crc calculation tutorial

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Phpcrc32 calculates the 32-bit CRC of a string (cyclic redundancy check)

: This article mainly introduces the 32-bit CRC (cyclic redundancy check) of the phpcrc32 string. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. Note: This article reprinted The php crc32 function

Memcached Complete Anatomy Series Tutorial "Turn" memcached Complete Anatomy Series Tutorial –4.memcached distributed algorithm

Directory of this documentMemcached's distributed· What does memcached mean by distributed?· A distributed approach to cache::memcached· Calculate dispersion based on remainder· Disadvantages of dispersion calculation based on remainderConsistent

Memcached comprehensive analysis-4. memcached distributed algorithm-PHP Tutorial

Memcached comprehensive analysis-4. memcached distributed algorithm. Original article link: gihyo. jpdevfeature01memcached0004 this article series links here: 1st times: www.phpchina.comhtml29n-35329.html 2nd times: www. php original article link:

memcached comprehensive analysis of –4. Memcached's Distributed Algorithm _php tutorial

Original link: Links to this series of articles are here: 1th Time: 2nd time: 3rd time: http://www.

Deep learning and shallow learning

Deep learning and shallow learningAs the deep learning now in full swing, in various fields gradually occupy the status of State-of-the-art, last semester in a course project in the deep learning the effect, Recently, when I was doing something, I

Mavlink Agreement Understanding

Source: saw the Mavlink agreement before, the online information about Mavlink is not much. This paper summarizes the understanding of the Mavlink protocol. The following, if not stated, is the

UART to Serial Terminal (reprint)

The previous "UART explained" introduced the basic information of the UART, focusing on the signal of the UART. The article excerpt from this article focuses on the baud rate (Baud rates) related content, the higher the baud rate, the faster the

Write a stable code of the Modbus bit experience

1. IntroductionModbus is an important protocol in the industrial field, the physical layer has a common RS485 twisted pair and TCP, so it is often said that Modbus 485 development and Modbus TCP development.The former is the serial communication,

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