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(Zt) Some experiences on flash socket communication security policy issues

Original: http://hi.baidu.com/mr%5Fziqiang/blog/item/7a2c4baf2c4a21fdfbed501e.html When I did the test yesterday, I encountered a problem. The SWF was successfully debugged in Flash as3, but the data could not be obtained after being published to

Policy file for socket connection in Flash ActionScript 3.0

When I did the test yesterday, I encountered a problem. The SWF was successfully debugged in Flash as3, but the data could not be obtained after being published to HTML. After checking some information, I found a solution. Here, I would like to

Flash socket communication security policy issue 843 Port

1. Problem Description After flash is published in HTML format, SwF cannot communicate with the server through socket after the page is loaded. The Flash end displays the following error:Securityerrorhandler information: [securityerrorevent type =

Security policy issues for Flash socket communication 843 port

1, problem descriptionAfter the Flash is published in HTML format, after the page is loaded, the SWF cannot communicate with the server for the socket. The errors shown on the Flash side are:Securityerrorhandler information: [Securityerrorevent type=

Cross-domain access and #2048 security sandbox error issues in Flex

I encountered a Flex program Access Java program WebService call external Weather Report no error, but call local WebService program error sandbox conflict 2048 Read this article to understand how to solve.1, the problem description After the Flash

Socket communication policy-file-request solution between C ++ and Flex

Document directory Socket policy file C ++ winsocket server and flex as3 client. Bind the server to port 2020 of ip127.0.0.1, and use socket. Connect In Flex to initiate a link to the server. When flex runs locally, the connection succeeds, but

Flex error code list

In ActionScript 3.0, whether compiled in rigorous mode or warning mode, runtime type check is performed.Code Message description1000 the system memory is insufficient. The available system memory cannot meet the needs of Flash Player code

Solution of large concurrent socket communication

Large Concurrent Volume Solution for Socket communication experience in the use of--mina framework and related points Directory Objective... 1 What is MINA. 2 Use case: ... 2 Sub-project of Apache directly under Mina: ... 3 Similar frame: ...

Obtain USB flash drive information in linux

Obtain information about USB flash drive in linux-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel. For more information, see the following. The traditional method for getting the information from the insert or unplug USB flash drive is to run

How to obtain USB flash drive information in Linux

Article Title: how to obtain the USB flash drive information in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

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