check if pdf corrupted

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Using Python's Django framework to generate PDF files,

Using Python's Django framework to generate PDF files, The portable document format (PDF) is developed by Adobe and is mainly used to present printable documents, including pixel-perfect format, embedded fonts, and 2D vector images. You can think of

15 website dead link check tools

15 website dead link check tools Damaged or invalid link is a link that cannot be opened or is directed to the address. If your blog or website has many invalid links, it may bring a bad impression to your readers and visitors. In addition,

Online document preview: technical details of document generation

Online document preview Study Series General idea Technical details of document generation Use Baidu Reader The previous "online document preview: overall idea" was welcomed by many friends. For this reason, I will continue to explain some

EVA4400 Storage Virtual machine + Database data Recovery success story

First, fault descriptionThe entire EVA storage structure is comprised of a EVA4400 controller, three EVA4400 expansion enclosures and 28 FC 300G hard drives. Some LUNs are missing because the two disk misses cause some LUNs to be unavailable for

Distributed File System (MFS) for storage sharing

As the number of users continues to rise, I have implemented scalable and highly reliable cluster deployment (lvs + keepalived) for applications with high access volumes ), however, some users still report slow access. The root cause of the problem

Ubuntu Command Memo

First, modify the file by default open way 1.1 Related configuration files The configuration files that are related to Ubuntu and the way files are opened include: Global configuration

The application of UML in the design of relational database

Design | data | database | Database design 1. Introduced Many people think that object-oriented concepts and relational databases are inconsistent and cannot be combined. In fact, quite the opposite! With flexibility, a relational database can

Summary about the failure of CHM books

Many people often ask me why my CHM book cannot be opened. I have summarized the following reasons: The first one is that the HH file is corrupted. perform the following steps to fix it:1. Start running. Enter regsvr32 c: \ windows \ system32 \

Gzip compressed output

1. gzip Introduction Gzip is short for GNU zip. It is a File compression program of GNU Free Software and is often used to indicate the file format gzip. Software is written by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler. The first public release was made in

Go to capture a packet on your Android smartphone

How do I capture a packet on my Android smartphone?This article by csdn-蚍蜉 Shake Pine "Homepage: HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/HOWEVERPF" original, reprint please indicate the source!The current Android system is becoming more and more popular, whether for

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