ccie written exam questions

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Interview questions: Database written exam SQL operation not seen 5

where E1.mgr =E2.empno (+);Find two jobs with the highest average wage, grouped by positionSELECT * FROM (select AVG (SAL) from emp order BY job desc) where rownumselect= "D.dname=" "from=" "emp=" "dept=" "d=" "where=" "and=" "E.sal=" "> (selectMax (SAL) fromEMP where deptno=20) and E.deptno=d.deptnoJob categories with average wage greater than 20002018/5/31 Oracle Database interview Written questions summ

Skills for passing the CCIE exam easily

Welcome to the network technology community forum, and interact with 2 million technical staff to enter the pre-examination survey, which affects the proportion of the written examination questions! Before the formal examination, you need to sign a confidentiality agreement-NDA (Non-DisclosureAgreement), and then have a questionnaire to ask you more than 10 questions

Possible iOS written exam questions (4)--c language

Possible iOS written exam questions (4)--c language may be encountered in the iOS written test face questions (4)--c languageC language, the basic foundation of development, iOS many advanced applications have to deal with C language, so, C language in the development of iOS

Linux Ops Pre-op random exam questions with answers (written Test + on machine)

Server and so on.2. Under the premise of not destroying the 1 deployment, also use Oldboy user to complete multiple keys to a lock (B,c key, a lock)-Free landing deployment as follows:B---------->aC---------->aNote: This topic is used in the production environment, data backup, etc., but the production environment this way is recommended to be implemented by the daemon process.The goal of the final realization is, 1, 22 topics to achieve two-way password-free authentication login.3. If you incr

. NET Written Exam questions

5 Servlet 80 For readability, the results after querying this table are explicitly as follows (passing score is 60), please write out the SQL implementation statement CourseID Coursename Score Mark 1 Java 70 Pass 2 Oracle 90 Pass 3 Xml 40 Fail 4 Jsp 30 Fail 5 Servlet 80 Pass 9, writ

Detailed explanation of soft exam afternoon questions --- data flow diagram design, soft exam Data Flow

Detailed explanation of soft exam afternoon questions --- data flow diagram design, soft exam Data Flow Five main questions in the afternoon of the soft exam over the years are data flow diagram design, database design, uml diagram, algorithm, and design pattern. Starting fr

School recruitment quarterly written test --- Amazon 2014 pen exam (1/4)

School recruitment quarterly written test --- Amazon 2014 pen exam (1/4) 1. Preface: Last year, I had to recruit and find a job. It was in a hurry. It has been a variety of lectures and written tests recently. The various types of abuse are terrible! Share yesterday's Amazon online pen questions. The level is lim

Old boy Linux Practical training Junior class before the third class exam questions

differences between soft links and hard links under Linux. (2 minutes)3.linux the difference between single and double or no quotes in the shell (2 minutes)4.linux Run Level 0-6 (1 minutes in memory)5. Describe the principle of file deletion under Linux (3 minutes)[Technical skills written test questions]DescriptionPlease give the relevant command answer to the question, write to the bottom of the problem

Linux First Exam Questions

. Find/oldboy-type f-name "*.log"-size +1m |xargs cp-t/tmpCP $ (Find/oldboy-type f-name "*.log"-size +1m)/oldboy1.11 What is the operating level of Linux, describe the meaning of different numbers of Linux running levels? (Additional questions)0 turn off the machine1 Single-user mode2 Multi-user mode (no NFS)3 full Multi-user mode4 not used5 Graphical Interface6 Restart1.12 Please describe the difference between buffer and cache ( additional

Summary of Microsoft's written examination questions, taking a long time and wisdom

I have been wondering what Microsoft will take before the exam? I don't know if Microsoft has passed the questions posted on the Internet, However, the questions on the Internet, especially those that are very popular, The results may be misleading, including me. In fact, Microsoft's exams are very comprehensive (relatively speaking ), In fact, Microsoft focuses

Java written interview questions (ii)

is private, then the subclass cannot be overwritten, which is equivalent to adding a new method to the subclass.19. A house has a chair, a chair with legs and back, what is the relationship between the House and the Chair, and what is the relationship between the Chair and the leg and back?If a house has multiple chairs, which is an aggregation relationship, it is an association, and of course, aggregation is a special kind of association. A chair is a combination of a leg and a back.20. Tell t

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