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How to Set rich text summarization contact information on the wordpress site

Web search engines such as Google or bing attempt to obtain more site information every day. They can help search engines understand website content by creating specified information and microformats. Search engines use this information to provide

Eight priceless WordPress plugins

This article is another one of my translation works, mainly introduces a few excellent WordPress plug-ins. If reproduced please pay attention to retain the original and the address of the translation. Eight priceless WordPress plugins Author: Jon

How does the WordPress theme framework work?

: This article describes how the WordPress theme framework works. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. The topic framework is incredibly powerful! For non-technical WordPress users, the theme framework makes it possible to build a

The specific implementation steps based on WordPress theme _php Tutorial

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: /* Create MyTheme folder under Themes, wp-content, root directory to create a new theme template Create index.php in the MyTheme directory, style.css two files, you can see the theme you just created in WP

The concrete realization step _php technique based on WordPress theme production

Copy Code code as follows: /* Create a MyTheme folder under the root directory-> wp-content-> themes to store a new theme template Create index.php in the MyTheme directory, style.css two files, you can see the theme you just created in

Detailed blog program wordpress SEO optimization Skills

I believe a lot of webmaster friends and I, the first contact with the blog program is WordPress, in general, WordPress is a search engine very friendly program, the use of this program, if not the content of the site itself, we do not have to worry

Several SEO optimization plug-ins in favor of WordPress blog

As the world's most popular blog template WordPress, its biggest advantage is that users can add plug-ins according to their needs, reasonable use of some plug-ins can make Web site optimization with less effort. Today touched for everyone to

[Reprinted] 47 + excellent Ajax CSS forms

Oraginal link, forms 1)Uni form-An attempt to standardize form markup (XHTML) and CSS, "modularize" it, to get nice looking, well structured, highly customizable, semantic,

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