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Application point of view: introduces Cisco Router Security Configuration

kind of configuration can best meet security needs without compromising network performance? This article describes the following parts: Cisco Router Security Configuration. Password Management A vro uses a password to prevent unauthorized access to the vro and is a part of the security of the vro. The best way to handle these passwords is to save them on the TACACS + or RADIUS Authentication Server. Howev

Explanation of Cisco Access Router's media verification and encryption features

features to provide the highest level of security protection for enterprises that have deployed these IP communication solutions. Unlike other vendors that rely on gradually increasing single-point products to protect their communication solutions, Cisco's self-defense network-based multi-layer solutions start with the network itself, and all the way to the endpoints and applications. This comprehensive hierarchical security method is second to none

Cisco Aironet Access Points Command Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1418)

Cisco Aironet Access Points Command Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1418)Cisco Aironet Access Points Command Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1418) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Cisco Aironet Access

Datarabbit lightweight data access framework (05) -- itableaccesser

(Fully qualified class name: Datarabbit. relation. itableaccesser )Orm cannot do everything. Some database access still needs to be performed based on the relationship. I think it is unwise for pure ORM frameworks that do not provide data access operations based on the relationship. In datarabbit, Orm-based access and relational-based data

Datarabbit lightweight data access framework (09) -- idataschemaaccesser

(Fully qualified class name: Datarabbit. schema. idataschemaaccesser ) In the implementation of many accessors described earlier, users do not need to provide any information about the database table structure (such as primary keys and primary-foreign key relationships ), this is because they all use idataschemaaccesser to obtain the outline information of the target data table. This article describes how to use idataschemaaccesser in the datarabbit framework to

Datarabbit lightweight data access framework (07) -- ispaccesser

, " Easnew9 " );Paralist. Add (para1 );SpparameterPara2 = New Spparameter( " Dbdatadirpath " , Parameterdirection. input, @" C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft SQL Server \ MSSQL \ data \ " );Paralist. Add (para2 );SpparameterPara3 = New Spparameter( " Souredbname " , Parameterdirection. input, " Autoschedulersystem " );Paralist. Add (para3 );SpparameterPara4 = New Spparameter( " Sourebackupfilepath " , Parameterdirection. input, @" D: \ sqldatabase \ autoschedul

Datarabbit lightweight data access framework (10) -- ipagermanager

Pagerparameters You can obtain the ipagermanager instance of the data page manager of the target table from idataaccesser. The ipagermanager interface is completely defined as follows: Public Interface Ipagermanager{ /// /// Getpage retrieves the index page /// DatatableGetpage ( Int Index ); //////Itemcount total number of qualified records///IntItemcount {Get;} // // total pagecount pages // int pagecount { Get ;} // // ca

Cisco network experiment via Telnet access router

First, you want to access the router through Telnet, you need to first configure the router through the console port, such as IP address, password, etc.For example, I set up an experimental topology ( It is important to note that the PC and the router to connect with the intersection, and then enter the interface mode to activate the port, the image shows the green point as the normal activation port )650)

Entry Point of NGN access control security

Entry Point of NGN access control security -- Diameter protocol and its application in the SIP network environment Xie Wei I. Introduction The diameter series protocol is a new generation of AAA technology, which is gaining more and more attention due to its powerful scalability and security assurance. In international standards organizations such as ITU, 3GPP and PP2, DIAM-ETER protocols have been official

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