freeze multiple columns in excel

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Excel freeze pane-freeze row and column titles

Over the years of work, more and more powerful microsoftware has been found. They also began to use Excel for their own plans and various event records. To be honest, I may not be able to use 10% of the powerful functions! For the "Freeze pane"

[Net] ASP. NET DataGrid fixed title bar (the freeze pane DataGrid)

Original article URL: Introduction During a recent project, I was asked to makeDataGridBehave like an Excel freeze pane. That's right; freeze the header row and freeze the left column

What should I do if I want to implement Python instead of VBA in Excel?

Premise: Because the use of VBA code readability and poor extensibility, want to use Python implementation, to improve the reuse rate. The current idea is to write the basic information in Excel, when executing a macro, VBA calls Python code through

C # Excel Row Height, column width, merge cells, cell border lines, freeze-common operations on C # excle

  Private _ Workbook = Null ; Private Worksheet _ worksheet = Null ; Private Excel. Application _ excelapplicatin = Null ; _ Excelapplicatin = New Excel. Application (); _ excelapplicatin. Visible = True ; _ Excelapplicatin. displayalerts = True ;

Office Tips 100 Strokes: Word and Excel

1, Word How to use the emphasis number In Word we can put the emphasis number on the toolbar. Open the Tools-Customize command option to open the Customize dialog box. Under the Commands tab, in the Categories column, select the All Commands option.

C # Operations Excel (version 1.1)

Recently mainly responsible for the export module, using some C # operation of Excel Knowledge points, a little summary. The overall idea is that, starting with Excel's own functionality, consider the implementation of the functions required in

C # Excel Row Height, column width, merge cells, cell border lines, and freeze

Private _ Workbook _ workBook = null;Private Worksheet _ workSheet = null;Private Excel. Application _ excelApplicatin = null; _ ExcelApplicatin = new Excel. Application ();_ ExcelApplicatin. Visible = true;_ ExcelApplicatin. DisplayAlerts = true; _

Excel 2013 shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel1. Access the functional area through a keyboard If you are not familiar with the functional area, the information in this section can help you understand the shortcut key model of the functional area. The function area

It is very practical to teach you how to create a table. If you want to convert and retain the table, read the table...

The rare Excel tutorial set is simplified and clear. You can learn the pack. You are welcome to reprint it! Photo name: automatically filtered Photo name: character replacement in Excel Photo name: directly edit "macro" in Excel" Photo

Phpexcel How to export an Excel method

This article mainly introduces phpexcel how to export Excel method, the interested friend's reference, hoped to have the help to everybody. Set the Includepath of the Phpexcel class library Set_include_path ('. '). Path_separator. '

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