canon camera eyepiece cover

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Comparison analysis of Canon 6D camera performance and Nikon D600 camera performance

new 135 full format CMOS sensor, effective pixel 20.2 million pixel, sensor size 35.8x23.9mm, support 63-partition IFCL dual metering sensor. The Nikon D600 is equipped with a new Nikon FX format CMOS sensor with 24.26 million active pixels and ISO 100 to 6400 (scalable to ISO 50 equivalent or ISO 25600 equivalent). Canon 6D uses a 3.0-inch 1.04 million-pixel rotatable Type II TFT LCD screen, the horizontal direction can expand the

Canon 7D camera Switching "single autofocus and artificial intelligence servo autofocus" for a shooting tutorial

viewfinder eyepiece can be observed while the focus mode of switching. In this way, when shooting more intense sports scenes, in order to show "static and dynamic", this function becomes a great help. Well, the above information is small set to all the photographers to bring the detailed Canon 7D camera switching "single auto focus and artificial intelligence s

Techniques for shooting night views with a Canon 50D camera

To the photography enthusiasts to detailed analysis to share the Canon 50D camera shooting night photos of the skills. Skill Sharing: Camera: EOS 50D Lens: EF 24-70mm f/2.8l USM Aperture priority automatic exposure (f8,0.8 seconds) Exposure Compensation: -1.3ev White balance: Automatic ISO 100 Photo style: Standard Step 1: Select the lens with

Canon 1100D camera strives to show soft facial expression shooting skills

Let's give you a detailed analysis of the techniques that the Canon 1100D camera strives to show soft expressions.Tips:Shooting DataEF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS/manual exposure (F5, 1/40 s)/ISO 400/white balance: AutomaticThe actual focal length of the lens is 48mm, which is equivalent to about 77mm of the lens angle on the EOS 1100D. By taking the natural light from the window, you can consciously zoom i

Canon IXUS510 HS Camera Standard Information analysis

To the photographic enthusiasts for detailed analysis to share the Canon IXUS510 HS camera standard Information. Analytical sharing: Canon IXUS510 HS standard with soft leather cover, waterproof sleeve, Canon high energy flash HF-DC1,

Canon 50D camera product shooting tips

I will give you a detailed analysis of the techniques used by the Canon 50D camera for product shooting.Tips:Camera: EOS 500DLens: EF 100mm f/2.8 USM macroShutter Speed Priority automatic exposure (F6.3, 1/15 seconds)Exposure compensation:-0.3EVWhite balance: AutomaticISO 100Photo Style: LandscapeStep 1: Paste the drawing on the window to soften the lightThe taste of product photos depends on the quality of

Canon SX50 HS camera standard analytical sharing

To all of you photography enthusiasts to share a detailed analysis of Canon SX50 HS camera standard. Analytical sharing: Canon SX50 HS Standard PowerShot SX50 HS fuselage, digital camera solutions CD, power cord, battery charger CB-2LCC, lens cover, lithium-ion rec

Canon g1x camera standard detailed list

To the photographic enthusiasts for detailed analysis to share the Canon g1x camera standard. Analytical sharing: Canon G1X is standard with PowerShot G1 x fuselage, digital camera solution CD, power cord, battery charger CB-2LCC, lithium battery nb-10l, USB cable IFC-400PCU, lens

How to take a video snapshot for a Canon 600D camera

snapshot to the collection. If you have chosen to save as a gallery, the next time you take a shot, you will see 4 options, add to Gallery, save as new album, Replay video snapshot, and delete without saving to artwork. Without too much concern, you can make interesting short films by adding them directly to the focus of your work. 9. End Add Video Snapshot Set the video snapshot to Disabled in the short Film Menu 2 to end adding a video snapshot to the collection. If you want to con

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