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Calculate the playback time of an audio frame (audio stream audio frame)

Audio Stream (proportion of redundant data): Let's take a brief look at the structure of the ADTS header: 1) The ADTS header is at the beginning of each AAC frame and is typically 7 bytes long (or 9 bytes, not seen). 2) The length of each AAC frame is fixed to 1024 sample (can be 1024*n, have not seen n>1 case). 3) Most of the information in the ADTS header is useless, only the sample rate (4bit), the numbe

TREAMING__ Audio Streaming protocol for audio stream transmission Centralized protocol

. HTTP Live Streaming HTTP Live streaming is an HTTP-based streaming media transport protocol proposed by Apple. It cuts an entire audio and video stream into a small audio and video stream that can be downloaded by HTTP and generates a playlist (m3u8), where the client only needs to get a m3u8 playlist of resources t

C + + playback audio stream (PCM bare stream)

;waveoutprepareheader (hwo, WH, sizeof (WAVEHDR)); //prepare a waveform data block for playback waveoutwrite (hwo, WH, sizeof (WAVEHDR)); //plays the second function in audio media WH specifies the data WaitForSingleObject (wait, INFINITE); //is used to detect the signal state of the Hhandle event, the thread is temporarily suspended when the function is called in a thread, and if, within the suspended infinite milliseconds, the object waiting by the

Javaweb returns an audio stream to the browser

The browser plays the audio file directly, 1 is the direct access to an HTML audio file, and 2 is the return of a Java audio stream to the browser parsing.The following implementation of a Java WAV file audio stream, you can play

Notes-iphone Audio AAC video H264 push Stream (i) iphone push streaming best solution

These months have been doing the iphone audio and video things, because the individual is lazy, so has not tidied up, now idle egg pain, and later the project to be shelved, here to record what I do the iphone mobile push the stream of things.Projects are personal research and experimentation, there may be many bad or wrong places please forgive.1 Overview of features* Realization of

Description of the audio stream controlled by the volume control key (setVolumeControlStream)

When developing a multimedia application or game application, you need to use the volume control key to set the volume of the program. There are multiple audio streams in the Android system. The setVolumeControlStream (int streamType) function in the Activity can be used to set the audio streams controlled by the volume control key in the Activity, which is generally set in the onCreate function. Android h

Connection between the speex audio stream and RTP in rtmp

speex encoding, they are fixed and invalid data in the Protocol. The encoding sampling rate is 16 kHz, single channel, 16 bit/sample. The remaining data is the audio frame data, which can be a set of multiple frames, depending on the framesperpacket mentioned above. The default value in Flex is 2, so each audio package has two frames of data. Note: When the VAD function is enabled, the two data frames can

Volume Control key-controlled audio stream (Setvolumecontrolstream) Description _android

When developing multimedia applications or game applications, you need to use the volume Control key to set the program's volume size. There is more than one audio stream in the Android system, and through the function setvolumecontrolstream (int streamtype) in the activity, you can set up the audio stream controlled b

Modify activity response Volume Control Key Modified audio stream

From: When developing multimedia applications or game applications, you need to use the volume control key to setProgram. There are multiple audio streams in the Android system.Setvolumecontrolstream(INT streamtype) You can set the

XAudio2 Learning to stream audio files

Fluidization is a process in which we only need to maintain a small chunk of memory in memory to play audio files. This allows us to use very large audio files as background music without taking up a lot of memory. When we stream an audio file, the audio data is read from a

Audio/Video Synchronization-A Management Idea of client Media Stream Buffer Based on RTP protocol (2)

3. Dynamic Distribution and implementation of cache areas. Based on this fact, the audio data is much smaller than the video data. Therefore, the audio buffer and the video buffer are managed separately. According to statistics, the RTP data packet size of the same media stream is similar. For example, the audio size i

[Reading Notes] iOS-stream audio and Pandora Radio, ios-pandora

[Reading Notes] iOS-stream audio and Pandora Radio, ios-pandora Complexity is inevitable and will only increase over time. Therefore, when adding features, you must set aside time for restructuring and code simplification. Do not worry about performance before encountering problems. The iPhone is very strong and you may never encounter unexpected performance problems. When transmitting

FFmpeg Code NOTE 2: How to determine whether the stream inside the MP4 file is audio or video streaming the MP4 structure, the HDLR field (specifically in ROOT->MOOV->TRAK->MDIA->HDLR) contains the stream is a video or audio or letter.FFmpeg Code:In the FFmpeg code, use the Codec->codec_type in the stream to determine what kind of flow the stream is.The 12th

(1st week) interconnection between the speex audio stream in rtmp and RTP

I have written an article "converting FLV stream to standard h264 and ACC in rtmp", link address Http:// . The extraction of h264 from rtmp is analyzed. In flash projects with audio/video interaction, the audio encoding can only be in speex format. This articleArticleIt is divided into three parts. These

Ubuntu8.04 multi-audio stream solution? Q Method

Article Title: Ubuntu8.04 multi-audio stream solution? Q method. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Since Ubuntu 8.04 tries to move all the software to PulseAudio, it will continue to be based on PulseAudio, which has been successfully running on PulseAudio.

Process audio stream files

If you play back the file while loading the audio file or video file data, it is considered as stream transmission. NormallyStream Transmission of external sound files loaded from the remote server, so that users do not have to wait until all sound data is loaded.Listen to the voice.The soundmixer. buffertime attribute indicates how long the Flash Player should collect before it allows playing the sound.Aud

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