the company's second largest shareholder Foshan Shunde District Chen Village Xinda Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinda industrial") reduce the company 10 million shares, the equivalent of 1.45% of the shares to yesterday, 11.72 yuan closing price calculation, the reduction should be more than 100 million yuan. Previously, the million home Lok chairman of the account has been oolong, 5-month 3-degree illegal trading stocks. But analysts believe that the reduction should be with the million home music itself is not a big deal, may be the letter Tatsu industrial own funds need to be caused. Xinda Industrial was founded in 1997, main products ...

Mainland visitors to Taiwan breakthrough 350,000

BEIJING, June 28 (Xinhua) Visitors to Taiwan have broken through 350,000 times since the official opening of mainland residents to Taiwan for sightseeing and tourism, according to the latest statistics released by the Taiwan Strait Travel Association. Dujiang, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration, and the Executive chairman of the Cross-Strait Association of Travel and Communication, said that since last year, after mainland residents visited Taiwan, the tourism industry in Taiwan and Taiwan had formed a cooperative mechanism based on tourism cooperation, which had a good interaction and frequent exchanges.  Up to now, the number of mainland residents visiting Taiwan has reached 356600. Dujiang said that cross-strait travel ...

Shang: Stock Hong Kong with the surrounding market rise resistance level 19000

Fu Cheong Securities rush to Hong Kong stocks last week to rise repeatedly, once approaching 19,000 points, but in 19,000 points obvious resistance, although the 250-day moving average, but the stamina does not follow, and the deal from Monday and two of the 100 billion yuan to Friday 80 billion yuan, showing the short-term peak of Hong Kong stocks, the Friday European and American stock market slightly rose, Unemployment rose to 9.4% in 25, but the initial jobless rate dropped sharply, making Dujons rise 12, the Nikkei rose 129 this morning, and Hong Kong stocks will go up against the market, with 19,000 points of resistance.

Hong Kong railway Company drops 0.6% Merrill Lynch reiterates buying HK $27

The Hong Kong Railway Corporation (00066-HK) has fallen 0.6% to HK $24.80 to deal with 1.1717 million shares, and the company is currently running a large market, with a micro-rise of 0.34%. Merrill reiterated the purchase rating of the unit and raised its target price from HK $24 to HK $27.  The bank refers to the increase in the average selling price of Silver Lake in the Hong Kong Railway, plus the Royal Dragon Mountain or a small amount of callback, so as to upgrade its real estate business forecast for the current and the next two years. The bank added that at present, Silver Lake Tianfeng has sold 80% units, is expected to be accounted for in 09, and July 2010 before the MTR will not cut fares, so on ...

Hong Kong railway Company drops 0.42% Morgan Stanley to maintain its reduction of HK $20

The Hong Kong Railway Corporation (00066-HK) has fallen 0.42% to HK $23.95 for a transaction of HK $30.4339 million, which is now running a small market, with a slight rise of 0.07%.  Morgan Stanley maintained its reduction rating, but raised its target price from HK $15.30 to HK $20 (though still below its current value of HK $4), as a result of the 1%/21% of earnings forecasts for the 09/10 fiscal year, based on a positive view of the housing market in Hong Kong and the expected increase in average selling prices. However, Morgan Stanley said that the current valuation of the MTR Corporation is close to its peak level.

Two-pronged implementation of food safety law

Liu Xiaoyi this year, the implementation of the "Food Safety Law" is the first of our country from the height of food safety to standardize the food production and law enforcement of the national law.  The law of the Food Safety Regulatory Authority of the administrative license, the inspection agencies, certification bodies, the legal liability of the specific provisions, but also further clarify the "Enterprise is the first responsible person" principle.  How to strengthen the sense of responsibility of the enterprise Quality Technical supervision and management Department should be on the platform of "Food safety law", further clarifying the legal role of government supervision, prompting enterprises to strengthen the consciousness of the first responsible person. I have been in prison for a long time.

HSBC Holdings loses 2.43% in early trading

HSBC Holdings in the morning of the 8th loss of the market, is now down 2.43%, reported 64.2 Hong Kong dollar, or the share of the index to 15%, and the market is worried that future profits will be huirong drag and other factors blow.  The unit now drags the index 63 points. HSBC Holdings (00005) June 8 morning low drive low go, and ran out of the market, the unit is now down 2.43%, a report of HK $64.2, a maximum of 3% to 64 Hong Kong dollar, a provisional transaction of HK $700 million; At present, the decline of the exchange control is dragging down the Hang Seng index 63, and the HSI is now reporting 18,349.76 points, Fall 329.77 points or 1.7 ...

Qifeng suspended for more than one months after the licence rose 54%

Qifeng International (01228), which has been suspended for more than 1 months, has made a duplicate share price this morning, announced the latest financial situation of the company and disclosed that it is consulting with the securities companies on fund-raising activities for about 100 million yuan, but the final arrangement has not yet been finalized. Shares rose 53.66% to $0.063 this morning.  The current price of 0.057 yuan, the increase is still 39%, the deal is temporarily more than 11 million yuan. Qifeng said that consideration should be given to various fund-raising methods or capital raising methods and business opportunities to improve the financial position and liquidity and to strengthen the capital base of the company.

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